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Boxed up all of her favourite things, sold the rest at a rainy yard sale; Big plans and leaving friends and a Westbound sign...

Sam lay barely awake, straining to keep her eyes open. She'd fallen asleep at Danny's house again. Memories of the past night came back to her, making her nauceous, the kind of hopeless, sick feeling that came after having a really bad fight with someone you didn't want to fight with in the first place. They'd yelled and cussed and called each other all sorts of names, though Sam didn't really remember what they had started it over. She reached into her back pocket and pulled out her cell phone, looking grimly at the scratched up Union Jack cover on it Danny'd gotten her for her birthday. She thought for a second, wondering whether calling her boyfriend would be a good idea. Remembering that the argument had been about him, she decided against it. Danny didn't need to yell at her anymore. She threw the cellphone by her feet, and thought of what she would do to make Danny happier. Ever since she'd started dating Ryan, he'd been angry and jealous.

She'd come here to tell him that he'd proposed to her, but Danny was less than pleased about that. For whatever reason, Sam thought he should be happy for her. He'd never even tried to get her to love him, just a few fake-out make-outs in highschool and tales they were just friends. Danny knew that he couldn't change the fact that Sam and Ryan had already had some more then friendly nights together, and that drove him crazy.

Knowing he'd never be goth enough, never please her enough was killing him. Sam felt that maybe she should feel bad for ignoring him so much the past few months, but she didn't. No matter how much Danny thought that they should always be together because that's the way it'd always been, the world was turning around a different way. That wasn't her fault.

She reached out for the post-it notes on the table next to her, writing a short note to Danny on the neon-orange paper. "Hey my lover," she started in her big, bubbly writing "sorry about our little argument last night. I didn't mean half those things I said. I just want you to be happy for me and Ryan. Can you as my best friend do that for me? Well, I still love ya, Sam..." She left it off there, doodling a heart with an arrow through it at the bottom of the page.

"Hey, Tuck, is that all the suit cases?" Sam looked at her friend, excited but scared to be leaving Amity on her own. She'd never been outside of the here without a friend. "Yeah, that's it. So where are you headed exactly?" She thought fora second about it, then replied "Uh, Monmouth, New Jersey. Ryan's family lives there, and he wants to show me some things. We plan on moving there after we get married."

"So I'massuming you said yes, huh? You better invite me." Tucker looked at her, she was rolling her eyes at his comment. "What? I am your friend you know."

"At least you don't get all mad about it the way Danny does."

"He's just jealous Ryan's seen more of you then he has. That's his problem. He should have said he loved you sooner."

"Well Tuck, it's just 5:30 (am) now. It should take me all of today and part of tomorrow morning to get there. Ryan left last night while Danny and I were quarreling." She reached out and gave Tucker a huge hug, and in return he gave her a friendly peck on the cheek. It felt good to be close to someone before she left. Grabbing her keys and thermos full of instant coffee, she bade Tucker one final good bye, then got in her old blue Chevy pick up truck. She shoved the key in the ingnition, listening for the engine to rev up. The truck shook, and a rushof warming air blew forth from the vent on the dashboard, clearing a spot in the thin frost over the windshield.Rolling down the window, she waved to Tucker, throwing him a kiss, her breath flying forth like white smoke. "I'll miss you!"

About an hour after, she was on the outskirts of Amity's neighboring city, and it was starting to snow. It seemed the farther she travelled under the white-grey sky, the harder the white flakes came down, covering the mirrors to her sides. She pulled over in an empty drive way, reaching down to get her gloves and a CD to listen to. She picked up the first case she found, not caring the little bits of plastic were flaking off the huge crack through it. She blindly shoved it in the player, clicking the radio off with the play button. "Now I will tell you what I've done for you..."blared a woman's voice over electric guitars in the background. It was Fallen, her old Evanescence CD. Feeling a little better, she turned her windshield wipers on, though she didn't wait for all the snow to clear. As she pulled onto an icy road, that proved to be a mistake.
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