Well… All I can say is I'm sort of throwing out ideas (meaning I'm just trying different ideas w/o really knowing what will happen). This is a sort of Hana Yori Dango with a Cardcaptor Sakura twist and me twist. Grin

Summary- Sakura Kinomoto has a small problem. When visiting her friend at a prodigious school, she accidentally pisses off the most powerful guys there- the D3, who are known to beat up people over small trifles.

Cardcaptor Sakura belongs to CLAMP and the original plot (Hana Yori Dango) belongs to Yoko Kamio.

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Written by Ivolynn

Chapter 1- "Time to Feed the Fish!"

"Do you want any snacks?" an attendant asked, pushing the privacy screen aside. A cart filled with Godiva chocolate and special seasoned peanuts only available to Spain and the 'cream of the crop'. And Sakura distinctly remembered only having 1500 yen in her pocket.

'Dang it.' Sakura Kinomoto shook her head politely, dismissing the attendant. Humming softly, she stared out into the rolling green hills of the countryside, the occasional summer home whirring by.

A small electronic beeping and a mechanical voice caused her to look down at the state of the art TV/radio/DVD player/et cetera 's screen. "We will arrive at Amikusaii Academy in ten minutes."

'Tomoyo, here I come.' A slight queasy feeling sunk into her stomach. She was nervous. She was going to finally see her friend after three years!

Tomoyo Daidouji had been her friend since the second grade. Wherever Sakura was, Tomoyo wasn't found far away. Until the second year of junior high. Tomoyo's mother, a CEO of a successful toy company, had decided to send her daughter to a prestigious school for rich kids in the country.

And Sakura hadn't heard a word of her best friend until the beginning of the second semester. It finally had come in a letter. A request.

"Sakura," Tomoyo had written. "Please come to my school. Before you say no, I have already asked my mother to provide you with a visitor pass and a train ticket. They're enclosed in this letter. Don't worry about your father. Mother has already asked him. See ya in a couple weeks! Ja! "

The letter had looked slightly suspicious. She didn't remember Tomoyo's hand writing to be so… loopy. Nor did she remember Tomoyo ever call her mother 'Mother'. It was usually 'Mama' or 'Mom'. But it had been three years, right? Things can change in three years.

Still slightly suspicious, she had brought it up to her father and then to friend's mother's attention. Both had confirmed it to be true.

"But why, Mrs. Daidouji? No offence, but I don't think I would want to go to a place full of snobs, except Tomoyo, that is."

The CEO had said, "None taken. I'm sure Tomoyo would like the company." And then muttered, "God knows how that girl needs it."

Sakura did not know what she meant. What was wrong with Tomoyo?

A mechanical tone sounded.

Pushing down an anxious feeling, Sakura gathered up her luggage. She would find out soon enough.

She stepped out of the train into the cool January air, shrugging into a warm jacket while wrapping a wooly scarf around her neck.

Now… Where was Tomoyo? She looked around the train station for her friend.

Behind her were parents, cousins, sisters, brothers, friends… you name it. They cheerfully came up to the one that they had come for, handing them gifts of many Rolex brand watches, multiples of Vutton handbags… The gifts that the person did not like, even in the slightest, they gave back saying it was ugly and to return it. The relative would just shake their head and then toss the gift into a nearby trashcan, which had an automatic material shredder. At the sound of the shredder, they laughed in that high-class sort of amusement. She frowned.

'What ingrates. That purse could've fed at least a hundred kids. Ingrates.'

She passed a pair of uniformed girls who stared at her as if she had just stepped out of a garbage can.

She heard them whisper quite loudly, "Such cheap clothing! What are people like her doing here?"

'What rude people! This is why I dislike people like them,' she thought, infuriated. She looked at her swollen, chaffed hands; the cold was getting to them. "Where is Tomoyo?"

She checked the station, going around places a couple times, but ended up wandering outside. The scene surprised her.

Along the clean paved main street, which uniform clad students bustled through and fro, cottage-like shops were set up. It reminded her of the Disney movie 'Beauty and the Beast' with its French architecture. Farther up the road was a cluster of smaller cottages, which, she supposed were the dormitories. Even farther, was an imposing building that one could mistake for an old castle, a fort even.

A Starbuck's sign swung on its hinge, catching her attention. She was right then sorely tempted to go in there and warm herself with a nice warm mocha cappuccino, when there was an uproar in the middle of the street.

Students began to gather around a small intersection. People who had just noticed it became excited and got on over there. Some were climbing up on lampposts to see what was happening.

Curious, Sakura stopped a boy and asked what was going on.

"D3's got a new victim!" he shouted, waving his arms animatedly before joining his fellow students, but that just left one seriously confused Sakura.

She squeezed through the crowd, halting when she came to the front, a hand clasped to her mouth.

Three boys dressed in casual attire were the center of the attention. One stood silently, watching the event. The other two were throwing tomatoes, garbage… whatever they could get their hands on at a boy tied to a post. All he wore was a pair of stained tighty whities.

Just then, a couple students carried a cart to the center. It was embellished with radishes, onions, lettuce leaves and other vegetables.

A couple other boys picked up the sobbing naked boy and placed him into the cart.

The three boys without uniforms sauntered over to the cart, each picking up a bottle of… what looked like salad dressing.

"Quiet down!" The boy, who had short gelled up black hair, cried. When the crowd had done so, he held up his bottle that contained a white substance. "Which dressing do you think will fit him? 'Ranch'?"

His other two boys held up their bottles, one containing a brown chunky substance and the other a red liquid. "'Red wine vinaigrette'? Or this mystery 'dressing'?"

"'Ranch'!" Most of the boys yelled. "Or the brown crap!"

"'Vinaigrette'!" Quite a few girls shouted.

"How about all three?" The boy suggested.

The people laughed, as if laughing at a clown. "All three!" The crowd repeated this in a mantra.

The boy with the loose black hair and glasses grinned. "You got it."

The one who had not spoken before (this one had short brown hair) finally announced. "We'll need some volunteers of course."

Boys whooped, trying to get the boys' attention; the girls waved their hands excitedly.

Sakura just stared at the people around her like they were insane, and she had no doubt that they were. 'I think I'll go back now.' She tried to push back through the crowd, but found that she was unable. The crowd was too thick.

The boy with the glasses looked around and spotted a girl with short brown hair and no uniform trying to make her way through the crowd.

'Someone trying to escape?' he wondered, walking in that direction, but it seemed his brown haired friend got there first.

Sakura felt a hand on her shoulder. She mistook it for some crazy person flinging their arms around (as many of the people around her were doing), but the hand slid down to her arm and squeezed gently. The people hushed.

She whirled around, meeting two sparkling amber-brown eyes. It was that quiet brown haired guy. She blushed slightly, thinking thoughts a normal girl would think when approached by a hot guy.

"Would you do the honor?" he asked imploringly.

Her intelligent answer was: "Huh?"

The boy gave a breathtaking smile, but Sakura was somewhat freaked out. He held out his bottle that had the red liquid.

"Take it," the crowd pressed. "Go on, take it."

She soon realized that everyone was staring at her.

This equation explains what happened next:

Weird, but cute boy + pressure + center of attention + confusion an act of stupidity… idiocy.

Before she could think, she took the bottle of red liquid (which she knew by now that it wasn't vinaigrette by the thickness of it), stepped up to the naked boy, and dumped the entire bottle on his chest.

The two others chosen dumped theirs as well. The brown substance was crap… literally crap in a bottle. Sakura had gotten a sharp blast of it as soon as the girl opened the bottle.

The boy's cries became frantic wails.

Suddenly, her mind came back to her, and she realized what she was doing. Angrily, she cast away the bottle and stomped back into the crowd.

The three boys stared at her, curious about her actions, but shrugged it off. They had a more important matter at hand.

"Time to feed the fish!"

The crowd roared and a few boys pushed the cart towards a fountain full of huge hungry fish. And ice.

'What the hell?' Sakura thought, looking back. 'Are these people mad? Throwing somebody into water in the middle of freaking winter? This is nuts!'

She was about to speak her mind, when a hand gently caught hers.

"Don't," said a soft voice.

Sakura turned around. She recognized that face! Two wide innocent blue eyes (they looked weary now), long black hair that she envied… "Tomoyo!"

The girl put a finger to her lips. "Shush. Follow me." She led Sakura through an empty alley.

Desperately confused, Sakura tried again. "Tomoyo? What's going—"

Tomoyo turned around. "No questions until we get to my dorm."


Sakura dropped her luggage onto Tomoyo's king sized bed. The cottage itself was the size of a medium sized house, around Sakura's house's size.

Sakura saw an odd little yellow teddy bear with wings and a lion's tail perched up on a shelf. She stood up on the tips of her toes and took it down, examining it.

"Tomoyo? What's with this weird bear? What kinda teddy bear has wings?" Surprisingly, she felt the artificial torso constrict, like a sharp intake of breath.

Tomoyo just replied. "Angel bears do." She took the bear from the girl and placed it on a pillow with surprising care. She then snatched Sakura's bag away, leading the owner into a bland room. "This is your room. Sorry it's not decorated, but I had no idea you were coming."

Sakura was seriously confused right now. "But you sent me a letter saying that you wanted me to come!"

The blue-eyed girl looked surprised. "I did?"

"Yeah, you did. You said that you wanted me to visit and that your mom would pay for my train ticket."

She pulled out the letter from her bag and handed it to her friend.

Tomoyo shook her head, but it looked like she had it all figured out. "That's Mom's handwriting. What is she doing? Sending you over here!"

"What? What's wrong?"

"You shouldn't be here, Sakura. You can't be here." Tomoyo sighed at the girl's confused and sad look. "Do you want anything to eat?"

Sakura nodded. "I'm starving! I was thinking about going into that Starbuck's, but then there was that… what was that anyway? Why did they do that?"

"Why don't we discuss this after we eat?" Tomoyo seemed to be trying to dodge the subject.

"S-sure." She would ask her later.

After eating a light meal of instant ramen, Sakura asked, "What is going on, Tomoyo? Why did your mom send me over here? Who are those people that were throwing stuff?"

Tomoyo smiled slightly, a little of the old Tomoyo surfacing. "So many questions… What you saw today was a D3 war. ("Didn't seem like a war. It was more like a gang up," inserted Sakura) I know, they just call it that. Let me explain from the beginning. Those three guys you saw are known as the D3, Dragon Three, I think. They're the richest, most ruthless guys you'll ever meet, which I hope to God you never do. They control just about everybody here. All the students, the staff… Heck, even the principal. Everybody's scared of them, because they're so strong and because their parents own the top companies in all of Japan… Whenever people oppose them, they'll put this 'red tag' in their locker or on the door of their dorm. Then they beat them up in these 'D3 wars' like that one guy that got beat up earlier, but that wasn't even close to bad. ("Sounds dorky, D3 battles I mean," Sakura commented) It does, but don't ever, EVER say that outside these walls. These guys got the entire school backing them up. All the girls adore them. All the guys want to be just like them, and the teachers won't listen… You don't have a chance against them if you stand up to them."

Sakura sighed. "It's hopeless isn't it? To stop them from just beating on helpless people?"


The doorbell rang and a girl's voice sounded over the intercom. "Daidouji! Get this door open! I know you still have my CD!"

At Sakura's questioning look, Tomoyo answered, "Old roommate." She got up and answered the door.

The two girls that had rudely commented on her attire earlier were now standing on the porch.

'No wonder Tomoyo doesn't have them as roommates anymore.'

One of the girls rudely brushed past Tomoyo and into her old room. Sakura's room.

"Whose stuff is this?" Sakura heard the flapping of clothing. "What cheap crap! Who wears this stuff anymore?"

Sakura stood up abruptly and stomped into her room, surprising the girl with a: "What are you doing to my stuff?"

The girl instantly dropped her things, shooting Sakura a look of disgust. "Oh, it's you. That girl from the train station."

She stood up and looked around the room for her CD. Finally finding it underneath the bed, she stomped towards Tomoyo, said something in a hushed tone and then slapped her. Tomoyo didn't do anything.

As Tomoyo shut the door, Sakura asked, "Why'd she do that? No wonder she's not your roommate anymore."

Tomoyo plopped onto the sofa, looking somewhat distressed. "Because her CD… But yeah. That's part of the reason."

"A part?" Sakura asked. She was curious. "What's the other part?"

Tomoyo let out a sigh. "I'll tell you later. But tomorrow, you have to go back to Tomoeda."

"Why! I've only just arrived! We have to catch up! I mean, we haven't talked or anything the past three years!"

Tomoyo looked sad. "I know… And I really want you to stay, but you really have to go back. As soon as possible. It's not safe for you here."

Sakura let a puppy dog look on her face. "Is it because those D3 guys? I'll stay away from them, if that's what you're worried about."

Tomoyo was silent.

Sakura let out an airy yawn and looked at the time. "8:58," she murmured. "I think that five hour trip really took it out of me…" She yawned again. "I'm going to sleep early, I guess…"

She got up and began walking to her room.


She turned her head.

Tomoyo's eyes glittered beseechingly. "Please promise you'll go back home tomorrow."

Sakura had a hurt expression. "Do you want me to go back that bad?"

Tomoyo shook her head. "Of course not, but it's for your own good."

"Can't you just tell me what's wrong?"

"Sorry, Sakura."

The girl let out a long-suffering sigh. "How about this. We'll make a deal, Tomoyo. If you tell me what's wrong, I'll go back. Unless it's something bad… Like drugs and stuff." Tomoyo opened her mouth to protest, but Sakura continued, extending her little finger out to her. "Pinky promise?"

Tomoyo shrugged her shoulders in defeat and sealed the deal.

"Pinky promise."

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