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Chapter 4- The LETTER of Doom

By Ivolynn

It had been three days since she gotten back from Amakusaii, but she still felt the same kind of anxiety she had felt when she punched Li. And the guilt. She felt so guilty for leaving her friend there to fend for herself… Kero was there though, but she didn't have faith that the tiny guardian could defend anything. It worried her so much that she hadn't much sleep in the last couple of days.

'I shouldn't have come back. Who knows what those bullies have done to her! They might've put her in that fountain too!' Sakura thought as she and Naoko walked home from school.

Naoko was talking about the latest movies and other things, but Sakura was too preoccupied with her thoughts.

'What should I do? She told me not to tell anyone about this!' Sakura thought back to when Tomoyo was bringing her to the station.

"Don't tell anyone about this, Sakura," Tomoyo said fiercely as they trudged onward to the train station.

Sakura was shocked and even gasped. "But Tomoyo, someone needs to know. At least your mother…"

"Not even Mom."

"But why? She needs to know! Besides, I think she knew something about this place if she sent Kero—"

"No she doesn't! If she knew what goes on here, she would have a heart attack!"

It was the truth; Tomoyo's mother had a weak heart despite her young age. A couple years ago, Daidouji-san had a severe stroke. She recovered with the help of the top doctors in the country, but half her face was paralyzed. Her left eye would never close all the way, she could barely hear anything with her left ear, and when she spoke the left side of her mouth would be half open while the other side would open all the way. It was no wonder why Tomoyo didn't want to tell her mother, but Sakura still thought that the news wouldn't be as severe as her friend thought it would be. Heck, the woman ran a toy company with stores in just about every city in Japan, China, and Korea. Talk about stress.

"Why would she send Kero here, Tomoyo?" Sakura asked.

"She sent Kero here… because she thinks I'm lonely." Tomoyo sighed. "It is the truth, but I'd rather be lonely than be tagged."

"But that's why you need to tell her! If she knew, then she would get you out of here!"

Tomoyo simply shook her head. "If she knew, it wouldn't be good."

They had reached the train station, seeing no one but the train and its attendant waiting to plow on out of there.

"I won't tell her. My decision is final. I'll stick to this until the end." Sakura felt worried when she heard her friend utter the next words. "Only one year and a half left."

'I should've forced her to let me stay,' Sakura thought. 'At least then the D3 would turn their full attention to me.'

She felt a poke to her side. She almost leapt out of her skin until she realized it was just Naoko.

"Hey, I asked you how Tomoyo's doing?" Naoko poked her again. "You haven't been listening to me at all!"

Sakura looked sheepishly at her friend. "Sorry, Naoko… I was sort of wrapped up in my thoughts there."

The girl grinned. "Hey no problem." Naoko was a tall lanky girl with shoulder length black hair and gleaming brown eyes under glasses. She was good-natured and liked to tell ghost stories probably to spook Sakura as she suspected. She too had been friends with Tomoyo.

"So… How is Tomoyo, Sakura? How was your visit?"

Sakura hesitated. Should she tell Naoko? There wasn't a problem except the fact that it would probably worry her too. Probably to the point of Naoko getting on a train and looking for Tomoyo. She was quite defensive over friends.

Probably not a good idea to tell her.

"Ah… it was good." She lied. "Tomoyo's fine. She's doing well in school. Even though I never went into the school, it was so big! All the dorms were little cottages and get this—there was a Starbucks!" Sakura silently congratulated herself. Normally she wouldn't think up such a convincing lie. Well, a partly true lie.

"Really?" Naoko had bought it. "That's so cool! I wish it were like that at our school."

"Yup." Sakura was smiling, but inwardly she made a retching sound. She hoped to dear God that nothing like that would ever happen.

They reached the fork in the road where they split ways. Naoko waved at her and headed home.

Sakura waved back. 'Sorry I had to lie, Naoko…'

When Sakura said she wasn't rich, she wasn't kidding. She lived in a two room apartment. It was okay... if you liked having to regularly fix the broken pipes and mop up the leaks from the ceiling. It was so bad that the tatami was beginning to bloat.

When Sakura entered the apartment, she inhaled the homely air. Home sweet home. Nothing like the smell of nasty mildew and… homemade oden?

"I'm home," she announced, kicking off her shoes and putting on a pair of slippers.

She walked over to a small table with a picture of her mother and picked it up.

"Hello, Mother."

Her mom had died when she was six. She had been a nurse. When she died, that was when all their money troubles began…

Her father came from the small kitchen dressed in an apron, a spoon in his hand.

"Welcome back," he said cheerily. "How was your day?"

"It was okay," Sakura replied with a smile. She set her backpack on the table and walked into the kitchen. She approached the big boiling pot of oden and grinned. "Yay, oden!"

Fujitaka smiled. "You came home just in time. I was afraid Touya would scarf it all down before you came back."

Sakura was surprised. "Touya's home?"

Her father nodded sadly. "He got laid off from his job at WackyWorld."

Sakura bowed her head. Poor Touya… He was working so hard too…

"He's going to go look for more jobs tomorrow though," Fujitaka continued. "I hope he finds another one soon."

Sakura smiled encouragingly at her father. "Don't worry, Dad. I know he will." She turned her attention to the pot of oden. "Now how about that oden?"

He fixed her a steaming bowl of it and set it on the table before her. "Dig in," he said, amused.

She was about to lift a daikon piece to her mouth when she found the food plucked from her chopsticks. She heard chomping behind her.


Her older brother licked his fingers. "Delicious. It's good, Dad."


He looked down at her. "What, kaijuu?"

She furrowed her eyebrows and let out a growl of frustration. "Don't act like you don't know! You owe me a daikon pickle!"

Touya gave her a teasing smirk. "What? Do you want me to throw it up for you so you can have chewed up food? Like a little birdy? Or more like a little monster?"

Sakura made an infuriated sound and tried to stomp on his foot, but he stepped back.

"Stop teasing your sister, Touya," their father reprimanded him warily as he fixed a bowl for Touya.

Sakura stuck her tongue out at Touya.

Without turning, Fujitaka said, "No sticking out your tongue at your brother."

Sakura pouted but complied and settled down to eat her food.

"You got mail today, Sakura," Fujitaka said after he set down a bowl for Touya and himself.

Sakura was curious. "Mail? For me?"

"Wow. I didn't think it was possible," Touya quipped sarcastically, stuffing food in his mouth.

Sakura glared him, but turned to her father instead. "What was in it, Dad?"

Fujitaka shrugged. "I don't know. I didn't open it."

"Where is it?"

"On the breadbox."

Sakura found it and tore up the seal without bothering to check who had sent it.

She read:

"Dear Sakura Kinomoto,

You have been selected for a semester of educational experience at the Amakusaii Academy for Higher Learning. Congratulations. All expenses are paid for, including room and board, meals, and books. Your ticket and application form are enclosed. We hope to see you on the 6th of January. If you decide not to accept this offer, please call this number- 1-800-993-5604.


Hisato Yashimato

Principal Hisato Yashimato, Ph.D."

"So… Are you going?" Touya asked. Sakura's mind snapped up and she looked from her father's face to her brother's. Both looked very interested. Her mind had undergone shock when her eyes went over "Amakusaii".

'WHY!' Was this that Li's revenge! Why was she suddenly getting a freebie to go there! Why!

"Yes, what Touya says, are you going to go?"

'No!' one part of Sakura's stubborn mind said, 'Do you really want to go back to that place?'

"No…" Sakura said slowly. Her brother looked like he was ready to blow while her father's eyes were downcast.

Touya slammed his fists onto the table, startling the others. "Are you insane! They're giving you a free semester of school! What kind of idiot are you!"

"You don't understand…" Sakura said, quite nervously. It was scary when her brother blew up like this.

"What is there to understand, Sakura? You're getting an offer to have half a year of high school paid at one of the top schools in all of the country! And you're not accepting it!"

Fujitaka gave his son a reproachful glower. "Calm down, Touya. You don't want the landlord coming down here and evicting us as well, do you?" Touya shut up instantly. Fujitaka turned to his daughter.

"Sakura… What reason is there for you not going to that school? Wasn't that the school that your friend Tomoyo is going? The one you visited last weekend?"

Sakura's eyes lit up. 'That's right. Tomoyo! What a fool I am if I pass up this opportunity. If I go, I'll be able to protect her while I'm there!'

"Um… No reason." Both father and son stared at her incredulously. "Stop looking at me like that! …Yes, Tomoyo goes there."

"So what is your decision?"

Sakura put a finger to her chin. "Hm… I guess I'll go."

Touya looked bewildered. "What!" He threw up his hands. "I'll never be able to understand indecisive people like you."

"Touya, women are mysterious creatures. It's probably just teenage hormones."

Sakura stood up abruptly, her face flaming. "Do you have to talk about that!" She ran off to her room, partly because she was embarrassed, but mostly to reread that letter and make sure no strings were attached.

"Great going, Dad," Touya said sarcastically. "Sakura's so sensitive on that topic, you know."

"Why thank you, son. Please go clean up the dishes."

Touya groaned.

"Oh my god! You're going there!" Naoko shrieked at Sakura, catching the attention of just about everyone in the clothing store.

Their friend, Ayume Tao, grabbed the hysterical girl by the shoulders. "Calm down, Naoko! You're scaring her!" The Chinese girl turned to Sakura, who wasn't really scared at all. "You're really going there? To that school?"

Sakura nodded, a look of indifference on her face.

"But I thought you didn't like the kind that go there…" Nod. "Didn't you go there to see Tomoyo last week?"


"C'mon, say something!"

Sakura let out an exasperated sigh. "I don't want to go there, but I want to go there. Does that make any sense to you?"

Her two friends shook their heads, confused.

No they wouldn't. They had no idea what was going on.

"But I thought you like it there, Sakura," Naoko said. "I mean, you'd be crazy to pass up an opportunity like this- I mean, they got a Starbucks for crying outoud! And in your family's condition, too. I mean, if you were thinking about--"

She was interrupted by a thwack on the head from Ayume.

"Don't say stuff like that!" Ayume hissed.

Naoko was about to apologize, but Sakura started up quickly. "It's okay."

Naoko nodded uncertainly, "Well… as I was saying before I got interrupted," she aimed a glare at Ayume, "Were you thinking about your new job? You know the one you got before you left?"

"A job?" Sakura questioned, trying to remember when she had ever gotten a job. Then it clicked in her mind. "Oh yeah, that job at the bakery…"

A week before she had visited Tomoyo, she'd applied and gotten a job at her favorite bakery, which was owned by Ayume's uncle. She had told her boss that she wouldn't be able to work until she got back. It was supposed to help her father pay for the bills and other necessities. And now that Touya had lost his job…

"Dang it," she said.

"If you want, Sakura," Ayume started, "I could tell him you can't work."

Sakura agreed sadly. She'd really wanted to work. She needed that job.

"But maybe when you get back, I can help you get it again, okay?" Ayume said. Sakura still looked depressed. "Hey, if you go to that school, then your bills will be cheaper. I mean it's free, right?"

Sakura nodded again.

"Don't worry," Naoko said, slinging an arm around her shoulders, "If it gets bad, we will help you."

It was the day. Sakura had packed just about everything she had. Now she, her family, and her friends were standing at the train station.

Her stomach felt queasy and her mouth felt like dry paste.

A tone sounded, and a train slid to a halt in the station. It was the same train that brought her into doom.

"Well, there's your train, honey," her father said, giving her kiss on the forehead. "Be good and don't get mixed up with boys."

"Okay, Dad," she said, giving him a hug. 'You have no idea how hard I will try.'

Touya gave her a noogie on the head and a hug. "I'll admit it, I'll miss you, kaijuu."

She stomped on his toe and hugged him.

Naoko and Ayume hugged her too. "Hey, you better tell us all about it when you get back. And get us some little souvenirs too."

When the tone sounded again, she grabbed her luggage and got into the train.

"We'll see you on spring break!" she heard them call before the doors closed.

She waved at them through the window and then went to the private compartment she had sat in the first time.

"I just wanna go home," crooned the male singer on the compartment's radio.

She let out a sigh and stared out the window.

"I just wanna go home…"

Sakura stared at the principal of Amakusaii High. The middle-aged man who had brought her back to her doom was reading her transcript.

"Quite the scholar, eh?" the man commented. "That's good. We need more students like you, Kinomoto-san."

Sakura thanked him, glad that her grades pleased him. Her weakest grade was in math, but she worked extra hard in her last semester and pulled off a low 'A'.

"I'm glad you decided to join us," he continued. "I hope to see that you continue with these kind of grades during the time you're with us."

"Me too," she mumbled.

"You are here because of the government's goal to bring quality students who live in poor conditions to quality schools. You stood out as the best, Sakura, though we wish to bring other students here too."

Sakura nodded, her eyes darting to the window. She could see students on their free time, were walking around the small community of their school grounds. When she had arrived, she hadn't seen Tomoyo or the D3.

The principal smiled. "Eager to start school, Kinomoto-san?"

She pasted on a fake smile and nodded vigorously.

"Well, you're excused from classes today to accommodate your dorm," he handed her a sticky note. "Give this to my secretary, and she will give you a push in the right direction."

She nodded and stood up to leave.

"Wait, Kinomoto-san. A word of caution- you would do well to keep yourself in line," the man said cryptically.

She understood completely.

The D3.

An hour later, Sakura had her keys, a schedule, locker combination, lunch ticket, and a list of supplies. She was outside looking for her new home now.

No one was in the streets right now. She guessed that they were in class now, but still she would have to be cautious. The D3 could pop up at anytime to tag her.

She looked at the small piece of paper in her hand. Cottage D4.

She shook her head at the irony. She came upon the D cottage section. It was a rather nice spot. An icy lake was lapping at the shore right next to the houses.

"D4…" she said absentmindedly, searching for the right cottage. When she rounded the corner, she found it.

She unlocked the door, waiting to be awed, but was greatly surprised when she found that the house was already occupied.

Cans, bottles, and potato chip bags were scattered all over the place. The place had a nasty smell. She stepped into the place, dodging the mess until she came to the couch. A person with long platinum blond hair was stretched out on the sofa.

She was about to wake them, when she saw a picture of a girl clutched in the person's hands. She shook her head and nudged the person.

"Excuse me?" she said quietly. The person roused, un-groomed hair falling around their face. It was a… he?

'But I thought this place didn't allow boy-girl roommates,' she thought.

"Who are you?" he asked gruffly, his eyes bloodshot and black ringed.

"I was about to ask you the same thing," Sakura said uncertainly. "Do you live here?"

"No, I just come in whenever I want."

Sakura had no idea whether he was being serious or not. He had a very monotonous voice.

"Who are you?" he repeated.

"Sakura Kinomoto," she bowed, but he did not return it. "I guess I'm gonna be your roommate, huh?"

He didn't answer. She felt slightly uncomfortable under the glare he was giving her.

"W-well," she started, "I guess I'll go get my luggage then." She stepped over the mess on the floor, picked up her suitcases, and stopped in front of him. "Which one's my room?"

He grunted, and then let his head fall back onto the sofa.

"Really? Well thanks," she said, hobbling over the trash. 'For nothing. It wouldn't kill you to actually clean this place.'

The end.

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Before I forget, I'm thinking about writing another story. Here's an exerpt from it:

(Sakura's POV)

I gazed at my surroundings once more. So I was in a different dimension? I thought of home and immediately became homesick. What happened to Kero? I bet my family was worried sick over me.

I pinched myself just see whether this was all just a crazy dream as a result of watching too much sci fi or real. I winced. I pinched too hard. I guess it was real after all.

My gaze fell on the dimensional hopper resting on my captor's chest. I debated on whether waiting until he was in a deep sleep to snatch it or just go grab the dang thing and try to figure out how to go back home.

I decided on winging it.

I crept up to him and reached towards the dimension doohickey when I felt my wrist being crushed by a big hand. I saw two annoyed eyes.

"You know that ain't smart, girl." He was glaring. "Especially when you have no idea how to use this thing." He shoved the object into his pocket. "You could accidentally send yourself to a dimension where creatures eat delicate little girls like you. I mean, they consider sacrifices like yourself to be a delicacy."

No... Being eaten didn't sound like a good idea...

Wait a minute.


"Aw dang." He bopped himself lightly on the head, "I wasn't supposed to let that slip."


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