Chapter 3

Broken Perseverance

Shadow rummaged around his kitchen. He realized he had absolutely nothing good to eat. He just slammed the last cabinet and resigned to being hungry. He walked into the living room and slowly let himself fall on the couch. His red eyes dragged their way over to the clock to check the time, it was past 3 am. Shadow didn't know why he was up, he had gone to sleep but he just wanted to let his mind drift for now. He stared at the black TV screen, it didn't interest him and he let his eyes wander around the room. They stopped on the door, he had a feeling of nausea, that was unlike him to be feeling sick, but he was. Amy crossed his mind again, how typical. He couldn't stop thinking about her, the day before hadn't brought any ease to his troubled mind. He kept seeing the way she smiled, he really did think she was beautiful. She really was. He cursed Sonic silently for being so hateful to her. It was so strange how he noticed all of a sudden. It had just been in that one instant where she was upset over Sonic rejecting her. She had never taken the blue hedgehog seriously, Shadow had never taken her seriously until that moment.

His thoughts went to Sonic after a few seconds. He bit the inside of his cheek as he thought, Sonic was so full of himself. Shadow had never exactly been envious of him, but he had never been overly fond of him. He didn't hate him, not that he never had, he had just gotten over it, but he didn't like him either. His disposition towards Sonic dropped every time he thought of the sad look Amy had on her face. A knot twisted and formed in his stomach as he slowly gritted his teeth. The black hedgehog closed his eyes in irritation, shaking the image of the fragile girl from his mind. That did nothing as the image was replaced by the cocky azure hedgehog grinning and the anger came back full fledged. He sighed deeply and shook his head, he was behaving incredibly irrationally and he knew that. Another out of character thing for him to be doing, he honestly didn't know what was wrong with himself.

Then his thoughts went back to the one thing he had always thought about, the one normal thing he still had on his mind, Maria. The blonde girl was talking, she had a smile on her face that looked just like Amy's. He smiled and shook his head slightly, Amy was so much like Maria and he had never even seen that before. He felt pathetically blind, he was the Ultimate Life Form, though. Now he felt pathetic in general, he may have been falling in love and he was the Ultimate Life Form. He didn't have time for things like love, but his mind dismissed the alarmed thoughts and he began to drift off, his thoughts casting him into a dream-filled sleep of his own.

"Shadow!" He sat on the ARK, staring off into the black abyss of space that he seemed to be staring off into lately. The voice forced him from his thoughts as he turned to look at Maria. She had a smile on her face and she eventually made her way over to him and cocked her head to the side as her eyes fell upon him, "Shadow, what are you looking at?" He didn't know what he was looking at, so he just shrugged his shoulders. Maria laughed at him.

His red eyes watched her carefully, he loved this girl, she was never not smiling. He would do anything for her, and she just kept the smile on her face through his confused look, "I don't really know...just staring off, I guess." She nodded her head. The blonde sat down next to him and looked out at what he had been previously focused on. He didn't follow suit though, his eyes stayed on her and she slowly came to look at him again. He opened his mouth to speak but she spoke first.

"It's beautiful, isn't it?" Shadow simply nodded his head. He kicked his foot into the hard floor of the ARK and stared away from her out into it again.

"'s so empty." She gave him a confused look, then slowly wrapped her arms around him. He blushed beneath his fur, but just gave her a wide-eyed stare. She pulled back and her blonde hair fell over her shoulders just slightly.

She giggled for a moment then patted him on the head, "...but that's the beauty of it, silly! It's not tainted by all these other things!" The thought blew Shadow away, he had no clue what she was talking about. Tainted, by what? He didn't know of anything that would taint the edges of space. He sighed deeply and just watched her, then he finally asked.

"Tainted by what, Maria?"

She opened her mouth to speak and an explosion rocked the entire colony. A banging sound followed, he looked at her wanting an answer but she was too preoccupied by the sounds, a worried expression overtaking her usual gleeful one.

A banging on the door jerked him out of his slumber. He looked around frantically as the light of the sun nearly blinded him. His eyes searched for the clock, trying to get his bearings. It read 9 am. That was good, he hadn't slept too late. Unfortunately, his neck had the world's worst crick in it. He hated falling asleep on the couch, as his couch was uncomfortable. The banging came again, and he realized it was coming from the door. "Shadow! Hello, are you up yet?" The black hedgehog cursed Knuckles for being so loud.

"How could anyone sleep through your little escapade?" He muttered this through gritted teeth and he slowly made his way towards the door and swung it open. He almost nailed Knuckles in the face, but luckily he backed off in time. "I'm awake, Knuckles!" He almost screamed at the red echidna, but Knuckles just waved cheerfully at him. He knew he had woken Shadow up by the look in his eyes, the echidna seemed to live to annoy the black hedgehog.

"Great! Guess what? Me and Rouge are going to go out again soon!" Shadow did a little bit of a twirl with his finger to try to symbolize enthusiasm, when it simply showed Knuckles that Shadow absolutely did not care. He began to shut the door as he mumbled something about that being great when Knuckles stuck his hand in the door, "Come on! Don't ya wanna talk to me?" Shadow opened it a little wider for a short moment and thought, or pretended to, for about three seconds.

", not really." Knuckles rolled his eyes and simply flicked his wrist at the black and red hedgehog. Shadow gave him a half-hearted smirk and began to close the door again, he hated seeing people right when he got out of bed. He felt like he looked gross, he guessed he didn't though, because Knuckles was usually pretty blunt about those things. He remembered the dream, an annoyance that Knuckles had been knocking, he wanted Maria to answer him. The memory replayed in his mind, he hadn't gotten a real answer that day either. Gerald has screwed up an experiment and things had gone downhill from there, Maria and himself hadn't gotten the opportunity to talk alone again, and then all that happened and she was gone. He was never going to get his answer, that had haunted him from the day she died. Except when he had been frozen in that tube, but he had thought of it after that even. It eventually gave way to more present problems, but the dream brought the question back. He guessed he knew what she meant, but he did want to hear her answer.

After slamming the door he slowly pressed his back against it and slid down it to sit in a position against his door. It looked as if he was trying to prevent someone from coming in. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. The black hedgehog tried to relax but his mind prohibited him from doing so. He bit his lower lip and reluctantly opened his eyes once again, they drifted back over to the clock, which still held the same hour it had before. It was really late enough for him to get out and about, but a pounding headache kept him from even starting to get ready. He needed a shower more than anything though, he hated being unclean for some reason, and he felt like every day on this planet he got filthy. It was somewhat disgusting. He picked himself up and began dragging over towards the bathroom.


Amy felt something jerk at her shoulder, the pavement burned on her face like a freight train. She hissed through gritted teeth and slowly opened her eyes and wearily turned herself over to face the object of her awakening. She stared up at Cream, the bunny looked positively mortified as she stared at Amy. The pink hedgehog kept one eyes closed as she stared at Cream, pain spread throughout her veins like wildfire. She bit her lower lip and tried to speak to Cream but her throat was dry, she was freezing and she was hot. Amy realized she was sweating again and then her memory kicked in and where she was all came pouring back into her mind at once. Her breath drew in and Cream started to speak, "Amy! Are you okay! Say something!" She didn't know what to say though, she had to get away from Cream or everyone would know. Her coat? She had brought it. She held back a wince when she remembered she had dropped in her own madness.

"Cr-Cream." Amy slowly began to shift herself into a sitting position and the rabbit helped her. Amy noticed Cheese over to the side looking somewhat concerned as well. The green-eyed hedgehog simply pushed Cream away the cuts in her arm burning like crazy. There was no pint in trying to hide it now, she had no way of doing so and being obvious about hiding it wasn't going to get her anywhere. The rabbit's eyes slowly drifted to the cuts and widened in horror as they fell upon them. She raised her soft eyes to meet Amy's tormented ones. The pink hedgehog knew what Cream was about to ask but didn't have the strength nor will to tell her what had happened ahead of time. Her mind raced with ways to make up an excuse. No, that wasn't going to work. She couldn't falsely blame someone for what she had done to herself, all she could do was softly pray the bunny would agree to keeping her mouth closed about it. Thinking about it, she winced at the thought of Shadow finding out.

"Amy...did this?" Amy just stared into her eyes for a long time, she looked away and stared at the pavement she had been laying on. No blood had seeped on to it, for it seemed all of it had dried. All she had to do was go home and see tons of red painted sheets on her bed. She bled plenty there. She could feel the stickiness of her arms as the red liquid clung there, like a sort of candy, clinging to her, giving her a feeling of uncleanliness. Her mind wandered and she knew she probably needed to answer Cream, though her silence was as good as an answer. Her green eyes finally fell upon her questioner and she sighed resignedly. She couldn't hide it, they were obviously self inflicted wounds. Slowly the hedgehog nodded her head painfully. Tears welled in the rabbit's eyes as she stared at Amy, "Why? WHY!" Amy's lips quivered as she tried to speak. She wanted to stand up and run away but she couldn't do that. Her body wasn't responding to any of her demands. She was exhausted, frail and weak, she had lost more blood than she thought possible. "Answer me!" Cream continued to shout at her, but it seemed as if the rabbit was getting further and further away which each cry for explanation.

Comfortable darkness began to take over her vision again and everything blurred. Thoughts raced through her mind but she didn't know what they were of. Cream's shouts changed from desperate to worried in no time. Her distance grew larger and larger until Amy's mind drew black once again.


The softness underneath her tender flesh was the first thing that greeted her, it felt so much better than the cold concrete she had taken her other nap on. Her eyes fluttered slowly and light caused her to close her eyes fiercely once again. She began to take in some voices, though they sounded as distanced as Cream's had before she passed out. Or...that's what she figured had happened. She wondered if she was dead, or if this was another dream. She couldn't be conscious, she couldn't take in anything. The frail hedgehog finally thought she heard her name, she didn't recognize the voice yet though. As the voice seemed to close in on her she realized it was a female one, it was Cream's. That was good, the bunny had been there when she had fallen unconscious, maybe she hadn't told anyone. If she told anyone what Amy had done, everyone would think she was insane, some depressed suicidal maniac. The thought of that seemed to strike her like a rough physical blow as even with both eyes closed she seemed to wince. Her ears tried to focus again, "...Amy, are you awake, Amy?" It was definitely Cream, Amy searched for the strength to respond but it was no where to be found.

Finally after what seemed like hours, Amy found some words lingering in her dried throat, "...I-I'm awake." The blurred colors seemed to take the form of Cream, as she saw the outline of her face, and her features were slowly filled in. The bunny seemed as worried as before, she was chewing thoughtfully on her bottom lip.

"Amy, tell me what happened?" Amy slowly found herself sitting up, finally her body was beginning to respond to some of the requests she was making. Maybe it had been angry at her for injuring it like she had. She was angry at herself for doing it, so angry that she wanted to do it again. Was she getting stuck on this? Amy moaned softly at the thought of it, Cream watched her slowly. Reluctantly, the hedgehog began to speak again, "...I...I don't know, I just couldn't take it." The green eyed hedgehog sighed deeply, the rabbit had no idea what it was. She began searching for the answer to what exactly it was, Sonic, rejection?

"It?" The exact question Amy had predicted, even in her feeble state of mind she could read Cream like a book. Simply, the hedgehog nodded her head to confirm that's what she said. She didn't know how to get across that she wasn't sure what it was. Cream patiently waited for more of an explanation to come, she was waiting so patiently that Amy knew there was no getting out of explaining further to the bunny.

"...Sonic...rejecting me. That's all he ever did! He rejected me! He was never going to love me! And I loved him! He's the only person I'll ever love and he hates me! I don't even want to live...without him." She couldn't stop herself, she was just screaming at Cream. Maybe she didn't mean half of what she was blurting out, but she was screaming it nonetheless, it felt good. Almost as good as cutting herself, it was releasing the tension, she wasn't bottling it up anymore. The dumbfounded expression on the cream-colored creature's face worried Amy, maybe she had just shouted gibberish and not real words. She felt tears start to burn in her eyes for a reason unknown to her.

"Don't cry, Amy!" Cream sounded almost angry, but worried in the exact same breath. "Sonic's not worth this! He's just a stupid guy!" Amy stared at her, she was right. But, if she was right, thousands of girls had this problem over "just a stupid guy". Not necessarily Sonic, but some stupid guy. The hedgehog simply agreed with a nod of her head.

"I know..." Finally another thought entered her mind, perhaps the first real thought that came into her mind since she passed out on the sidewalk. Shadow... She had almost forgotten about him, and something in that thought, the thought of him, made her stop crying. Then, she almost started again because she wanted to be near him, but she didn't want him to know what she had done. A feeling to guilt and embarrassment came over her immediately. She wondered if he'd be appalled or worried that she did it. Maybe both, maybe just appalled it scared her to think of all the reactions he could have to it, and none of them were good. "People cry over stupid guys a lot of the time though, Cream." Cream nodded her head in understanding, then a firm look entered the orangish colored eyes again.

Amy watched her intently as she began to speak, "But most girls don't do this! You can't let him upset you like this!" Cream quickly put her hands on her hips and shook her head furiously. Then she turned around to look towards the door, "I figured you didn't want anyone to I just brought you back home and..." The small rabbit bit into her lower lip and suppressed the tears brimming in her eyes.

The pink hedgehog quickly nodded her head so as the bunny didn't have to finish her sentence. "Thank you for being so thoughtful!" Amy smiled, she tried to get that horrendous look off Cream's face but it wasn't going anywhere. The small creature simply nodded her head, then sat down on the bed near Amy. The smile slowly faded from the small hedgehog's face, her green eyes filling with a sort of remorse.

Cream slowly looked at her again, but the silence in the room remained, all of the words she knew were caught in a jumble in the pit of her throat. She drew in a breath and decided not to say anything, she couldn't believe Amy would do this. It was so out of character for the cheerful girl, so...strange. Her eyes remained on the young hedgehog, but the green eyes that belonged to her weren't on Cream. Amy swallowed a disgusting taste, feeling like the guilt was actually being forced down her throat in the form of this nauseating taste. Dread overwhelmed her, she didn't ever want to get up and go out into the world again. Finally thoughts of Sonic entered her mind again, and her heart was twisted unnaturally. She squeezed her eyes shut immediately. " you want me to leave?" Cream knew of nothing else to say, she didn't need to leave, Amy could do precisely what she had been doing.

Amy nodded her head though and Cream did nothing but start towards the door against all her better judgement, "Amy..." The rabbit started again as she neared the door, "Promise me you won' that again." The pink hedgehog simply nodded her head nonchalantly, the promises she made to this rabbit meant nothing. She would probably do this again right after she left, now she felt horrendous because someone knew. Amy felt guilty but she still felt sorry for herself, or...something like that.

"I won't."


It was nearing sunset and Shadow knew this, he swore fifty million people had come to his house today. The one person he wanted to see wasn't even among them, he had been thinking of Amy all day long. He wanted to see her now, but he was way to full of himself to go over there on his own accord, not to mention, he would probably get lost, he walked her home, but he was so set on her he was just following her movements, not being very observing. This was not very in character of the red streaked hedgehog. He sat with his back against the wall, he never seemed to be on any furniture, just on the floor. Sonic had pointed this out a time or two, he smiled at the thought as his mind plunged into the memory of no more than a month ago.

"You're supposed to knock when you walk into someone's house." The grin across the azure hedgehog's face was so unnerving. He made his statement matter-of-factly, but he honestly hadn't minded. Well, it had slammed the door against his back, but other than that it was ok. Sonic rolled his green eyes finally.

"I never knock." He crossed his arms over his chest and raised an eyebrow at Sonic, who just kept that grin on his face. Suddenly, a sour look came over his face, "...why do you always sit on the floor anyway?" Shadow just shrugged his shoulders.

"So...what did you want?" The azure hedgehog simply shrugged his shoulders then began to speak again after he thought this over tediously. Shadow chewed on the inside of his cheek as he waited for Sonic's response.

It amused Shadow how well he recalled every event he went through, he always remembered precisely what he had been thinking and doing. He liked that he could recall that sometimes, sometimes he hated it. Especially when it came to Maria, he had lost his memories and now they were back with a vengeance.

"I'm trying to get away from Amy." The dark hedgehog laughed at him, then shook his head and patted Sonic on the back as he started towards the kitchen.

Shadow figured that's what he had been trying to remember, he always thought it was hilarious how desperate she was for Sonic. He never realized he could feel and that it could break her heart every time he rejected her so harshly. Honestly, he wondered how she did it and was able to remain such an amiable nature. The only time he had seen her be anything but friendly was when he saw her on the steps on City Hall that day. That had been the day he noticed her though, so maybe he liked that she had something under there. On the other hand he hated the fact that she had been so upset. She was so similar to Maria. Maria never had time to think about boys, they were on a space colony and she never seemed very interested in any of the ARK's residents. He had heard her say some of the people were 'cute', but that was all. "What's she see in Sonic anyway...and what did she mean she 'found someone else'?" He rolled his eyes, "Girls..."

He toyed with the thought for a moment as he wondered who it could be, the thought it could have possibly been himself crossed him, but he dismissed it. "What could she possibly see in me?" He shook his head, something of sorrow coming over his mind, "...we're completely different." His mind shifted to Sonic as he thought the hedgehog over, he was a hero and maybe that's what Amy could've liked. Then again, he probably had some amazing trait that Amy found irresistible. Shadow would have killed to know what a girl thought like, their lives seemed to revolve around guys, on Earth anyway. He longed to hear someone knock on his door, and for it to be her, he knew that wasn't going to happen. Well, he expected it wasn't going to, she had no business to come see him for. She hadn't had any the other day when she had come though, and she had. He wished deeply that she'd do that again. His mind wandered through several different things, her, Maria, the ARK, his past, everything. He stared around at the apartment he was in and took in a deep breath. Shadow, in truth, could have found her house, he could have swallowed his pride. He wanted to go see her, but the thought of it caused his whole body to tremble. What was wrong with him?

"I'm sure she's with friends anyway." He tried to reassure himself that it was an idiotic idea. The part of him that he was trying to convince didn't believe it though, that part of him thought that if he could see her. Maybe she'd want to see him too, he had never noticed there was a glimmer of optimism in him. Though, the conscious part was pessimistic and that one figured there was no way Amy would think of him as anything more than a egotistical jerk. That's what he tended to act like around her anyway, he wondered why she had come the other day though. He gritted his teeth, he was so lost and it was all over this dumb girl. This little nuisance of a girl that one of his friends had tried to avoid for years and years. For longer than he had known either of them, Amy had chased Sonic around, he didn't believe there was any way she was just suddenly over him. No one could do that, just forget someone like that. He wished she could, but he knew there was no way.

"Why are you looking at him like that?" Maria turned her head from her locked position on staring down a man, he looked something like a GUN soldier. Shadow thought it was so weird that Maria would eye one of them like that. The blonde simply smiled when she realized it was him that was standing there, something of relief coming over her worried expression.

"Oh! Shadow!" She grinned and looked back at the soldier, with this look of bewilderment, suddenly a giggle escaped her lips. Shadow gave her a look of dismay, what was so funny about the guy? He looked a little nervous and perhaps jumpy, it was probably his first day on the job and everyone acted like that. He didn't look overly special either, he just had short, messy brown hair and slightly tan skin, he wasn't very tall, but tall enough. He just had his uniform on and was clinging tightly to his gun. "Isn't he cute?" She squealed.

The black hedgehog stared at her like she was insane, what was cute about this soldier? All of them looked the same to him, he shrugged his shoulders in befuddlement. "He doesn't look any different than the rest of the soldiers..." Maria giggled at him and shook her head to disagree with him.

"No...he's so much different...he looks nervous...and he's just so cute." Shadow shifted slightly, this was odd. He hadn't ever known Maria to think anything but the doctor's projects to be "cute". True, she thought the strangest things were cute, but she had never spoken of a human in this way. She seemed giddier too, like she, too, was nervous. Maria had definitely never behaved the way. Shadow thought it was so interesting. "I like him!" She declared this. "I was talking to him earlier...his name's Adam." She smiled sweetly and he looked over to her and smiled back.

"Maria...what is love?" Maria looked at him in amazement. She had spoken of it before and thought that might be what she was feeling towards the soldier. It seemed "fun", to be acting like such a fool over just another being. It was definitely something stupid and silly and not worth doing, but Shadow liked those kinds of things because he never got to do them.

"It's when's a feeling, a feeling that makes you feel like you're flying! It's the greatest thing in the world to feel!"

"The greatest thing in the world, Maria?" He spoke to the air as he let his eyes shut, putting his hands behind his head. "More like the most confusing thing." He jerked himself up, blinking, "Not like I'd know! I'm not in love!" A frantic thought came into his mind, he couldn't possibly love Amy, but his subconsciousness sure thought he did. He thought of Amy the same, yet differently than Maria. He cared about her so much, yet he hadn't thought of her as anything more than a friend. He wanted Amy to be so much more. He quickly shook his head and dismissed his thoughts and got up. He crossed his arms, wondering what he should do. Knowing it needed to be something, because he had to get his mind off this stupid pink hedgehog

He wondered what this should be for a moment, then came to the realization that his mind was going to continue nagging until he succumbed to it. He knew he needed to go to her house and talk to her, to figure something out. He just took in a really long breath and stood up, a little shakily at the thought of just showing up at her house. He thought maybe she wouldn't be home, that would work out perfectly. He'd have to have some peace, but some of him wanted her to be there. Maybe she really did want to see him. He started towards the door and twisted the knob, pulling it open. The cold air rushed into him, it seemed to pierce his skin easily. He winced slightly, then slowly walked outside. He had been outside a lot today, though he hadn't ventured far from his apartment.


Amy fingered the knife in her hand. Tears burned at her eyes as she shoved it aside, she decided to go get a breath of fresh air. Slowly she grabbed a coat and slipped it on, to cover up her cuts. She stepped outside and cold hit her just like before, she felt like a thousand daggers all stabbed into her at once. She wanted a warmth that she could never seem to find. She cleared her throat mindlessly as she stepped further out into the cold. Her eyes strained to see down the distanced road beyond her porch. Nothing was there at the moment, just a windy barren dirt road that she remembered walking home every day dreaming about Sonic for years. The familiar tears returned to her green irises as she stared towards the railing she clung to, it was black, a intricate design, very firm though. Amy simply sighed and began to walk down the steps that led to the ground from her porch. Beginning that long walk towards station square, she didn't want to go there really, but she was anyway. If she went back in, where the knife was, she would do it again.

Her mind swirled around memories of Sonic, now, she couldn't seem to get him off her mind. The cuts in her arms burned every time his face etched itself in her thoughts. The sun was almost completely set, and darkness was setting in all around her, making the night's frigid air lose the warmth the sun had been previously providing. She ran one pale hand along the fuzzy rim of her coat's sleeve, tears continued to burn at her eyes and she fought them with everything she had, she wasn't crying, but she felt like something was going through her insides like a mad dog.

"Sonic, the Hedgehog..." Her voice was soft and drifted with the wind as it seemed to even pick up as she spoke, she heard his name and it brought some sort of comfort to her. She closed her eyes and kept walking, letting her mind do its own wandering, as if she had any control in the first place. Somehow, it forced its way off of Sonic and on to Shadow, he seemed to be existing there a lot, almost beating Sonic out for how much attention she was paying him. Something about the thought brought more comfort though, the tears died down, the burning sensation that had been there was now gone. She didn't want to cry anymore, she finally decided that's where she wanted to go, to wherever he was. "Shadow..." This time she spoke a different name, and the ring it had almost brought a smile to her reddened, tear-stained face.


"Why are you talking to me?" His voice was strained, he had been on the phone for twenty minutes and had gotten absolutely no where. All he was hearing was how wonderful Knuckles was, he was beginning to question his own sanity for ever giving Rouge his number. He was beginning to question his sanity for ever even getting a phone. His rude comment caused her to cease her compliments momentarily.

Rouge seemed to contemplate this for a good long while, "I don't know..." Shadow just sighed resignedly and tried to think of an excuse to hang up the wretched device that was bringing an annoying voice to his ears. She started up again after a few seconds of awkward silence, of which he happened to be enjoying.

"Yeah...well...I have to go." He hung up the phone, hearing her on the other in spitting something about having something else to say but he didn't mention the part about him caring absolutely nothing about hearing it. He really had been far too nice to Rouge, she seemed to come talk to him about everything.

A knock at his door brought Shadow from his muttering about Rouge, and he looked up to the door. He made an annoyed face, as he was almost sure it was Knuckles, as the echidna had not yet informed him how great Rouge was that night and that was something that happened nightly. He dragged himself over to the door though and slowly opened the door, to his surprise it could not have been further from Knuckles, it was Amy. She gave him a weak smile, but something looked very amiss in her eyes, but he blamed it on how annoyed he was with everyone else around him. "Amy?" His voice came out slightly more shocked than he had intended, as he saw her nod her head.

The green-eyed hedgehog stared at him for a long time, "Hey, Shadow...sorry, but I really needed some company tonight, and you were the first person I thought of." This brought a slight smile to his face to think that he was the first person she thought of, the he mentally slapped himself for something so minuscule please him. But, it did, regardless of what he tried to convince himself.

"No, don't worry about it...I was bored too." He stepped aside and let her in. She walked in after him and looked around, his apartment was a little messy, stuff strewn everywhere, but she thought it was kind of cute. It smelled just like Shadow, she swore he always had a particular scent that she noticed every time they were together, she really was beginning to get quite fond of it.

Her eyes wandered around the room, then came to set back on the dark hedgehog, "You're messier than I thought you'd be, Shadow." He nodded, she had been to his house before, but she had never noticed anything, she knew where it was thanks to Sonic, but, when she was in here before, she had just been ready to leave. Now she could have moved in here and not minded one little bit, it seemed to even diminish the burning pain from her wounds.

Shadow simply shrugged his shoulders, "Eh, I'm not messy, just lazy." This earned a smile from the pink hedgehog, as he looked around and tried to figure out what he was supposed to do. Normally, he dealt well with company but her presence was really flustering him, " you want anything?" Her eyes drifted to him, she wasn't hungry or anything, but she could think of about sixteen thousand things she wanted. She simply sighed and shook her head though, though she did eventually sit down on his couch. He felt a slight flush in his cheeks and he swore under his breath for a moment.

Amy tilted her head slightly as she noticed the tint even beneath Shadow's fur and she smiled, "Thank you, though." Shadow finally brought himself, through embarrassment to sit down next to her, well, not next to her, more like on the other side of the couch, but it was the same piece of furniture. She bit into her lip and stared at him, she wanted to tell him and she intended to tell him, "Shadow..." She started but all the words got jumbled and merged together and got caught up in her throat.

His red eyes rested on her for a long time, she whimpered slightly and a concerned look came over him. "Is something wrong, Amy?" She nodded her head as she felt the tears begin to burn again, she didn't know what he would do when he found out. Shadow was going to hate her, he was not the type to deal with stuff like this, he would think it was completely pathetic and cowardly. She grinded her teeth together frustrated with herself, she wanted to do it again, and she scorned herself sorely for even thinking of it in the first place. Emotions even Sonic had failed to trigger inside her all welled up at the same time as she stared into those red eyes. "What is it?" She breathed in through her teeth, creating a chilling sensation in her mouth.

"I...need to tell you something...or show you something." She mumbled, but luckily for her, he was listening carefully and understood. Amy decided that if she was going to tell him one thing, she was going to tell him everything.

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