Casablancas: 25 Romantic Interludes

By -DreamHeart

Theme #5: Private Picnics

Word Count 363

Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN Sailor Moon or any of its characters. I DO OWN the story. Remember Plagiarism is bad and I will hunt you down.

"Just come on," Jadeite insisted as he tugged on a blind-folded Rei's arm.

"I'm telling you this had better be one hell of a surprise," she huffed.

"Where's your sense of adventure? It's fun."

Stumbling over her heels Rei clutched his arm for support. "It won't be if I ruin my dress," she threatened.

He chuckled.

It was rich and deep, and though she may not have admitted it out loud, it gave her butterflies. A light breeze caressed her cheek. Had he really kidnapped her from her rooms? Ambushed her from behind while she was being lectured by Ami about space time equations? She'd been easy prey. Hell she was half asleep. She was halfway down the stairs before she realized that she was in his arms and blindfolded to boot. Now here she was walking through the grass, tempted, oh so tempted to fricassee him for pulling such a stunt but the only thing that stopped her was the promise of an extra special surprise.

And then suddenly he stopped and she could hear the gentle babbling of a stream. Furrowing her brow, she was sure that he could probably hear all the thought whirling about in her head. Where were they? What could possibly - ?

Pausing she heard him move behind her and felt him fiddling with the blindfold.

But before removing it completely he murmured in her ear, "Now open your eyes."

And with that her violet gaze fell upon a blanket and picnic basket set up under a large oak tree just next to the stream. She felt her breath hitch in her throat as she brought up a hand to cover her mouth in surprise.

"Like it, Firebird?" Jadeite asked as his cobalt eyes danced in merriment.

Rei felt her insides melt under his gaze but nevertheless raised an eyebrow at him ruefully. A private picnic for two more than made up for his shenanigans and he knew it. Walking toward the tree casually she felt a shiver run down her spine at the intense seductive gaze she knew was on her back, and called over her shoulder, "I hope you remembered the wine this time."