Rupert, John and Jason staggered all the way back to the village, much have happened in the last week. With Half-demons working as Mercenaries, Immortals, Backstabbing Demonic brotherhoods, vengeful Angels, monsters that would keep coming back no matter how much you've killed them. That one week would have counted for a life time for most people.

When they reached the village they were shocked to see everyone, the town doctor, the mortician, the Inn owner; everyone was dressed in brown robes and stood in wait for them.

"Welcome back," said the Inn owner, "I see your numbers down by one. Martyr?"

"I see."

"Don't take this the wrong way," said Constantine, "But what the fuck is going on?"

"I suppose you know that the key originally was guarded by a demonic order, which was wiped out by another coven, which then guarded it?"

"Yes, then It was lost for centuries after the crusades."

"Well that second coven, the one that did the wiping was us."

The three expressed their lack of comprehension.

"After the key was lost and we lost hope in ever finding it again, we felt it was best to take residence near the Beasts' cell, till the day some stranger would come and try t unleash hell. At first when you arrived we though you were the Angels in disguise. So that's why we were hostel."

"I see." said Giles.

"The cell is now closed, the beasts were awoken but the cell is shut, Cartaphilus is locked in there too. So, what now?" asked Jason.

"Do you still have the key?"

Constantine handed the key to the Inn owner, who then dropped it to the ground and it smashed it with his foot.

"Once used, the key can be destroyed by ordinary means."

"What about you, will you stay here knowing that the beast is awake?"
"It can't hurt us, it won't brake free till the End of Days. And we will stay here, someone has to keep things under control and make sure nothing goes funny."

Using the satellite telephone from the destroyed boat, Giles was able to call the Watcher's council in London and tell them to send a helicopter to the island.

The Village doctor finished up patching Jason and Constantine as the helicopter laded in the town's square. The three boarded as the villagers watched the leave.

"It has been an adventure." Said Giles, as the Island grew smaller and smaller, "I believe we all learned something."

"Aye," aid Jason, "I learned the proper way to slay a sea demon, and to never trust celebrity Immortals."

Constantine lit a cigarette and smiled, "I need a vacation."

"you are both welcomed to stay in London for a while, on the Council's expense."

"I think I'll just head home, it will be hard explaining how I'm leaving from Britain when I'm supposed to be in New York."

"Much Obliged, Rupert." said Jason, "But I have to get back to New York and kill Seamus. And get paid."

"You've never told us who you work for, Jason."

Jason shrugged, "She wishes to be anonymous, but I'll just say she's very powerful, and has an excellent body."

Minutes of silence passed.

"you think we'll ever see Cartaphilus?" asked Jason, "I feel sorry for the bastard, he's doomed to be locked in a cell of rock for the rest of eternity with only dead Angels and Demonic pigeons as his company."

"Free Will. Look it up, You do as you please and suffer the consequences, hence the expression: Free Will is a Bitch."


Tha's'all folks.