Casablancas: Flirt

By- DreamHeart

#23 flirt

Word Count 135 words

Summary: Rei's flirting . . . so why isn't Jadeite happy?

Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN Sailor Moon or any of its characters. I DO OWN the story. Remember Plagiarism is bad and I will hunt you down

Jadeite paced back and forth, as he slowly tried to comprehend the day's events.

It had started innocently enough, just another day of trying to piece together the shattered remains of this world. And then he showed up.

Her eyes flickered at the sound of his voice. It was only for a moment and it went unnoticed by everyone else. She was happy to see him, happy that he was alive. She helped him and the other survivors he brought to the makeshift clinic. Then she fussed as he told her that he had finally decided to take shelter, to heed Phobos and Deimos's warning, at nearly the last possible moment.

At that, Jadeite had the unmistakable urge to punch something. His Rei, his Mars, was flirting – with someone else - that damnable man, Yuuichirou.