It hadn't turned out like he wanted. True, it was mostly Roy's fault, it

just seemed unfair.

Roy had always intended for Ed's first time to be special. However, due to

poor planning and lack of self-control, they ended up doing it on the

couch, in his office, during lunch hour.

Of course, Edward put up the appropriate fuss. Roy found with the right

strategy, Ed was really easy to shut up. Especially, when Roy was nipping at his neck or his mouth was near Ed's automail port.

Extremely sensitive areas Roy had discovered and had filed that information away for later use.

Still, there was nothing sexier than Edward squirming underneath him,

naked and breathless, with his only request of wanting to be taken.

Besides, Roy didn't think he had the power to say no. At least not to such

a willing Edward. Ed was rarely willing to do anything Roy asked him or

wanted him to do.

It was almost a dream come true, having Ed like this. Nothing could be

better, in Roy's opinion.

All right.

Perhaps the same willing Edward on his desk facedown, was the perfect


The only problem was convincing Edward to agree with it. Roy supposed that might take some time.