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52 hours missing

"We have nothing," Vivian said as Sam and Elena walked in the door covered with snow. "He's dropped off the face of the Earth."

"Not quite." Elena went up to the dry erase board. "He was seen in the lower east side Friday night. He went into an apartment and was obviously there for a while then left."

Elena put a line on the board and wrote down what she just said. Sam came up behind her a put a picture next to Martin's. She had brunette hair and hazel eyes. Danny looked at the picture then started typing furiously on his computer.

"Her name is Marquita Johansson. She is an exotic dancer. She dances at the Tribe on Fourteenth Street."

"We got it. Sam, Elena, go over Martin's phone records. See what you can dig up."

They nodded as Vivian and Danny walked out the door. Samantha plopped down behind her desk and sighed. She pulled out her cell phone and called Martin to see if he would answer. She dialed his number and the phone started ringing.


Samantha's stomach flip flopped. "Martin? Where are you?"

"Who is this?" Sam's face fell. It was a girl who answered.

"Samantha Spade. FBI Missing persons-" The phone clicked and the dial tone resonated through her ears. "Crap," she muttered.

"Who was that?" Elena asked, Jack walking behind her with a file opened in his hand.

"Some girl answering Martin's phone," She replied. "Anyway, what do we got?"

"Martin's phone records. Three incoming calls came from a mobile phone that belongs to Viktor Fitzgerald; his dad. Thirty messages that Danny left and a call from his doctor."

"The outgoing calls are interesting." Jack sat down across from Samantha and flipped through the file. "Most of them went to a number in the lower east side. One of them though, went to Marquita Johansson."

"The exotic dancer," Sam said nodding her head. "Vivian and Danny went over to the club where she works to talk to her. Maybe they'll get somewhere."

"Or maybe not. Marquita died Thursday. Drug over dose."

Elena and Sam looked at Jack confused. "Then who was he really calling?"