Tohru the Vampire Slayer chapter 8 Training.

Tohru looked down at her work. Lunch was ready, the table set and a beef stew was in the fridge waiting for the boys to warm it up for dinner tonight. She didn't know how long this training she was going to would last.

"Tohru," Shigure and Yuki stepped into the room. "Lunch looks wonderful; oh my little housewife is such a good cook!" He sang out happily.

"You creep don't talk about Tohru that way!" Yuki hissed and punched Shigure in the back of his head.

"Owie! Yuki you are so mean to your dear cousin!" He complained then looking at the table again he asked, "But, Tohru you haven't set a place for yourself yet."

"Oh, I, I can't stay to eat today, So I have already had a rice-ball. I have a meeting to go to this afternoon. There is Beef Stew in the fridge, I might be back late."

"Meeting?" Both Yuki and Shigure asked at the same time.

"Tohru you are supposed to be taking things easy." Yuki reminded her just as Shigure asked, "What kind of meeting could you be going to on a Saturday?"

Tohru immediately looked nervous making Yuki and Shigure even more curious.

"Oh! Look at the time." Tohru exclaimed. "I've got to run." Kyo walked in just as she was crying this last part out. "Hi, Kyo...By Kyo have a good day everybody and don't worry if I'm out late, don't wait up." She cried out as she ran out the door faster than they would have thought Tohru could move.

"What the hell, where did Tohru go?" Kyo demanded.

"I wonder." Shigure stated with a calculating look in his eye. "Our little flower seems to be keeping secrets."

Yuki and Kyo both looked at the door wondering what was going on with Tohru.

"Hmm, maybe our innocent little Tohru is having an affair?" Shigure asked. "How sad, I thought for sure that either you Yuki or you Kyo would be the first to initiate Tohru to the romantic side of life! I wonder who she is sneaking around w..." Shigure was unable to finish his sentence as he was being flattened by an angry cat and rat.

"Shut up!" Kyo yelled, "Don't talk about Tohru that way!"

"Stupid dog!" Yuki hissed. "I'm sure it's nothing like that." Both boys however looked at the door that Tohru had exited with a worried look in their eyes.

*Even if she did have a boyfriend, it's none of our business. It's not like Tohru and I are together.* Yuki reminded himself with a surprising stab of pain. *It isn't our place to control who Tohru sees, her personal life.* Even so a part of him wished that he was. Little did he know that Kyo was thinking along the same lines.

"Well no use wasting this delicious lunch Tohru made for us with love. Who knows how many more meals we will be getting from our dear sweet Tohru since the two of you seem so helpless to win her heart and keep her here?" With that Shigure dug into his food, while Yuki and Kyo started eating with less relish, their minds were on the young girl who had come to mean so very much to them.

Tohru and Willow walked together from the temple where they met. A silence surrounded the two girls who were nervous meeting for the first time.

"Rosenberg San."

"Please call me Willow." Willow replied.

Tohru cocked her head to the side. It seemed a little early to be so informal with this new girl who she hoped would be her friend.

"Willow San," Tohru compromised. "Could you tell me about the other Slayer? How did you meet?"

Suddenly the shy Willow was gone and instead a vivacious young woman excitedly started telling Tohru about her Sunnydale stories as Buffy's friend and helper. Tohru for her part was an excellent listener. She seemed to empathize not only Willow but everyone she described. When she explained about Angelus she seemed to know a great deal already, but pointed out to the young girl that she shouldn't confuse Angel with Angelus.

Willow for her part listened and realized that she should have been more supportive of Buffy's feelings. Especially when she came back from running away after having to send her true love to hell.

Suddenly the girl had tears in her eyes. "I'm a bad friend. Buffy went through so much and I was just upset that she had left me when I had so much going on. I wasn't there for her and I didn't support her. I'm so selfish." Willow cried.

"No Willow San. We all make mistakes, and you did need your friend. All of us get caught up in our own lives that sometimes we miss when others around us need help too. My mom told me that the only thing we can do is our best, and when we fall down and make mistakes we should try to learn from them. Accept that we are human, but learn and grow and try not to make the same mistakes twice." Tohru stated with wisdom beyond her age.

"That is so true. Xander never looks over the questions he missed on his tests so he can correct his answers for the next one. Then he wonders why his scores are so bad," Willow vented she was always wishing she had a study buddy who would actually help her study. Tohru didn't get a chance to reply to this statement as Willow suddenly perked up. "Oh, we are there." Turning down a walkway she smiled not realizing Tohru was standing frozen in shock and fear as she looked at the lovely little dojo.

"Um, Willow San. This is..." Tohru tried to explain her concerns that she couldn't train here or her secret would be blown out of the water. *Kazuma Sohma's Dojo.* Her mind shouted as Willow grabbed her hand and pulled her forward.

"Come on Tohru! We have to hurry your training up if you are going to be ready to help Buffy in time to save the World."

"But...but...Willow Sa..." Tohru attempted to object again but Willow had already dragged her to the porch and had pulled her shoes from her feet rushing into the dojo and leaving a panicking Tohru behind.

With shaking hands Tohru set her shoes down outside the shoji screen door and hesitantly poked her head into the room. Kazuma and his assistant were no where to be seen and she let out the breath she hadn't realized she was holding in relief. Giles San, Angel San and Willow San were the only occupants of the dojo.

"Ah, Tohru. Excellent. I thought we would start on basics." Giles stated not giving her a chance to express her concern with the dojo. Does this mean that Kazuma San was trained as a watcher? What would he think when he found out about her? And will he tell Kyo? What would Kyo say? Would he be angry with her for going behind his back and making the deal with Akito? If he was would he ever forgive her?

Pushing these thoughts aside Tohru entered and bowed respectfully to Giles, Angel and Willow. Then they got down to the business of training her and she didn't have time to think about anything except what she was doing.

Angel started by teaching her some Tai Chi to warm up and explained they would use it as both a warm up and cool down exercise. It would help her find her center and work on her balance. Next Giles went over with her how to punch, kick, block and strike. Then after a while of practicing her forms he had Angel step forward and allowed Tohru to spar with him.

It was at this moment that Kazuma appeared. Tohru noticed him enter and allowed herself to be distracted for only an instant but that instant was enough for Angel to take her down to the floor and gently nip at her neck.

"Shishou San! This isn't what it looks like!" Tohru cried out from under Angel. Angel laughed at that statement and pulled back from her.

"You are dead Tohru, you can't allow yourself to become distracted in a fight." He stated helping her to stand again.

"Tohru I didn't realize you knew Kazuma Sohma." Giles asked gently seeing the young girl looking anxiously at the ex watcher.

Stepping forward Kazuma drew Tohru aside to speak to her out of hearing range.

"Don't worry Tohru. I knew since the night you fought the Scanthor Demon that you had to have been called as a slayer. I hoped more than believed that I was wrong. How long have you been a slayer Tohru?" Kazuma asked.

"I was called while I was fighting it." Tohru admitted.

"Then you had no idea that you could beat it when you entered that cave?" Kazuma asked getting angry. "How could you have risked yourself like that?"

"It is had to explain Kazuma San but I knew that everything was going to be alright." Tohru decided not to admit that she thought she was going to die. Kazuma seemed to be very irritated with her as it was.

"Kyo doesn't know it was you." Kazuma said.

"I know," Tohru answered. "Akito San forbids me to let Kyo know. Please don't tell him. I don't know what Akito would do if he found out that I let Kyo know." Tohru looked close to panicking.

"Very well, he won't hear about it from me." Kazuma stated. "You know I always wanted to train a slayer, but I would gladly forgo the opportunity if only you could be saved from becoming one."

"I am sorry Shisho San but I am one." Tohru admitted.

"Then we had best make sure you are the best one there has ever been, so you can live a good long life." Kazuma stated with a smile.

"Right." Tohru stated looking like she was concentrating with all she had.

"By the way who all knows about you being a slayer?" Kazuma asked.

"So far just Hatori. I don't want to tell Yuki, Kyo or Shigure because I was told it would be dangerous for them to know." Tohru explained.

"Well I think Kyo would rather know. But I will leave it up to you to tell him in your own time and way." Kazuma smiled. "Now don't let yourself become distracted while fighting in the future!"

"Hai Shishou San!" Tohru stated and turned back to introduce Kazuma to everyone. They then got back to work training Tohru to fight.