Here it is, Chapter one of the third installment of the series. I do not own the characters of Rupert Giels orJohn Constantine, Cartaphilus and most of the Angels and Demons are from Judeo-Christian-Islamiclore. I do own the character of Jason Bauer.

"Let me guess," said the man with the gun, "This comes as a total shock to you."

John Constantine bitterly looked up at the man, he brushed a lock of hair made wet by the rain and wiped some of his blood off his lip and said, "Yeah well, you got me good, what can I say"
"A prayer would be a good idea, considering your destination"
"I think I might, just one final request"
"Her you go," said the man as tossed him a pack of cigarettes and a matchbox, "I thought you might get a hankering"
"Thanks, you're a fuckin' prince."

John fired the cigarette and inhaled the sweet poison; his lungs long awaited that sensation.

"So where do you think it all went wrong, Johnny Boy?"

John took a puff and said, "Hard to say."

Earlier that week...

Greenwich Village, New York

In a coffee shop in Greenwich Village, New York, a man of his forties with brown hair and glasses, dressed in a navy blue trench coat approached john who sat in a booth by himself.

"John Constantine?" asked the man in a sophisticated British accent.

"I'm Rupert Giles," said the Englishman as he shook hands with him and sat across the table from him.

"So what's this about"
"The End of the world is coming."

John was silenced for a few moments, then stood up and said, "Let's take a walk."

The two men walked out of the cafe, without even paying, they walked through the colorful neighborhood.

"Don't take this the wrong way," said John, "But who the fuck are you"
"As I said, my name is Rupert Giles, my involvement in the war between the forces of good and evil stems from my job as director for the Watcher's council in England. Have you"
"Heard of it? Yes. So where did you hear of me"
"Your name is familiar in the Council, and you've made waves in all occult circle when you murdered the Devil, so I though you might be the best to help me. However I was especially surprised to be contacted by you while I was in the process of trying to contact you. How did you know?"

It was Chas who had told him, now an Angel of the Heavenly Host, 'Meet a man by the name Rupert Giles and embark on a mission from god.' was what he said.

"I have powerful sources."

"I'm sure you do"
"Okay, back to business, who's planning on raising hell this time"
"A league of the slumbering fallen angels."

Elsewhere in the City, a tall, thin man of his fifties graying bearded and haired, wearing an old fashioned Black leather trench coat was in the back of a bar, talking to a man suspended against the ceiling by what would appear to be a cloud of gray mist.

"You test my patience, Mr. Stone; you shouldn't have been pedaling those fake scrolls."

Stone was struggling not to inhale the mist, it could prove to be slightly fatal to him, "Cartaphilus, listen, maybe we can make a deal. I can pay-"

The mist started to make further advances to his face, so he couldn't finish, while Cartaphilus fondled a glass flask in his hand and said, "I wouldn't further agitate the mist by telling lies, it has a mind of it's own, and I'm not too certain I can stop it from entering through your holes and filling your cavities, then expanding in such a rate that you'd be torn apart slowly for hours"
"FINE! What do you want"
"I want to know what is it you've recently sold for over and a half million dollars to the Djins of the order of Galat"
"I told them where to find the key of Raum! GET IT OFF ME!" screamed Stone, as the mist started to pour into his nostrils, Cartaphilus simply uncorked the bottle and the mist was sucked it, Stone crashed onto a table and, Cartaphilus then apathetically sat on a bar stool.

"Tell me about this key, and who is this Raum?"

Stone was panting as he said, "I don't know, a fallen Angel or something."

The mention of fallen Angel set of something in Cartaphilus' mind, "Tell me about the Key"
"It's supposed to unlock a gate to some dimension, I don't know."

"Mr. Stone, I want you now to focus and talk straight with me, otherwise I'll unleash hordes of Incubi who'll tear up your soul in your sleep. Did you tell the demons the location of the Key or Raum, given to him by Lucifer"
"I don't know about the second part but yeah."

Cartaphilus leaned towards the horrified Stone, looked him in the eye and sternly said, "Stone, where is it?"

Later and in another place, a modern art gallery was opening up, critics, artists and people with too much money soon filled the place, hurrying to talk to the so called artist and bask in his supposed genius.

"How do you do it, Mal?" asked a lady pretending to be cultured.
"Well," Mal said, "You might as well ask a fish how it swims; it's just what I do."

Mal laughed, and so did his cronies, meanwhile a group of four men with sunglasses were gazing upon a giant sphere of metal, comprised of many melted instruments, bolts, forks, screws, wrenches, hammers, knifes, keys.. The works. Gazing not in awe but in interest, interest in a particular aspect of the piece.

"That is it. Take it, Bauer." said Duma, their leader.

Without any word or hesitation, Bauer raised his left arm and a retractable blade folded out then in one swift motion, sliced at the sphere causing a curved disk of metal to fall to the ground, sounding a great noise.

As the entire gallery fell into silence, one of the men calmly leaned and picked up the heavy piece of metal, then headed for the exit, and as the security came out of their initial shock they drew their guns and pointed them at the unsubtle robbers.

"Stop right there and drop your sword." an officer said, Curgin calmly looked at them, then quickly grabbed the metallic sphere and lifted it off its podium, then hurled it towards the guards, who dove in different directions as the sphere crashed into the wall behind them.

"Sven, Bauer," said Duma, "Get to the car."

One of the guards fired his gun into Curgin, who fell to the ground, while the remaining three hurried to the door, with Bauer lagging behind holding the piece of metal.

As they stood in the doorway about to exit, a blast of blue light slammed into them, blowing them all back into the gallery.

"What the... CARTAPHILUS!" said Duma as he saw the trench coated sorcerer coming at them. Meanwhile, Curing had recovered and stood up to the dismay of the guard who shot him.

Cartaphilus pointed his arm in a powerful motion causing a bundle of violet energy to incinerate Duma, then another to Sven, then he directed one at Bauer, who managed to deflect it with the disk and the mystical energy went straight into Curgin's face, knocking him down for good this time.

Cartaphilus then prepared for a second shot at Bauer, but the later threw the disk at him, the aging man caught it and struggled to hold the heavy object up, while Bauer stabbed him through the gut with his retractable blade, causing the sorcerer to go down.

Bauer stood up, retrieved the disk and went to exit, but one massive guard hit him in the side of the head, knocking off his sunglasses.

"Jesus Christ!" said the guard as he looked Bauer in the eye, his eyes were blood red and partially split, like those of a cat.

"Mind your business."

While the guard retreated reciting prayers, Bauer head to the outside where a Chevy Caprice Classic was parked, he got it and drove off, not paying attention to his fallen comrades or the semingly lifeless Cartaphilus.

Cartaphilus staggered to his feet, bitterly looking at the car as it turned around the corner and disappeared.

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