Grand Theft AUTO:

Breaking the Vice of Liberty

Let the Games Begin

Tommy Vercetti sat alone in his office on the Vercetti Estate. Ken Rosenberg burst into the room, "Tommy, it's been to long!"

"It's been three days Ken."

"Have you lost weight?"

"Sit down and tell me what you wanted to then get the fuck out Ken, I've had a tough day."

"Oh, oh, okay Tommy, well, have a listen to this, it's perfect! I couldn't believe..."

"Get on with it"

"Right, yes, well anyway someone whacked Salvatore Leone in Liberty City, and I thought."

"You thought we could slice ourselves a piece of the action? Yer, that's not a bad idea Ken. Get my helicopter tooled up, i want to be on a plane going to Liberty in less than a hour. And get in contact with Phil Cassidy he owns a Army Surplus store up there."

"Defiantly, will do, Tommy."

Tommy and Ken got of the plane at Francis International Airport. They went through security unstopped and went outside into the winter cold. Tommy hailed a taxi. He got in the front, "Freedom Hotel, Staunton Island"

The driver nodded and moved off, he didn't even try to make conversation with the two men he'd seen there type before. They arrived at the crummy hotel and payed the taxi driver counterfeit bills. They walked into the hotel, "Tommy, Tommy is that you? Do you remember me? I'm James Heartfield, the last time I saw you I was only ten!"

"James, how are you? Where's you farther?"

"I'm good. And, um, Dad passed on a year ago. I'm running the place now."

"I'm very sorry. Can you get us a couple of rooms?"

"Definitely, anything for THE Tommy Vercetti, you can have rooms 13 and 14."

"Great thanks a lot James."

Tommy and Ken sat round a table in Tommy's room that had one leg shorter than the other three. Ken looked at the latest newspaper from The Liberty Tree, "You know Tommy, supposedly there was some big thing happening over at the dam where the Cartel was blasted to chicken shit."

"This town's falling apart and it's the perfect time to take over."

"Gang wars are happening in every corner of the city." Ken agreed

"The mafia are losing territory, the Triads are building a huge business in Chinatown now they have formed up with the Yakuza, but how long that will last is being measured in minutes." Ken grunted as he listened to Tommy, "The Diablo's are picking up where the Mafia left off but are stretching themselves to thin. The Yakuza own most of Staunton, the only other gang around is the Yardies who the Yakuza keep to push drugs. Now Ken you still getting this? Shoreside Vale used to be Cartel territory but after this they are weakened. The two gangster groups over there are to busy fucking themselves around to try and expand so I say we take over Shoreside first."

"Mmm, that's a good idea boss."
"Let's go see Phil in the morning."

Tommy and Ken approached Phil's place. They looked at the huge compound and exchanged glances. The gate opened for them and they drove in, they parked the car and walked over to one of the many garages that they heard cursing and smashing coming from inside. Suddenly the door flew open and a thin Phil Cassidy started running out. "TOMMY! No time for reminiscing! Run get the fuck outa here."

Tommy instinctively grabbed Ken and ran as far away from the garage as possible. A huge explosion rocked most of Liberty and shrapnel rained down over the Army Surplus store. Phil got up and looked at Tommy, "Shit, my new explosive is a bit too powerful."

"I hope you aren't experimenting with Boom shine again Phil!" Tommy said picking himself up.

"How did you know? Anyway to more important things, what brings you to Liberty City?"

"I want to grab myself a slice of the action up here."

"I see, and you came to me to get some supplies?"

"Definitely, here's the list!"

"Hmm, rocket launchers, four M16's, two PSG1 Sniper's, Remote and Normal Grenades, Stun Grenades, three Spaz12's, ten Colt .45, five MP5's and five NightSticks. Well this is gonna cost ya a lot..."

"Money ain't a problem Phil! How long is it gonna take you?"

"To get this? A week at a least!"

"Do it in three day's!"

"I'll do my best Tommy."

"Thanks, I can count on you. Do you know any bomb specialists we might need one."

"There's a guy called 8-Ball. He works behind Capital Autos. He used to be 100 loyal to the Mafia but they made him blow up one of his friends and has been free lancing ever since."

"Cheers Phil, give me a call when your done."

Tommy turned to Ken, "Let's go give this guy a visit?"

Tommy took out his Berretta and knocked on the shack door, a black voice answered, "Who, who's there? Yo, Claude is that you?"

"My name's Vercetti, Tommy Vercetti. I want to enlist your services."

"Will you protect me? I got the Mafia and that psycho Claude looking for me!"

"I will just come with us."

"Sure man, sure."

The three men returned to the Freedom Hotel and discussed tactics.