Yu-Gi-Oh! and all its characters, are the legal and intellectual property of Kazuki Takahashi and any entities he has granted legal rights to. I claim no rights at all with my story. I greatly admire and feel gratitude to Mr. Takahashi for the amazing story and characters of Yu-Gi-Oh!

Cry of 99

Rent asunder.
Is it such a wonder?
We haunt this place.
We can't erase
The horror we face
Or our cruel fate.

In shadows our names told.
Bound together in gold.
Blood, magic, evil, bone.
Released, our souls forever moan.
Hatred to a keen edge honed.
Our murders pharaoh condoned.

The price we paid
Far out-weighed
The onus of our sins.
In mortal guise still pinned
Screaming forever without din
Eternal torment our win.

On blood-soaked wings we rise.
Time for pharaoh's demise.
Cast him down,
We don't care how,
Force him to bow,
Our time is now!

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