The Missing Half

Chapter 1-Realty Couldn't Be More Real

Three months. Three months in prison. Three months of being cut off from the outside world. Three months away from everyone she knew. Three months away from Buffy. Faith sat on her bunk in her small cell, thinking about what had happened. It seemed to always be on her mind now. Why she did what she did. Why she tried to kill everyone who ever meant anything to her. Why she was here. She knew why she was there, she was there for Buffy, she needed to make things right, and this wasn't a bad start.

About 3 days later, she got her chance. A guard came to Faith's cell and told her she had a visitor. Faith had gotten visitors before. Well, actually just one visitor who came often. Angel. He helped her so much in this redemption process. So it came as a huge surprise to her to see Cordelia behind the glass on the other side.

As Faith sat opposite Cordelia and picked up the phone to talk to her she began to grow worried. Something must be up if Cordelia was here. Faith spoke up, "Hey Queen C…how've you been?"

"Hey Faith, I really don't want to be here right now, so let's cut the formality crap and just get right into business." She paused for a second waiting for Faith to say something and when she didn't she continued trying to figure out how to tell her what she had to. "I had a vision. Something's going to go down in Sunnydale, and in my vision you're there and you're helping out. It was clear in my vision that you were needed. You and Buffy, you're fighting a demon straight from the pits of Hell. There's no way she can take it alone."

Buffy needed her. Buffy needed Faith. There. It's finally happened. 'I finally get a chance to prove myself' Faith thought. 'I can prove to Buffy I've changed'.

To Cordelia, Faith said, "I'm there. Tell me what to do"

"The Watcher's Council knows about this already, so they're gunna bust you out. In A few hours, you'll be a free person." Cordelia spat out the last words. She was still afraid of Faith.

Faith winced internally at this statement and knew what she had to say to Cordelia. Oh boy was this gunna be tough. "Look Cordelia. I know you don't wanna hear this, but I gotta say this. I uh…I'm ummm. I'm sorry Cordelia. I'm sorry for all the shit I did before I turned myself in. I really am. I just hope that---"

Cordelia sat shocked as Faith apologized, the cut in "Faith. That's all you needed to say. I can't forget what you did, but I can try to forgive you. Just don't make me regret it. Now go, go help Buffy"

And with that, Cordelia excused herself, still surprised at Faith's apology and at her own forgiveness. 'Wow I guess we both really have changed' Cordelia thought.

As Cordelia left, a guard came over, handed Faith her belongings and escorted her out.

Faith stepped into the sunlight and took a deep breath. Her first breath as a free woman.

"Look out Sunnydale. Faith's about to come home."