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Oh, by the way, this chapter is likely to be short. It is a page or two from Kagome's diary. I will add days in it so you know that these aren't all the same day…

Chapter Ten: Epilogue

August 9th

Dear Diary,

Guess what? Sesshoumaru proposed to me tonight. It's sort of funny. I had just finished telling Sango how worried I was that he'd never propose. And then she told me that Miroku was too afraid to propose to her for a long time. I guess Sesshoumaru's the same way. I still giggle at the thought of Sesshoumaru being too nervous to do anything. Especially propose…

He seems like such a ladies' man, doesn't he? I'd think that he'd have been married and divorced by now… Wait, I take that back. He's a dog demon. He takes the whole marriage thing VERY seriously. Hmm. Maybe that's why he was so nervous. He's always restricted himself around women.

Over dinner, we talked about what we'd do. He already has a nice house, so I'm going to start moving in soon. I promised Sango that I'll watch over her child whenever she needs me to. Her and Miroku are really happy that Fluffy and I will be starting a family soon. I can't wait either… I'll have a real family, something I missed when I was younger.

Sesshoumaru actually told me that Souta was welcome to live with us. I thought about it, but Souta's really happy in the home he's in now. I'll make sure I get to see Souta still, but I don't want to move him around more.

December 25th

Dear Diary,

Sesshoumaru is too cute! We were celebrating Christmas at his house. Sango and Miroku were with us. Sango's stomach was SO big now! I'm so shocked! She has to waddle to get around. It's too funny to watch her waddle… Miroku still grabs her ass. I think it's sweet. It's reminding her that he still thinks she's pretty. She doesn't think the same thing about it, though.

Anyway, about Sesshoumaru. I woke up in the morning and he wasn't there. I started feeling upset that he was gone, and I went downstairs. He was right in front of the fireplace with a giant red bow on his head. I asked him what he was doing, and he said he wasn't sure. He said some fat man just stuffed him in a bad and dropped him in front of the chimney. I took a picture of him. It's going in the photo album that I'm starting. (He still thinks it's a bad idea, though.)

Sango and Miroku were bickering like they were newlyweds. I commented on how cute it was, and Sesshoumaru said it was cute how Sango pretended she was angry at Miroku for grabbing her again. I have to agree with him on that.

January 15th

Dear Diary,

Sesshoumaru and I are officially married today. He took me on a really nice cruise. I'm excited about this. He shows his emotions a lot around me. I remember when I first met him, I thought he would NEVER even smirk or smile. Now he'll laugh so hard I'm worried he'll suffocate. He only does that around me though. Sango still thinks he shows less emotion than a brick wall peeing on it.

Anyway, I have to stop writing. Sesshoumaru keeps teasing me on how writing in my diary is so childish. It's no more childish than his video games.

Oh my God, the video games. He owns nearly every gaming console there is. You'd think that, being a lawyer, he'd read books for fun. No! He plays games so much. He plays Dance Dance Revolution and that AntiGrav game for the new EyeToy… It's funny to watch him if you're not seeing what's on the screen. Speaking of the DDR game, he's mastered it. He uses his demon speed to keep up. I still can't beat him…

February 8th

Dear Diary,

I'm pregnant. I haven't told Sesshoumaru yet, but I think he knows. Sesshoumaru doesn't know it yet. I took a test when we got back from the cruise. The night of our marriage, we did 'things', and now I have a child in me. I'm so excited. I can't wait to hear his reaction!

He'll be overjoyed. Since he saw Sango and Miroku's daughter – by the way, she's ADORABLE! I love babysitting her! Anyway, since he say their daughter, he's been trying to fool around more. I think he wants to be a father more than anything else…

February 9th (authoress' birthday!)

Dear Diary,

I told Sesshoumaru. He's so happy… He has started going shopping with me as long as we get things for the baby. If I'm getting clothes for my later months of pregnancy, he's happy to help. He's SOOO excited about the child. It makes me smile each time I see it…

Anyway, the child is due on October 6th. That's one month, exactly, after his birthday… Anyway, I have to go. He's taking me out to eat. I'll write later!

There. That's all there will be. Please tell me what you think. Now I'm going to start posting them for all the public to see.

- Bipolar Tangerine