Air: Finding the White Winged Girl

Disclaimer: I, xiaohitsugaya, do NOT own the anime AIR and is not associated with the creators and/or publishers of Air. This story is based on the anime AIR with the storyline belonging to me. Misuzu, Yukito, etc, however, belong to the creators of Air.

Chapter One

"Mother, are you okay?" asked a little boy. The little boy's mother turned around at the voice of her son.

"Hikito, what is it?" the little boy's mother asked.

"Why are you looking at the ocean, mother?" Hikito asked.

"Well, that is actually a long, long story. Do you remember the story about the little girl Misuzu and the freeloader Yukito? Well, Yukito use to always stand right here and watch the ocean. He was always searching for the girl with the pure white wings. It seems that everyone is beginning to search for that girl now," the little boy's mother replied.

"Mother, that doesn't explain why you're looking at the ocean," Hikito pouted.

"I'm looking at the ocean, Hikito, because I think I finally saw her yesterday," Hikito's mother replied.

Hikito stared at his mother with eyes full of excitement.

"When? Where?" Hikito asked. 'In a dream …" Hikito's mother replied quietly. Hikito's excitement dissipated.

"In a dream?" Hikito repeated.

Hikito's mother nodded and continued to stare out at the ocean.

"I don't understand!" Hikito cried out.

"You'll understand soon, Hikito. Trust me," Hikito's mother replied.

She turned around and began to walk away. Hikito quickly picked up his backpack and bounded after his mother.

"What could all of this mean?" Hikito asked himself.

The sun began to set as Hikito and his mother began walking home. Hikito took a final glimpse towards the ocean and gasped. There she was; a strange and mystical figure with pure white wings and long, beautiful, straw-like hair.

"Mother, look!" Hikito cried as he turned around to face his mother. "Mother?" Hikito said quietly. Hikito's mother was no one to be seen. "MOTHER!" Hikito cried.


Author: Okay … I know kind of strange. This is my very first "real" fanfiction that I've actually worked on and decided to put up. Comment and tell me what you think of the first chapter! If you like it, I'll continue!