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Chapter 1

Weighed out, her choices on a scale, prevaling nothing makes sense, Just transportation and a blank decsion, she's taking off...

Danny sat on the edge of his bed, yawning. He wondered if Sam had gone home yet. Lifting up the faded blue comforter from his bed, he sat up, and jumped out of bed onto the ugly yellow-tan carpet in his room. His head hurt,and looking at his shoulder in the bathroom mirror, he could see the bruise from where Sam had thrown a book at him, amongst other things in the room. He rubbed his forehead, it hurt. He was just too lazy to get anything for it. He felt horrible. Worse then horrible, he felt like a total jackass. Sam had wanted his congratulations, something to let her know that he was a good friend. Not some horrible, jealous, abusive ghost boy. He stood looking into the small, framed mirror, leaning against the cigarette burned, grungy, 70's style counter top.He couldn't stop staring back at himself, wondering how much he really loved Sam.

For a while it had been okay. Ryan hadn't bugged him, he figured they'd soon break up anyway. But then he saw them together. He saw Ryan touch the girl he'd wanted for his own. He heard about their plans. It was all just too much. The phone rang, snapping him back to reality, but not for long. He answered, but no one was there.

He took a carton of cigarettes off his nightstand, lighting one with a flick of a orange-coloured lighter. He breathed the smoke in, and it clogged up his throat. He choked back a scream, not wanting anyone to hear him... especially not Sam. He couldn't show her that he was still sad, not after that fight; he already felt enough like failure, he didn't need Sam to rub it in his face. After all, she was already leaving him, there was nothing he could do about it. Not even his so-called 'unique' powers could fix it. Putting out his cigarette, he walked out of his room to see if Sam had stayed. Of course all hefound was a note- forgiving him?

He looked about himself miserably, wishing he could tell Sam how much he loved her and wanted her to be happy. He thought it over in his head, deciding whether or not it would be wise to call her now. Even if she'd already left town it would be worth it to call her cell and hear her beautiful voice once again. Maybe then he could forget it was the voice that was in his dreams every night. Maybe for once he could get over himself and try again to have a good life. Well, it was worth a try.

Danny grabbed a piece of paper next to the phone that had Sam's number scribbled onto it in her big, bubbly writing, and picking up the grimy phone he punched in the numbers on the white buttons. It rang twice, then stopped, then it rang again. "Hi, this is my cellphone, say whatever the hell you want then shut up. Thank you." He half-smiled at the sound of both their voices on the message. He almost forgot to leave a message. Trying not to sound depressed, he started to speak. "Hey beautiful, how are you? Sorry I missed you this morning. Have fun in New Jersey, call me back as soon as possible, if you don't completely hate me. Bye."

Danny hung up the phone, deeply unsatisfied. Why the hell were things so hard for him? He sat at the kitchen table, reading Sam's note over and over again like it would make her love him again, clenching it as if it were some important document. He wasn't sure he could ever get up, ever let the last little remaining bit of Sam he had to keep with him go. Looking up at the fridge, he suddenly remembered that it was covered in pictures of them from ages ago, back in highschool, when they were the perfect couple, where they were happy, without Ryan to ruin it all. Back in the perfect days.

He didn't want to realize that those days were over for him. He was just trying to get by. Well, maybe something would go wrong. Maybe, just maybe Sam would come back to love him again. Little did Danny know that his hate for Ryan had any significant meaning, unknown to Sam. Little did he know that his best friend was in danger.

Sam listened as her cell rang, though she couldn 't quite reach it as she turned out onto the icy road again. She wondered who it was. She hoped it wasn't Danny, she didn't think she could handle hearing him right at the moment. She wasn't totally sure that she could stop crying. Her answering machine message turned on, replaying a clip of her and Danny when they were still happy. She wasn't even sure why she'd left it on there, she'd been to lazy to change it. Tears were brimming in her eyes, but she wiped them away. She stared blanklyahead as the message played, Danny's voiceblaring in a fake happy voice. How the hellcould he be happy after all they had just been through? How could he be happyif she still wasn't with him?

Sam took a deep breath, the music on her stereo filling her ears, though it couldn't have meant less to her now. Why was she doing this? Why was she with Ryan and not Danny? She was going crazy. She looked down; she was clenching the steering wheel. She had to stop filling her head with questions. But she just couldn't help trying to reach out for her phone, talk to Danny to let him know that she still loved him though they weren't together, though he hadn't gone as far as Ryan had.

"I don't hate you Danny. I could never hate you." Sam said to herself, hating herself. She wanted to turn back, but she'd promised Ryan. Her head was filled with confusion. It was too late, besides, she loved Ryan. She reached out for her cellphone, taking her eyes off the road. Just one last time. Tell Danny you love him one last time. Finally, Sam reached the phone, gripping the coloured plastic, pressing the numbers she knew so well. As she looked up, the only thing she could do was scream. She heard Danny's voice fade away as the phone clattered onto the dashboard, as she tried desperately to turn the car away.
"Sam? Sam?"

No voice replied, the only sound was the screeching of brakes and shattering glass.

"Sam! What the hell is going on?"

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