Air: Finding the White Winged Girl

Air: Finding the White Winged Girl

Disclaimer: I, xiaohitsugaya, do NOT own the anime AIR and is not associated with the creators and/or publishers of Air. This story is based on the anime AIR with the storyline belonging to me. Misuzu, Yukito, etc, however, belong to the creators of Air.

This is a work of fiction. If this has happened to you or someone you know – it is completely coincidental.

P.S. Just so you all know, I'm not following the outline anymore because I've misplaced it. Please bear with me if the story seems contradictory in some aspects. Oh yes, and just as a heads up – the original intent of this story was not to follow the same tranquil nature of the original AIR. If you're prone to being scared of the idea of blood and/or fighting – please reconsider before you read.

Between Hikito, Author, and Misuzu

Hikito: Is it true?! Mommy?!

Xiao: No, not "Mommy". The author's back. Temporarily…?

Misuzu: It has been well over two years since you last spoke about me and Hikito!

Xiao: Not my fault! I lost the files to AIR and finally found them in that dusty cabinet after so long …

Hikito: That's no excuse! Are you back full-time now?

Xiao: No … These chapters won't be frequent. My writing has changed a bit from two years ago and I don't know where that darn outline is!

Misuzu: …

Hikito: Get on with it please!

Xiao: Now where was I …

Chapter Five

"Shahira-sama, what's wrong?" Hikito inquired.

"Open the door, Hikito-chan!"

Hikito looked up at Shahira expectantly. Shahira blinked once and calmly opened the door. Outside, a woman in a light brown tunic and a white shawl stared blankly at them. Hikito's eyes went wide as he stepped back; frightened. Behind the woman was a ghostly figure, one of enigmatic devilry.

"Hikito, run!" Shahira cried as she surged forward, a silver chakram within her tight grasp.

"B-But I-" Hikito stared in horror as the blank-faced woman opened her mouth and bore her fangs.

"Kid, the lady said run – so run darn it!" the voice of a young male shred through the erupted chaos.

Hikito swerved around and fell on to his bottom as he saw the deeply scarred face of a creature whose eyes seemed to crystallize his very heart. The young male sighed and jumped over Hikito.

"Go, kid. Run and keep going," the male said gently.

"W-What's your name?" Hikito stammered.

"I am Hiei Matsushima. That is all you need know for now. Now go!"

Hikito scrambled to his feet and quickly grabbed his jacket that was lying on his chair. Taking one last look back at Shahira and Hiei, he unlocked the back door and scampered out into the darkness.

Meanwhile, Shahira launched herself from the concrete road leading up to Hikito's home and came crashing down with her right leg extended. Her foot hooked the woman straight in the left side of her face and sent her sprawling toward the fast approaching Hiei. Hiei followed through with a blow into the woman's lower abdomen with his elbows and watched as the woman tumbled into the steel gate that guarded the home's beautiful house.

The woman hissed as she collected herself off the ground, her hair in knots and her eyes completely hidden. Shahira bit her lower lip and drew out the second chakram hidden under her cloak. Hiei came up from her left side, swords drawn.

"Hiei, right?" Shahira murmured.
"That's right. This isn't any normal woman, is it?" Hiei replied.

"I wish she was. I have to go after Hikito soon. He cannot stay outside on his own too long with the knowledge that he must get somewhere under a request of the White Winged Girl Misuzu herself."

"From Lady Misuzu?!" Hiei gasped.

The woman screeched and chose to lunge towards Hiei and Shahira at that very moment.

"Talk later, fight now!" Shahira cried.

Hiei strafed to the left and performed a side cart wheel as the woman with the demonic figure shadowing behind her lashed out at him. The woman let out a bloodcurdling scream as a chakram bit into her waist – a splash of blood tainting the innocent walkway to Hikito's home. The woman grabbed the chakram and violently pulled it out. As she did so, her wound stopped bleeding and healed over.

"What in the-!" Shahira let out a short gasp.

"That regenerative ability … It must be Lady Misuzu's rival for the Sky Throne!"

Shahira jerked her head in Hiei's direction.

"Sky Throne? Rival? You've got a lot of explaining to do later," Shahira commented.

"Leave it for later. We can't do this without Lady Misuzu's help. We have to run. Come on!" Hiei grabbed Shahira by the arm and pulled her away from the crazed woman. As they dashed across the lawn, Shahira bent down and picked up her discarded chakram.

The woman howled and followed in hot pursuit – leaving no time for Shahira or Hiei to get a head start.


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Author's Note: How's that for a come back? I'm so lost as to where I left the story that I don't know whether this chapter flows well with Chapter Four. I did my best, so leave me a comment and tell me what you think!