Tohru the Vampire Slayer.

Chapter 1. The Deal.

A.N. Warning if you haven't read through book 17 of Fruits Basket, this story will contain spoilers.

There's something I want to tell you don't get conceited you little bitch. If you think you can "save" Yuki or Kyo you should be ashamed of your arrogance. I'll tell you the truth. Kyo will be confined just as soon as he leaves highschool. Just like the previous cat before him. For his whole life until he dies. And Yuki will live and die with me. All of them will live and die with me. All of the Juunishi will live in the same home following the same path. No one comes in and no one will be stolen away. Always remaining the same. A happy future. An endless banquet. Unchanging. And I won't let you join us. Tohru woke the nightmare still fresh in her mind. Only it wasn't a nightmare it really happened. For a moment she was back in that night when Akito had told her about Kyo's coming confinement.

Is that really what you want? Tohru had asked Akito.

Would you stop talking as if it's a bad thing? Our way of life is different from yours, outsider. Who do you think you are to judge our ways with your story book values?

"Who are you? What is your place in the Zodiac? What are you?"

"God. The one who controls the zodiac. The master of their souls." Shaking her head she got up and went downstairs to the kitchen for a glass of water.

Akito Tohru thought. Why do you want this? Tohru's memories returned to the day she met with Kureno. The day she discovered a great secret about Akito. Akito's mother, Ren, forced her to dress as a boy. They hate each other. I don't understand how they can be that way. Why would Akito's mother hate Akito. Momiji's mother rejected him too. Yuki would never laugh in front of his parents. What is wrong with the mothers in the Sohma family?

"Oh Mom," Tohru spoke to the picture of her dead mother on the counter. "I really don't understand. You were always so good to me. I feel a little guilty having had so much joy while the Sohma's were in such pain." Yet now I am alone. I am not really one of the Sohma's... do I belong anywhere? "Mom please give me the strength, courage and wisdom to help them. Even Akito I cannot believe that she really wants everyone to be miserable. She probably doesn't think she can be happy and doesn't want to be alone in her misery." Tohru knew all too well that when a person becomes sick for too long it can change them. Her father had been sick for some time before he passed away. He had changed too.

I was so determined to find a way to break the curse. Then one thing and another happened. I don't really know a whole lot more then when Akito first told me that at the summerhouse. Kureno somehow broke the curse but he doesn't know how. Isuzu-San and I have been talking about it trying to figure out how he broke the curse. I have to figure something out Kyo is running out of time.

"Oh Tohru, You're up." Shigure stated from the doorway. "It's rather late. Is something bothering you?" Shigure noticed her pail complexion. "You're not getting sick are you?"

Tohru shook her head. "No, I am all right. I woke up from a...a dream and decided to get a glass of water.Thank-you for your concern." She stated bowing to him and nearly spilling her water. "How come you are up so late Shigure San did you have a nightmare or something?"

A nightmare Shigure figured. I wonder what nightmares bother my little flower. "No, I was just going to bed."

Tohru looked at the clock. "Shigure it's 4 in the morning! Surely your books could be written during the daytime? It isn't good for you to have such irregular hours. I don't want you to get sick."

Shigure smiled at her concern. "A writer must write when his muse is singing my little Tohru chan."

"Hunh? Singing?" Tohru asked confused.

"Not to worry Little Flower. Run along and get some sleep. We can't have you getting sick either."

"Hai! Goodnight...ah..or morning Shigure San."

Tohru went back to bed and lay down her mind still whirling with thoughts about the curse. Tohru was about to fall asleep again when a thought entered her head from nowhere that made her sit up in bed. Go see Akito. It declared to her. "But...Akito doesn't like me and might decide to have my memory erased." She argued. But the voice was deep within her heart. A part of her knew she had gotten the answer she had been praying to her mother for. The answer to help Kyo. Everything will be all right. The voice seemed to whisper and she could almost feel her mothers comforting arms around her. It felt so warm and good she fell asleep almost instantly.

Kyo watched Tohru from the corner of his eye and came to one undeniable conclusion. Something was wrong. She was distracted, more so than usual, if that was possible. She was tired and quiet this morning at breakfast. She didn't even seem to realize when Shigure complemented his own perverted way.

"This food is so yummy Tohru! I could drink the cup of your goodness forever!" Shigure had stated. Instantly Yuki and Kyo had punched him into the ground.

"Perverted inu." Yuki had stated in disgust. Kyo however was looking at Tohru. Normally when they pounded on him Tohru would panic and look worried and confused. This morning however she just got up and started taking care of the dishes. It was as if she were so consumed in her thoughts that she didn't even hear the slam of Shugure's skull into the ground.

Then, during class, she was called to answer a question by the teacher. When she didn't respond after he called her name 3 times Kyo had finally leaned over and waved his hand in front of her face getting her attention.

The teacher had asked her if something was wrong. She had bowed apologized and said that she had some personal issues that were on her mind today. Kyo was very curious what was wrong. If that Hero has said something rude and stupid to her again I'm going to kick his snotty little butt! Kyo thought to himself.

Even now, at lunch, Tohru was totally consumed by her thoughts. She sat idly playing with her noodles and not eating anything.

"All right. What is wrong?" Kyo finally burst out asking. Yuki, Hana and Uo all looked over at Tohru wondering what was wrong as well.

Tohru got a confused look on her face and looked over at him blinking in confusion.

"Don't deny it. Something has been bothering you all day. You have been totally out of it."

"Gomen nisai!" Tohru stated. "I'll be more alert Kyo I am sorry."

"Ack, I wasn't meaning it like that! Look Tohru we all care about you if something is bothering you we would like you to talk to us about it. I will do anything I can to help you Tohru."

Tohru's head shot up and she looked at Kyo a strange light in her eyes.

"You're right Kyo. Friends do anything they can to help each-other! I can do this!" She stated standing up like a soldier going to war she gathered her uneaten food and turned to walk away. "Oh, Thank-you Kyo I really needed to hear that!"

"Hunh?" Kyo asked in wonder and confusion. "What did I say?"

Tohru walked to the payphones and called Hatori not letting herself hesitate for even another instant.

"Hatori San. I am sorry to bother you but...I need to talk to Akito. I don't really know how to get an audience with him. Could you please set up a meeting for me?"

Hatori blinked, the one and only way to see surprise on his face. "Tohru...Why would you want to see Akito?" Why would anybody want to see Akito if they weren't members of the Zodiac? He thought. "I don't think that is a very good idea. It is always best to keep a wide berth around Akito."

"I understand and thank-you for trying to protect me. This is just something I feel I have to do."

"Tohru, I understand that Kureno told you Akito's secret. It would be unwise to let her know that you know. Akito may order me to erase your memories if she finds out that you know just to keep her secret."

"It has nothing to do with that Hatori. I want to talk to her about Kyo. My mind is made up and I am determined to do this."

Hatori finally agreed and set up a meeting for her with Akito for that evening. "This could turn out very bad. Please God let Akito be in a good mood tonight!" Hatori prayed.

Tohru shivered as she walked toward the main house with Hatori by her side. She was very nervous about meeting with Akito. She still didn't have any idea of what she was supposed to say. How can coming here make any difference? Tohru couldn't help thinking. Her nerves were shot and she found herself sitting before Akito before she even realized what was happening.

"So what did you want to see me, the great Akito, about pathetic girl?"

For a moment Tohru's mind was blank. "I am waiting stupid girl. Or did you just come to bask in the warmth of my presence?"

"I...I came about Kyo."

"The cat? What about him?"

"Please Akito, is there anything that will change your mind about locking him up?"

Akito smirked; he had made a deal with Kyo. A bet. He was sure Kyo could never hope to succeed. The ugly girl doesn't know about the deal. I wonder what she would do to try and "save" him?

"Why do you even care?" Akito asked aloud. "The cat is an abomination. It is something to be looked down on and scorned."

"He is my friend. I would do anything to help one of my friends."

"Anything you say? I would like to test that. All right I will make you a deal. There is something you can try. If you succeed then Kyo will not be confined."

Hatori arched an eyebrow. This day was just full of surprises. Akito must be up to something. That was way too easy! "What does she have to do?" Hatori asked.

"There are a number of creatures that hold our curse. As long as they live the curse can never be fully lifted. It is written that only a woman will be able to kill these things and only a woman who is not one of our family. One of these creatures resides in a cave not far from here. Would you face this creature to save Kyo, that ugly creature, from being locked up forever?"

"I...I...I'll Do It." Tohru stated fear coursing through her body.

"You will have to kill it. Or be killed by it. That is the only way I will release Kyo from being locked up. If you do then you have my word that Kyo will not be locked up. I will permit him to live outside so long as he doesn't turn wild and start attacking people. If he does this he will be forced to be locked up. Do this thing and you have my word. Even I cannot go back against my word for it is law."

"K...K...K..Kill it? Or be killed?"

"I knew it you are not willing to sacrifice yourself for the stupid cat. I do not blame you; he is not worth sacrificing yourself over."

"I will do it!" Tohru stated frightened and pale but with a determined look in her eye.

Akito smirked. "We will see." He stated calmly.

"I do have your word then Akito?"

"Yes, if you do this thing you have my word. Hatori is my witness. Kureno! He shouted out." Kureno appeared almost immediately by the young girls side. "Take Miss Honda and equip her to fight the Scanthor Demon." Kureno blanched and looked from Tohru to Akito in shock and horror. "Don't look so shocked once she sees the thing she will change her mind. Someone fetch Kyo to my side. I want him here with me waiting for the results of this little game."

"What the hell is going on here?" Kyo demanded when he arrived with his adoptive father and master Kazuma. "Why did you call me here to the main house? I was in the middle of my training."

"Kyo, that is no way to talk to Akito." Kazuma stated.

"Yes, master. I'm sorry Akito." Kyo forced the words from his teeth. "May I ask why you summoned me?"

"Why? I will tell you. haven't fulfilled your end of the bet yet. Have you?"

"What bet?" Kazuma asked, though no one answered him.

"What does that have to do with anything? I still have until graduation!" Kyo growled his eyes narrowing into thin slits.

"Indeed but someone found out about your pending incarceration and came to me demanding that you not be locked up."

"What! I haven't told anybody!"

"Oh but I did."

"What? What the hell did you do that for?" Kyo asked as he flushed with shame. "Akito you bastard who did you tell?"

"Let me tell you the arrangement I made with this person. If they fight the Scanthor Demon and die or if they can kill it you will be free. You will not be locked up but you can go where you wish. Although you will still be answerable to me."

"What the hell? Who would be stupid enough to think that they can defeat that thing?"

"Oh I am quite sure that they will back out once they see the creature. I am quite certain that once they do they will realize that to face it will be certain death."

Kyo started to breath easier. At first he was thinking that it was Tohru but when he found out what was involved he realized that Tohru wouldn't be stupid enough to agree to that. Would she?

Tohru stood in the prep room shaking like a leaf. There were all kinds of weapons. She got dressed into a white leather armor that was provided to her it molded to the curves she wasn't aware she had. There were all kinds of weapons spread out for her on a table. Swords, throwing knifes and things all set up on a belt which she wrapped around her waist. Her hands were shaking as she clipped the belt on her waist she was suffering from more than a little trepidation.

Mom! Tohru prayed frantically I don't know if I can do this...but if I don't Kyo will be locked up. Please give me your Yankee fighting strength. Help me get through this mom. Oh, and if I do die please forgive me for not finishing Highschool. What am I thinking? I can't kill something. Akito said this thing could kill me. How am I going to get through this? I cant do this!" She was freaking out in her mindShe felt so dizzy from the thoughts and fears swirling through her mind and body. The world started spinning and blackness claimed her.

A warmth filled her as if the sun were shining within and around her. "Tohru." Her mothers voice called out to her. Opening her eyes she was shocked to see her mother standing in front of her. She looked heavenly all in white.

"Mom?" Tohru cried.

"Shh, it's all right sweetie." Her mother said. "It's me. I have missed you so very much. I don't have a lot of time. Don't worry you will be all right. Dark things lie in your future but I will be watching over you. I have been watching you and I am so very proud. My sweet Tohru. Have faith in yourself. There is a great power about to be awakened within you. Be true to your heart. I love you my baby." Tohru's mother seemed to fade and disappear.

"Mom come back!" Tohru cried out trying to follow her.

"It's time for you to wake up and face your destiny. Be strong my daughter." Her mother's voice drifted to her as if from on the wind.

"Tohru, Wake up." Hatori said.

"Mom? Oh, Hatori San, am I still alive?"

"Tohru you haven't gone into face that creature yet. If I have my way you wont either. Don't do this Tohru we can find another way to save Kyo from being locked up. Tohru if you face this thing we are going to lose you. There is no way you will live. Don't put us through that. We all need you in our lives. Tohru you make life a little more bearable. Do you have any idea how much you mean to those of us born with the curse? We can't lose you Tohru."

Tohru had tears falling down her face. He was really worried about her. He really cared. "Thank-you so much for worrying about me. Don't worry Hatori San, my mother says that everything will be all right!"

Hatori blinked, the second time in one day. "Tohru you must have been dreaming. Don't go up against this thing."

"No. It was real. My mom came to see me. I don't know how but it is going to be all right."

"Tohru." Hatori said with pain showing clearly in his eyes. "I never believed that you would be someone who would commit suicide." I won't let it happen. Hatori decided. She is so much like Kanna. But this time I will protect her, no matter what! Hatori reached his hand out toward Tohru's forehead intent on erasing her memories of the last 24 hours.

"Hatori?" Tohru asked. Suddenly realizing what he was going to do Tohru wrapped her arms around him and gave him a hug. Instantly Hatori transformed into his zodiac form. Scooping him up Tohru ran him into the bathroom and left him in the bathtub.

Tohru just made it back to the room when some of the Sohma family servants came to escort her to the creature she was to fight.

"The creature has been sealed inside of this cave by a great priest a hundred years ago." The servant told Tohru. "You can get in and out but once you enter you will have to kill it to be able to leave again. The creature loves it when people wander into this cave to go exploring. That is why there are so many warning signs that the cave is dangerous. You can still change your mind miss. Go take a look at the thing then decide if this really means that much to you." The servant then opened a camcorder and started transmitting what was happening back to the main house where Akito watched but wouldn't let Kyo, Kazuma see.

Tohru stepped forward and peered into the murky darkness of the cave. She saw nothing at first. Then two red eyes opened and looked at her hungrily. The creature was about 7 feet tall. It was like darkness incarnate suddenly. The creature was wreathed in flame. Oh my...Mom how is this going to be ok? She thought to herself remembering the words her mother said.

"TOHRU!" Hatori shouted. "DON'T DO THIS!" Tohru looked back and saw Kureno and Hatori running toward her. She knew that if Hatori got his hands on her he would try to make her forget her deal with Akito. It was now or never. Drawing the sword Tohru stood before the caves entrance.

"Mom, please help me!" She stated through chattering teeth. Then taking a deep breath, she waked into the cave determined to face her destiny. Even if it was only to be another few minutes of life.

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