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Chapter 12: Caught

The desert was moving on its own, lifelike, mixing, and tumbling, angry waves of a troubled sea. Gaara put an arm up to ward off the sand. He walked through, stumbling a few times, across the storm. The young Kazekage felt lost. He didn't know where he was or where he was heading.

Crimson waves of sand crashed and knocked him down to the ground. He lay still for a moment before trying to get up. Somewhere from a far he can hear someone calling. It was a boy crying and calling out for help.

The storm was getting worse. He looked towards Gaara's direction. Dark eyes met with blue green ones and at that moment he saw himself in him. He felt his helplessness, his pain. A wave of sand was about to crush the boy and Gaara struggled to get to him.

But he was too late...

"Look out!"

He bolted right up, sweating and panting. The dream was over. It always ended at that part.

That boy.Gaara brushed up his hair and tried to clear his head. He suddenly noticed that his shirt had been changed and he was no longer wearing his boots. The bed covers were neatly tucked as well. His eyes adjusted in the darkness and quickly scanned the room. He was alone, but he felt someone else's presence.

He heard footsteps from outside, the door slowly slid open.

"You're awake." Hinata walked in with a tray in hand.

He stared at her in response.

"You looked uncomfortable earlier so I changed your shirt." she moved closer to his bed, her strides confident as she approached him.

Hinata... But not the Hinata he was used to. This person did not stutter and amidst the dimly lit room he could see her eyes did not waver. She was looking straight at him. Did something happen?

"Why are you here?" his voice sounded strange to him.

"You were drunk." she answered curtly

"That's none of your business." Gaara could imagine her blushing.

They were silent for a while before Hinata reached out to pour him some tea.

"Leave." He said. She pretended not to hear.

"Drink, it will make you feel be-."

The sound of breaking porcelain echoed in Hinata's ears as she felt the softness of Gaara's sheets. He pulled her towards him and she tumbled onto his bed. Strong set of arms pinned her down.

His breath was warm against her cool skin. "You should have left when I told you to..."

- o 0 o -

"Are you certain about this?" Temari clutched the folder that contained the report.

"Positive. " Shizuka looked past her childhood friend and stared at the young boy lying on the futon. Temari and her had known each other for years. She was the only person she could trust enough for this research. "Poor thing. Why would they do this to him?"

"Probably the same reason why they sealed Shukaku in Gaara before." The blond konoichi sighed. "No wonder the sucker's so attached to this kid."

"He probably sees himself in him." Shizuka walked towards the sleeping child and sat right next to him. "But he's imperfect...half made...probably a failure."

"I dont think so. Why would they chase after him if he was." Temari faced her.

"It could be that they dont want to be found out. Maybe there's more to this than just a failed experiment. Someone is behind this..."

"Are you suspecting treason, Shizuka?"

"Its not impossible. The boy was found near our village, where else could he had come from."

"You're right. A boy his age could'nt get that far on his own." Temari headed for the door. " I'll be back by dawn."

Just when she was about to reach for the door she heard someone running towards them.

"They're coming!"

- o 0 o -

She looked straight at him, their faces just a few inches away from each other. His breath, hot against her cheek. Her hand came up to touch his face.

Cool and gentle, he noted.

Her body, too small beneath, soft curves pushing against him. The scent of her shampoo permeated the air. He fisted a portion of her hair and brought it to his face. The hand that rested on his cheek traveled down to rest on his shoulder.

"Gaa-" his mouth captured hers. Cruel and violent, she flinched the moment his tongue entered. But Hinata did not pull back. Instead she opened her mouth and welcomed his kiss. Her other hand skimmed his back, reassuring him that it was okay. That he didn't have to be so rough. He didn't need to be so angry.

Gaara slowed down, his body shifted and she was now straddling him, both feet planted firmly on his bed. The folds of her yukata fell open. White undergarments and her cream colored skin exposed in his dimly lit room. He dared to push the folds further apart and Hinata moaned the moment his warm hand touched her skin. She felt that part burned. Her grip on his shoulders tightened when his hand found the mound of her breast. Feeling each of them, cupping one then the other.

They broke their kiss and his mouth traced the outline of her neck down to her shoulders then latching on to one of her breasts, his hand kneading the other. She bit her lip to stop herself from moaning.

Gaara's no longer sure if he was still drunk from the alcohol or drunk of her. Hinata's body was so soft, with all the right curves in the right places. Muscles toned due to intense training. He noticed she had a few scars yet her skin is so wonderful he couldn't stop touching her. He couldn't get enough. He needed to get more.

He kissed her again, gentler this time, like a lover, more intimate, deeper. He felt her panicked when his hand slid down between her legs. She must have remembered their first encounter but he held onto her. Closer, tighter, slowly sliding his finger in and began stroking. She stiffened then relaxed, her breath came in gasps. She moaned and squirmed against him and he grinned at the thought of what he could do to her. How she can make that face while saying his name...

"Gaara!" Hinata called out as she reached her peak, trembling and out of breath.

She looked up and saw Gaara grinning. "Should we continue?" He whispered and bit the lobe of her ear. The young Hyuuga blushed and turned her head away.

How unfair that her body would react this way towards this man when the one she loves was someone else. She couldn't understand yet she can't help but moan when Gaara's tongue do wonders with her breasts and his hands pushes all the buttons. Why?

- o 0 o -

"Gaara!" Kankuro called out from the hallway before entering his brother's quarters. "Oi-"

The Kazekage greeted him just before he could enter his bedroom. The older man sensed someone else's presence but did not pressed on. "What is it?" Gaara slid the door behind him.

"They've come for the boy."

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