Chapter 1: Something missing found?


"AHHH! Electro-monkey!" Ron screamed as he sprung up from his nightmare and face planted on the floor.

The beeping tone of Ron's alarm clock continued as Ron slowly regained consciousness until he finally turned of the screeching annoyance. While rubbing his dreary eyes Ron slowly collected himself from the hard floor and headed toward his dresser. Looking back to confirm it was in fact the time to get ready for school Ron moaned in disappointment.

"That mission last night was to long yawn Why can't Monkey-Fist try to resurrect a monkey god during my history exam?"

Ron gathered up his traditional shirt and cargo pants and headed into the bathroom for a shower to wash away the sleeping pains. As he lathered up he for told how his day was going to unfold in his mind.

"Let's see, I'll probably lose my homework resulting in my being late for school. This will cause me to be late for class, giving me a detention, and then there'll be a pop quiz just so that I can fail another one of life's test. Get called away to Indonesia so that I can be attacked by more evil monkeys…"

Ron's extensive rant continued even after he had gotten out of the shower and dressed. After silencing his negative feedback mind he returned to his room and nudged Rufus out of his peaceful slumber. Rufus groaned in his comical voice and rolled over into more of the blankets.

"Come on you, if I have to suffer through the day, so do you." Ron responded as he picked up Rufus and headed downstairs for breakfast.

Ron's mother was busy in the kitchen, darting left and right trying to get ready for work.

"Hi Mom." Ron mumbled as he slowly shuffled into the room.

"Good morning, sweetie." She replied not stopping for a moment. "I'm sorry I couldn't make you breakfast this morning; I have so much to do, you can have cereal right?"

"Hooray, bran flakes." Ron said with false enthusiasm.

As Rufus ate the cold cereal and gagged between each bite Ron continued to think about how bad and boring the day was going to be until he realized that it would not be all bad, because he knew there was one person who would makes things so much better. After all everyone knew she could do anything, she was Ron's best and closest friend, Kim Possible. Thinking about her always made Ron feel better, he was still exhausted from the late mission but his pessimistic attitude vanished like dust and was replaced with a bright spirit.

After a fiber packed breakfast, Ron shot up with a boost of new found energy and grabbed his notebook that was filled with homework that was not only still there and actually completed for a change.

"Come on buddy, let's get going." Ron called with a cheerful attitude.

Ron started to walk towards Middleton High School, it didn't bother him that his scooter was out of gas it was a bright day and he felt good about life. But even with this happy exterior, deep down Ron had a small empty spot that longed to be filled. Ron longed for a change; something new and exciting, no doubt exciting missions that lead you around the world to battle evil is enough to stimulate anybody else, but Ron was starting to get use to it, he needed something different, something he couldn't place his finger on.

Suddenly Ron's thoughts were interrupted by the stirring and jittering of Rufus in his large pocket.

"What's up, Rufus?" Ron asked looking down.

"Late!" Rufus squeaked between his undecipherable lingo as he pointed to Ron's watch.

Ron looked closely and understood what his little friend meant.

"Oh man! You're right!"

Ron started bulleting towards the school knowing that if you didn't he would get that detention he was imagining about. Luckily Ron knew a few short cuts that could give him the time he needed to catch up with the rest of reality. He continued sprinting and slowly the large Middleton High School sign he was use to rose up over the hill. Rufus was bouncing around ferociously in his little fabric home and was struggling to keep his breakfast inside his tiny mole rat stomach. At this stage Ron knew that he wasn't going to be late anymore but his mind returned to the plaguing question.

"What am I missing?" he thought. "Why can't anything different happen?"

All of a sudden just as Ron reached the doors to the building he had a full on collision with another person sending them both flying to the ground. Ron sat up after a few seconds of letting the pain pulse through his body. He gathered up his notebook and stood up to his previous position.

"Oh geez, I am really so…" Ron started but froze as he looked at his partner in collision.

Whoever she was she also had just finished getting back up from her fall. She was tall, slender with long brunette colored hair, she wore an outfit inviting to the eyes. The girl was obviously very timid as she fidgeted violently while putting her glasses back on and clenched her books tightly.

Just like Ron the girl started but didn't finish as she said. "Oh my goodness, I am…"

Their eyes connected for a second and everything just paused. Ron couldn't help but stare into her deep gaze. Behind her sleek glasses her gentle sparkling cyan eyes captured him. The girl responded by gawking right back into Ron's. They both snapped back to reality and finished their sentences.

"I'm sorry!" They both said in unison.

There was a pause of awkwardness; they both quickly averted their eyes from one another.

"No really, it was my fault; I wasn't watching where I was going." Ron doubled up.

"No, its okay, it wouldn't have happened if I wasn't such a spaz." The girl protested.

Ron slowly looked back at her and realized that he had never seen her before.

"You're not from around her are you?" Ron asked curiously.

"…No…I'm not." She answered still trying not to look at him.

"Well, hi I'm Ron Stoppable." Ron introduced himself.

The girl stopped shaking for a moment and looked back at Ron.

"Ron Stoppable. The Ron Stoppable?" She asked enthusiastically.

Ron was caught off guard but replied instinctively. "Yes."

"Wow, you're they guy who's always saving the world!" She replied joyfully.

Ron was surprised, most of the time people only remembered Kim for that sort of thing but he felt flattered none the less.

"Actually I…" Ron began but was cut off.

"Ouh!" Rufus murmured as he crawled from the bush.

The girl let out a squeak of surprise when she saw him.

"What is that?"

"Who? Him? That's Rufus." Ron answered as he picked the small rodent up from the ground.

The confused girl took a closer look then her face brightened as she commented.

"That's the hairless hamster you carry in your pocket right?"

Rufus rumbled at her statement and turned away in disgust crossing his arms.

"Actually he's a naked mole rat." Ron corrected.

"Oops, I'm sorry." She apologized to Rufus. "I always thought he was kinda cute."

The timid girl kneeled down and gently stroked Rufus' bald head. Rufus tittered slightly as she massaged his scalp. With a change of heart he turned around and gave the girl a gallant kiss on the top of her hand.

"I think he likes you." Ron replied after seeing Rufus' reaction.

The girl giggled softly as she slowly looked back at Ron.

"I'm sorry, I'm Joan Mayril." The girl introduced herself as she offered her hand in a handshake.

After Rufus returned to Ron's pocket Ron extended his hand to meet hers. As they exchanged the introduction Ron was taken by how soft and delicate her hands were.

"You're new here aren't you?" Ron asked rhetorically after letting go of her hand.

"Ya, I'm just moved here with my family." Joan smiled as she brushed her hair away from her face.

"I could show you around if you like." Ron offered before he even realized what he said.

Joan's went wide with excitement as she responded. "That would be nice."

Ron led his new acquaintance into the school and started too pointed out where all the classes were and how things worked in Middleton High. As Ron babbled on like a chimp about things he knew about and others he was clueless about, Joan listened with full attention, not missing a word. Eventually Ron ran out of stuff to explain about and was suddenly reminded about her previous statement.

"Remember how you said that I save the world all the time?" Ron repeated as he stopped in the hallway.


"Well, that isn't completely true; I just actually help Kim Possible, she does most of the saving." Ron confessed.

"Kim Possible?" Joan paused momentarily.

Ron was surprised; Joan never heard of Kim, everybody else heard of Kim but not of him.

"You've never heard of Kim Possible?" Joan shrugged. "Well…she is… has, um… she's kinda like…" Ron struggled to find a way to describe her.

Rufus started to tug at Ron's pants to get his attention. Ron looked down to see Rufus holding up a picture of Ron and Kim together that was taken just a couple of months ago.

"Hey, here we go, this is Kim Possible." Ron said taking the picture up to Joan's view.

Joan processed the picture in her memory for a few moments then answered. "Oh, the girl who's always beside you."

"Ya, well I'm more of a side-kick; like I said she's the hero."

"I like to think that there would be no heroes if side-kicks weren't around." Joan said innocently under her voice.

With his attention suddenly sparked up Ron looked at Joan and saw that her complexion had gone beet red.

"Are you okay? You look a little flushed." Ron inquired.

Joan turned away bashfully as she answered. "Me? Oh ya! I'm just… still getting used to the climate, I moved here from a very cold place."

"Really? Where from?"

"Spring valley, Arizona." Joan blurted out instinctively.

"Hmm, I thought it was warmer down there then here." Ron thought out loud.

This obvious knowledge just made Joan's blushing worse. Ron passed it off as a misunderstanding. The two continued down the hall towards Ron's locker.

"I just need to get my books and I'll help you get your term plan from the office."

Joan nodded gently.

As the two approached his locker Ron noticed that Kim and Monique were there waiting.

"Awesome, you can meet my friends." Ron said enthusiastically with Joan in mid state of musing.

Monique and K.P. were in mid conversation as Ron glided up saying. "Hello, ladies."

"Hey, Ron you seem pretty happy today. Especially after, you know being pummeled by an army of monkeys last night." K.P. replied.

"If I recall I correctly I delt out a pummeling to six of those twenty monkeys, therefore fifty five percent of the pummeling was in my favor."

"Ron six out of twenty is thirty percent and there were more then twenty in the first place." Kim corrected.

After her quick recalculation of Ron's poor math skills Kim finally noticed the silent girl standing behind Ron. Kim's expression slowly formed to her traditional "I want an explanation" look. Monique's awareness was also brought to the anonymous girl.

"What?" Ron asked unmindful to the girls' expectations.

Finally Ron glanced back and remembered Joan.

"Oh sorry, Joan this is Kim and Monique." Ron introduced his new friend.

Joan didn't hear Ron's introduction, she still remained in a state of inattentiveness as she stared dreamily at Ron.

"Joan?" Ron said more broadly thus awakening Joan's sleepless trance.

"I'm sorry?"

"Joan, this is Monique and Kim Possible."

Joan looked blankly as if Ron's previous description of Kim never took place.

"The girl who saves the world all the time." Ron clarified.

"Oh, right hello." Joan greeted with a fraction of the interest she should for Ron.

"Guys, this is Joan. She just moved here from Spring Valley."

"Girl I am loving this outfit." Monique sparked up as she analyzed Joan's clothing. "Where did you get it?"

"Oh, this? My mom made it." Joan answered with a timid voice.

"Wow! She could design for club banana." Monique said cheerfully.

"Actually she use to." Joan squeaked.

"Get out! She designed for the club banana? Could I meet her?"

"I… guess."

While this conversation continued Kim still had her less then happy expression pasted on her face. Ron finished gathering his books and checked his watch.

"Uh Oh, come on Joan we better hurry to the office if we're gonna get your program before classes." Ron said taking her hand. "See you girls later."

Monique was still buzzing with glee after hearing about meeting a clothing designer from club banana. She looked at Kim and all her thoughts disappeared.

"Daja vue." Monique said with a sigh.

Kim broke her stone faced appearance and replied. "What do you mean Daja vue?"

"It's just like when you met Yori." Monique began. "Ron introduces a new girl, you get all suspicious, you start jellin', and in the end it's all for nothing."

"Firstly Ron lied to me about Yori and secondly I wasn't jellin' then and I am not jellin' now." Kim argued instantaneously.

"What ever you say Kim Paranoid, but in the mean time you find yourself a new science partner, I'm not scrubbing chemistry crud out of my hair again!" Monique said fiercely before walking away.

Meanwhile Ron and Joan had just left Mr. Barkin's office with program in hand.

"Look at that." Ron said with surprise. "Most of your classes this term are the same as mine!"

Joan had a very large grin on her timid face as Ron lead the way to the first class of the day. Ron tried to move faster with Joan close behind, the talk with K.P. and Monique had altered the chances of being on time.

"Our first class is math, but we have to hurry we don't want to be…" Ron was cut short as the bell rang. "Late."

Ron rolled his eyes in disappointment. "Well, you now also have your first detention with me."

Joan giggled as they continued to the classroom. As the two knocked on the door and slowly walked in the teacher stared at Ron with aggravation in her eyes.

"Uh… Hi, sorry I'm late… I kinda..." Ron attempted an explanation.

"Detention, Mr. Stoppable."

Ron sighed and began to head for his chair but was halted when he heard Joan say.

"Actually Ron was helping me find my schedule; I'm Joan Mayril, I'm new."

The teacher raised an eyebrow but lost her suspicion as she didn't recognize the teen.

"I suppose Mr. Stoppable's tardiness was in good intention, detention removed. Now sit down and open your books."

Ron continued to his usual spot which conveniently had an empty spot beside it for Joan. The two sat down and the educator continued her lecture at the board.

"Wow that was awesome. Thanks." Ron whispered towards Joan.

Joan had a coy smile pasted on her face. "I think I owed you one anyway."

The remainder of the morning slowly passed until the long expected ring of lunch period was heard.

"Boo-Yah! Best time of the day, Lunch Time!" Ron announced. "Isn't that right buddy?"

Rufus was already up and about; he always knew when lunch was on. "Uh-huh!"

Once again Ron led Joan into the all busy lunch room which was filled with hustle and bustle and undecipherable commotion.

"Welcome to the lunchroom. One of the few places on earth where a full balanced, nutritious meal is no where to be found." Ron explained.

Joan was a little confused by Ron's statement but took to heart everything he said. "So there isn't anything to eat?"

"You miss understand me, there is plenty to eat but there are exceptions." Ron clarified as he slapped up a lunch tray and spun the corner on his finger for a quick second.

Ron guided through the cafeteria line up with Rufus perched on his shoulder ready to eat. As he moved through the line he narrated all the rules and tips with Rufus simplifying.

"First you got your Alfredo pasta; excellent for light opener or for those with a weak stomach." Ron said.

"Awesome!" Rufus called giving thumbs up.

"Sandwiches from Antipasto to grill cheese, no problems."

"Oh Yeah!"

"Chief's specialty, also known as crud casserole, never repeat never touch unless you want to burn through six feet of concrete."

Rufus did a gag will sticking a finger in his mouth.

"Meatloaf for the vegetarians, grass for the vegans."

Joan was baffled and looked to Rufus for an easy sum up but only got shrug of confusion as well.

"But lucky for us we have the best of the best specials today, Double cheese pizza!"

"I love pizza." Joan responded.

"Excellent." Ron said before turning to lunch lady. "Eight slices for me and the Mole rat and three for the lady."

"Actually, I'll have seven." Joan corrected.

As the steaming slices of pizza were placed their trays Ron was fixated on how much she had ordered.

"Hungry much?" Ron asked.

"Actually I'm not that hungry."

"You have all that and you're not hungry?"

Joan nodded.

"A girl with an appetite, don't see that often." Ron said in a completive manner.

Joan went red again as she stopped not knowing where to sit.

"Come on, you can sit with me and my friends."

Ron navigated through the busy room until he found his table with Kim and Monique waiting.

"Hello again, ladies." Ron greeted pulling up a seat.

"Hey Ron." Kim said happily, and then her eyes gazed upon Joan. "Oh, hello." She said emotionless.

"You guys don't mind if Joan sits with us right?" Ron asked as Joan remained standing waiting for acknowledgment.

"Whatever." Kim continued to speak in a detached voice.

Monique glared at Kim implying that she was in fact jellin'. "Not at all, in fact I would love to talk to her about her awesome choice in fashion!"

Joan beamed joyfully as she sat up beside Monique. The second she was down Monique began chattering on like a mindless parrot. Meanwhile Rufus had pounced off of Ron's shoulder headfirst in his first slice of pizza.

"What's she doing here?" Kim asked a little unsettled.

"She's new, doesn't know many people, and needed a place to sit, why? Don't start freaking."

"I'm not freaking!" Kim barked loud enough to grab several people's attention.

After everyone returned to their business Kim looked back at Ron. "Like I was saying, I'm not freaking or jelling."

"You never told me what jelling means."

Kim rolled her eyes and got an aggravated expression on her face that she hid behind hands.

"Point is I'm just concerned."

"About a new kid? I think you need to lighten up, she just a girl." Ron said as he bit into his pizza slice.