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Chapter One: Accused

I'm just your average person. I'm around 5'7 and I have black hair. Brown eyes, slightly tanned skin. Nothing special about me. Well, given the exception that I am a magnet for all forms of bad luck. I'm sure you're curious as to what my name is. Kagome Higurashi.

My family owned a shrine that was supposed to symbolize something great and mighty. I didn't get it. I heard my mother once tell my brother that if you burn a leaf on the tree, you get bad luck. I never did that, but somehow I still managed to get the bad luck.

When I was eight, my father died. Okay, so it's not direct bad luck on my part, but it shattered my world. Then, a few years later, my mother died. My brother and I had to move around from one foster home to another. He got adopted. I didn't. I mean, who would want a 16-year-old, strait-A student?

Then, when I finally got my own place, a fire burned it down. Everything of mine inside was burnt and I didn't have anywhere to go. So, what did I do? I moved in with my best friend, Sango.

And a few other things happened. My boyfriend dumped me for some person named Kikyou. Phht. Inuyasha was always a playboy. Then my friend, Kaede, passed away. She was a nice lady and I miss her a lot sometimes.

And now, here I sit, in a jail cell. There's nothing special to it. I have to share it with someone named Kagura. She was accused of murdering her maker, Naraku. Heh. Reincarnations. I don't see what's so special about them. Kagura's friend, Kanna, sends both of us stuff.

"So, did you hear anything on your lawyer?" Kagura asks me. I shake my head in despair. "They haven't assigned you a lawyer yet!" She looked towards the jail cell. There was a box. Probably another care package from Kanna.

"No, I have a lawyer, but I don't get to meet him until tomorrow... Think he'll be any good?" I ask her. She doesn't answer as she rips open the box. She pulls out a bottle of coke and hugs it.

"I owe Kanna so much for this!" She cheers. I smile then lean back in my bed. I hate being on these beds. They're as uncomfortable as all of hell's fire and they're small. Very small. Rolling over in the middle of the night will cause you to fall off.

"Did she send me anything?" I ask her as I lean forward to peek in the box. She hands me a few things that have my name taped on them. Hmm. Razor blades, toothepaste, some soda of my own, and some money so I can buy supplies here.

"Your friend is too nice. Why does she even buy me things?" I ask as I open up the soda.

"I tell her about how good we get along. She's just grateful that I don't have a room mate that'll kick my ass." Kagura tells me. I smile then take a sip of the soda. I only get it when Kanna sends it to me, so I am sure to savor the taste.

"So, what do you think my lawyer will be like?" I ask her. She is trying to dodge the question because she looks around. "Kagura." I remind her.

"I don't know. I've heard lawyers are snakes and evil, but I don't want to give you false hope or scare you..." She tells me. "So, you never really told me what you are being accused of." She says. I don't know what to say.

"I am being accused of murdering my friend, Hojo. He just had an overdose of medicine, I didn't kill him." I tell her. She nods, believing me.

"I believe you. You're too kind to kill someone." She says. I smile.

"Did you really kill your master?" I ask. She hesitates in her answer.

"He was trying to rape me so I killed him with my claws... I didn't like him, but I didn't intend to kill him..." She tells me. I lean back in my bed, sighing. "So, tell me about your friend... Hobo." I laugh then lean back up.

"His name is Hojo, for the record... Hojo was always concerned about my health. He lived right next door to me. In December, he got a bad case of the stomach flu. His body couldn't handle it or something, so I bought him the medicine that was going around for people with the flu. I gave it to him... And he took too much or something, because I went to check on him a bit later and he died." I explain to Kagura. She nods then stands up.

"Well... I hope you don't get guilty for it..." She says. One of the guards comes by then opens the cell door.

"Okay, you two. You can go ahead and take your turns outside..." She says. Kagura and I walk outside, not talking. That guard is reputed to beat people for no reason. We'd rather not give her a reason to begin with. We both got outside and Kagura gets a cigarette from someone else.

"So, why did your master even make you and Kanna?" I question. She lights it then sits on one of the tables with me.

"Well, he had something against another gang. So, he made me to take them out. He figured that if he made a wind sorceress, he'd get rid of them quickly. Well, some of them were demons and could stand up to my attacks. That's when he made Kanna to take their souls..." She tells me. I nod slowly then look down.

"Relax. I didn't kill them. I put most of them in a coma... The others landed somewhere else..." She says. I smile then cough. She looks at her cigarette then holds it the hand furthest away from me. "Sorry, I forgot you aren't used to people smoking around you."

"It's fine... I guess I have to get my lungs dirty sometime..." I reply.

"Virgin lungs." She teases. I take the cigarette from her. I know I'll regret this later. I push it to my lips and slowly inhale then exhale. I give it back to her, smiling at her astonished face.

"You aren't even coughing. My first time, I coughed." She tells me. I smile then stand up.

"What's to say it's my first time?" I ask her. She looks at her cigarette then inhales some before shaking her head.

"Maybe calling you virgin lungs wasn't so wise." She says. I smile then pat her back.

"Now you get the hang of it!" I joke. We go inside, and shortly after it's lights out. I stare at the ceiling as I lie down on my bed. Will the lawyer be a boy or girl? Will he be a good lawyer? What evidence will he tell me I've got to protect me?

I close my eyes, trying my best to filter out these questions. Thankfully, I drift into a sleep.

I open the door to Hojo's apartment. He had asked me to come over today and give him some more medicine. He said he just ran out. By the way he was breathing, over the phone, I assumed he had ran. Only then, when I was opening the door, I realized that he couldn't have been running. He was hardly even able to get out of bed without throwing up.

I walk into the messy house, holding a shopping bag close to me. I can't see him. Maybe he had made it to his room. I walk towards his room, glancing in the bathroom. That's where I see him. I walk to him and set the grocery bag down by me.

"Hojo, I got your medicine..." I say. He doesn't reply. His head is leaning on the toilet, and I imagined he had just thrown up. I flush the toilet. When he still doesn't move, I touch his shoulder. "Hojo, this isn't funny." He didn't move. Still.

After a while of me shaking him, I hold his wrist to feel for a pulse. There is none. I look at the empty bottle of medicine beside him. He should've had enough to last him a few more days, maybe even an entire week. I thought he was just worried about running out. Had he overdosed?

That's when I called the police to report that he had an overdose of his medicine and died. Then, when they came and found my fingerprints on his empty bottle, they arrested me. They said something about my fingerprints. I had bought the bottle for him, so it made sense to me. Why couldn't they understand that?


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