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This was as close that she had ever come to hearing someone talk. It was as close as she'd ever get to hearing his voice. She smiled as the vibrations traveled from deep inside his body and into her head pressed tightly to his chest. The sound waves buzzed in her head without any real recognition of their meaning. She had no idea what he was saying to her, but knowing Jack, he was having trouble thinking of what to say. In fact, when she had first asked him to let her feel him talk, after the confusion passed, he had refused. It embarrassed him when she showed him any such sign of affection, even though they were officially together. After he had realized what it meant to her, he had agreed. And now they lay on the sofa together, with Sue resting her head intently on his chest and Jack talking to her.

Jack was telling her about how he had fallen in love with her. He knew that she couldn't understand without reading his lips, so he felt free to say exactly what he thought of her, namely how wonderful she was. Maybe it would be good practice for him to gain the courage to actually tell her. He was pretty sure that she knew, but he also felt that he should tell her plainly and openly. It was just that it was difficult for Jack to receive affection from her and return it so openly. He had been so guarded with his feelings for Sue in the past, it had become a habit. He even felt embarrassed as he poured his heart out to her, but also enjoying the relief of not actually putting himself on the spot.

His throat becoming dry, Jack decided to stop talking. He strained his neck to look down at Sue. She was fast asleep, with her head still gently resting on his chest. Considering his options, he decided that it was better to try to get up without waking her. He tenderly rolled her over his body and onto the couch as he slipped out from under her. Standing, he tried to discern if the movement had awakened her. It hadn't. She was still far away in dreamland. He placed his hands under her body at strategic points, and scooped her up and into his arms with one swift motion. She stirred seemingly without awaking, so he proceeded to carry her to her bedroom.

Jack placed her softly down on one side of the bed and peeled back the covers on the other side. Picking her up once again without disturbing her slumber, he placed her on the bare sheet, and pulled the blankets up to cover the sleeping woman. He leaned down and kissed her cheek before turning out the light.

"Goodnight," he said and signed, before he closed the door on a peacefully sleeping Sue Thomas.