Alia- Here is my first Teen Titans story. Well not really just one that I actually like. It's two parts this is part one

Kosa- Some things are from the cartoon, but bits and pieces of the teen heroes background will be coming from the DC Comics.

Kai- We own absolutely nothing. Rei taps her on the shoulder and whispers in her ear Sorry, we own Zaltana, her family, and this story line and the clothes we're wearing right now, but that's it.

Rei- Title- Zaltana- Lost pt.1, Chapter 1- The Quiet One


Background on:

Zaltana- A heroine that has newly come to town. Her eyes are whited over (like Storm from X-men) so she didn't have to wear a mask. She had ivory skin and long jet black hair and elfin ears. She was from a planet called Främling. She always wore black combat style boots, dark brown stockings, black skirt with a belt that hung loosely on her hips at an angle, blood red tank-top, a black armband on her upper arm and gloves with cut-off fingers.


Tonight Zaltana was at a Super-hero ball that Batman was having, Bruce Wayne had been taking care of her when she showed up on his doorstep, injured, at the age of 9. She knew almost everyone's secret identity, thanks to her psychic powers( one power of many).

" Hey, what're you doing just standing there?" Speedy, her long time friend (really her only friend) asked as he walked up to her. She smiled shyly. She had had a crush on him ever since they met.

" Waiting."

" Really?" He was surprised. " My gothic dressing friend, who has no other friends at all, is waiting for someone?" She nodded. " Who?" She pointed behind him. Speedy turned and saw Robin(who was in a tux, but still had his mask) in the middle of a swarming crowd of girl teen heroines. He smiled and turned back to Zaltana who was blushing. " Does he even know you exist?" She looked offended.

" Yes, he does."

" Where'd you meet him?" This was like a game for Speedy. Since Zal (as he called her for short) never really spoke. It was normally just a few words.

" He came by one day."

" Why?"

" He knows Batman." Zaltanan giggled. " He was called the Boy Wonder." Speedy almost burst out laughing.

" What's so funny?" The two friends sobered up quickly. Speedy turned around and saw Robin right in front of him.

" Hey Robin. Nothing, really. Just something Zal told me." Robin looked behind Speedy and saw Zaltana, looking at her feet blushing.

" Hey Zal." Robin said. Speedy side-stepped out of the way.

" I'm gonna go now. Green Arrow will want to be leaving soon. Later Zaltana, see ya tomorrow." Zal was call after him as he walked away but was cut off by Batman coming up behind her.

" Zaltana, I see you've met up with Robin again." He said. She turned around and smiled.

" Yeah."

" Hey, Zal?" Robin started, she turned back to him. " Care to dance?" She blushed.

" You don't mind Batman?" She asked. He shook his head and left. Robin held out his arm and Zaltana linked hers with it. They walked out onto the ballroom floor and Robin placed both hands on her waist. She placed her hands around his neck and they began to slow dance.

" i guess these kinds of songs are for people our age." Robin said trying to start a conversation.

" Normally." She replied. " It's mostly the teenagers who dance." Robin looked up and noticed this. When he looked at her again, he caught her staring, she looked away and blushed. " Sorry." She mumbled. Robin laughed. The song ended and they pulled apart. A new song began, and almost immediately kids started to fast dance (not grinding though) it was Zaltana's favorite song on earth: Move your Body by Eiffel 65. She began to fast and Robin joined in.

Later after all the dancing everyone began to leave, either from lack of sleep or their guardians needing to leave. After the guests had left it left Robin, Zaltana and Batman there. Bruce pulled off his mask, knowing that he could trust the two young ones.

" Robin you should get back to your team." He said.

" Yeah, you're right." Robin turned to Zaltana who was playing with her black hair. " You should come by sometime. And thanks for the dances. Goodnight." And then Robin left. Zaltana was still blushing when she got into her room. She got into her pajamas and thought about the wonderful evening she had.

" He actually danced with me, and even considers me a friend! This is so amazing!" Zaltana had never really fit in on her home planet. Being Princess had it's requirements, and she was fed up with those rules. Zaltana thought back to the day she left home...

Flashback(Oh, how I love Flashbacks!)

Zaltana was wandering the halls of her court, when her little brother Armandek came rushing up to her.

" Zaltana." He said quickly with the Främling accent, he had blonde spiky hair and big green eyes he was 7 while she was 9. " Moeder needs you now!" He pulled on her hand, she laughed.

" Why are you in such a rush, you always make things an emergency-"

" This is no joke, grote zuster. Moeder has fallen deeply ill!" Zaltana gasped. Her moeder had been frail for some time now, but if she died, that would make her queen since her father had long passed away, she couldn't lose another family member. She and her brother ran down the hall, her loose white pants flowing behind her along with her white tank top.

They ran around the corner and up the grand staircase. They were just about to arrive at their moeder's room when they ran into their uncle. Zaltana knew he was after the throne, but had always kept quiet about it to her mother.

" Step aside Oom." Armandek said breathlessly.

" What are you in such a hurry for?" He asked not moving from his spot.

" Nothing that concerns you." Zaltana hissed. Armandek knew also about what his Oom had been trying to do, neither of them had any respect for their uncle.

" Oh, really? As your mother's advisor and only brother, everything that goes on in this court concerns me."

" Only when you get the throne, but you'll never live to sit in that position-" Armandek said menacingly.

" Why you ungrateful-" Before he could strike, a Främlingian solider came rushing up to them.

" Your majesties," He bowed to the siblings. They bowed slightly and the solider continued. " Your moeder, I regret to say, has just passed." Zaltana's eyes widened. She hadn't had a chance to say goodbye to her, not a chance to make some kind of life long promise(which would last a long time because the royal family was immortal unless they got sick like her moeder).

" You," She hissed to her Oom. He backed away, he knew that making Zaltana angry was a bad idea. A black aura began to form around her. " This is all your fault."

" I have no idea-" But what he said didn't match his tone of voice.

" Guards!" Zaltana shouted. Several guards appeared behind her. " Take him to the dungeon, and make sure he stays there for a good long time."

" You'll pay you wijfje!" Armandek gasped but Zaltana did nothing except stare as if that would kill him on the spot. Luckily it didn't.

That Evening...

Armandek was standing next to his sister. Her outfit had quickly changed from earlier that day. She was wearing the same style of clothing but it turned to all black. She was like everyone else wearing the black armband that the royal family would wear for weeks after their people.

" My People. You now stand before your new Queen!" She called into the crowd. They were silent. " This is truly something I will honor, but my moeder's death brings into light something that was locked deep in my heart." She paused, tears wanted to come down but she held them back. Armandek saw her lips quivering. " That is the fact that I should not be your Queen." The crowd whispered. " There is something I must do and that is find where I truly belong. So I will be leaving you. But I will be leaving you in good hands." She took the crown she was wearing off her head and hung it over her brother's head. " I give you King Armandek!" She shouted and placed the crown on his head. The crowd cheered. She kneeled to face her brother.

" Armandek, you will promise to rule like moeder and vader did?" He shook his head, tears coming down his cheeks. Zaltana wiped them away. " Promise me this? Promise this promise that I could not promise moeder?" He nodded. " Good, she placed in his hands a communicator. " In case anything happens to go wrong. Call me, and I'll come as fast as I can."

" Please come back to visit." He said as he hugged her.

" I will."

Long after Armandek had gone to sleep, Zaltana left flying off into space(she can fly and breath space air like Starfire). She passed Tamaran the planet nearest them, they were in close alliance.

She continued onto another planet she had been studying in the library. Earth. IT was the planet she was going to live on, where she would start a new life. Of course she didn't realize her first visit would be so horrible.

She arrived on the outskirts of Gotham City, a crime city. It was horrible, Zaltana was hoping to find shelter before something terrible happened to her, unfortunately the tides were not in her favor.

" Hey there pretty girl. Mind helping me out?" A man in ragged clothing asked.

" I'm sorry, I'm busy. If you'll excuse-" He blocked her path.

" It wasn't really a question. Now give me all your valuables. And we won't have any trouble." More men came out from the dark alleyway.

" Go away!" She exclaimed. She tried to run but the man who had spoken to her grabbed Zaltana by the arm.

" Where do you think you're going?" He laughed menacingly. They beat her.

They left her in that alleyway, she managed to stand up and walk. She walked to a mansion nearby, she squeezed through the gate and walked up to the door, she knocked and then passed out.

Zaltana remembered waking up in a large queen sized bed. That's when she began living with Bruce Wayne. Millionaire and Super-hero. She took after him, helping him with her powers that were in her blood. She was an elemental hero with the gift of psyche.

(End Flashback)

And Speedy had come into the picture not long after, meeting her when Oliver Queen(Green Arrow) and Bruce had a meeting, he had come as his secret identity Roy Harper, Zaltana doesn't have the ability to change her eyes so she obviously went as herself. Zaltana doesn't speak much because of what happen to her moeder and what happen to her in the alleyway.

Soon Zaltana had fallen into a dreamless sleep.


Alia- Okay, so for those who don't know, for Zaltana's home planet all the words are in Dutch. It's a cool language and sounds kinda Alienish.

Kosa- Here is a translation for each word:

Främling- Alien, funny huh?

Grote Zuster- Big Sister

Moeder- Mother

Oom- Uncle

Wijfje- A really bad word I can't put up here or I'll be in trouble.

Vader- Not Darth Vader, it means father.