Elements Joined

Chapter 1: Kaji

Written by: Drgn Prncss

Hullo all! I'm new to the Avatar scene, though I've been watching the show from the beginning. NOTE: This does not cover Aang's journey, but that of four individual benders.

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Long ago, a powerful air nomad defeated the evil Fire Nation leader. After a great and vicious fight, the world was in a state of piece for 100 years. Now, the great fire comet has returned, and with it, the bloodlust of the Fire Nation. But, after the air nomad named Aang died peacefully in his sleep, the Avatar spirit was never reincarnated into a new person. The spirits of the elements decided not to bond a single element into a person. So now, instead of one person wielding all four of the elements, four people wielded unmatchable strength in each. They'll need that strength and a good feel of teamwork if they want to survive…


A lone man sat, contemplating. His jet black hair waved slightly in the wind, as he played with the flicker of fire in his palm. He was not brooding, though one might think that by the way he nearly glared at the small spark.

He was not angry at the fire itself, more of what it represented. The Fire Nation. He had been trained by the top generals of his time, and –NO! He refused to think about that.

Kaji, for this man's name was Kaji, stood up, preparing his katana sword at his side, and began traveling. Kaji had no true home. He was a loner, a single voice against the Fire Nation's vicious temperament. But somehow, he was also more.

Wandering about the forest, Kaji both wished for and against human contact. Human contact brought easily obtained items and food, but humans had a plethora of darker sides- they could hurt, betray…that he had enough of in his short life.

Kaji shook himself of such thoughts. He had a fight to win, no matter this vendetta against his former mentors. He knew he was gifted- he wasn't being arrogant when he said that. It was true that he was the best of his age group, and several age groups above him, as well. That was why he had special training. That was why he was a loner.

But for now, Kaji just helped out where he could. Saved a village or too, stopped a Fire Nation troop from reaching a few camp sites…nothing big.

Speaking of saving, that was where he was heading. He had heard from a drunken solider a few days ago that they planned to attack an Earth Kingdom settlement just outside of the nation border- they were to be eliminated. Everyone knew what that meant- the Fire Nation was expanding its already vast territory.

Kaji could see the smoke beginning to drift into the sky. The dark smog covered up what little sunlight had managed to peak through the already cloudy day. Funny how that fit his mood, when you think about it.

The dark loner picked up a bit of speed, getting to the small village before any real damage had been done- the Fire Nation always liked to intimidate its prey before finally defeating them. This left them open to attack. An opening Kaji intended to use.

Giving none of his usual battle cry, Kaji silently ran out behind the troops, slaying one and knocking out two more before the soldiers even realized he was there. Even then it was too late for two more of their numbers.

Katana now dripping slightly with blood, Kaji held himself at ready, quickly assessing his opponents. It seemed there were a few low lever Earth Benders in this village- the flattened out armor and crushed body parts of his enemies could only be caused by rock slamming against them. They weren't a very organized group that was obvious- no one was the apparent leader, as several of them were giving different orders at the same time, confusing the others.

Using the confusion to his advantage, Kaji dashed forward, and took out another Fire Nation fighter with a swing of his sword. He recklessly pushed forward, slaying four more in a matter of a minute. Soon, as that was left were the arguing 'leaders', who were staring at him with mixed levels of shock, anger, and fear. Only pausing a moment to relish the looks on their faces, Kaji continued his assault.

These fighters were more skilled. The first man, who had unusually light hair- a blonde- was able to parry his first blow of a side slash, but was swiftly killed by a roundhouse kick to the stomach and a slash to the throat. The next man was slain, along with two others, by a back flip, instantly followed by several slashes. The attack came to fast to see, much less blocked. Only one fighter remained.

The man stood, several of his fingers crushed by the previous fighting, and look of shock and anger still quite visable. "How?" He asked, his voice raspy. "How could a child defeat us?"

Kaji looked at him calmly, before replying evenly. "I am not a child." He said simply, right before he stabbed the man through the heart. He continued talking, as though it was a breathing individual in front of him, and not just a corpse. "I have not been a child for a long time."

With that, the blood spattered warrior turned, giving hardly a nod at the villagers whose lives he had saved, and walked away.

And as he left, Kaji both wished for and against human contact- for with it both brought and lifted the pain in his heart.


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