Ambush on the Sea

Tommy was napping before dinner when his Cell Phone rang, he picked it up.

"Hey, Phil! You got the stuff? Great we'll be there to pick it up at 10 o'clock tonight."

Tommy walked into the room Ken and 8-Ball where sharing.

"Yo, Tommy man I can't do this, Ken snores all night, I can't get any sleep."

"Oh your one to talk, you stay up late watching that bombs doco on Discovery."

"Guys sit down and shut up! Where on for tonight. I'll go jack us a patriot we can use for transport."

With that Tommy left the two men to themselves.

Toni ran his fingers through his thinning hair. He looked over the bay then turned back to look at the picture on the wall, Salvatore Leone sitting with three of his 'ladies'. Joey walked into the room and sat in one of the large red chairs that filled the Gentleman's Club Toni noticed Joey had grease marks on his suit, once a mechanic always a mechanic.

Toni turned to him, "Joey, there's a gun run happening at lunch this time, a speeder will be coming into the harbour then dropping of at Phil Cassidy's Surplus Store. The rumour is there's some pretty powerful stuff."

"Let's get it then."

"I'll set up the team again."

Phil pulled the speed boat up to the large ship moored just in International Waters. Three men of Mexican origin bought boxes out and loaded them into the speed boat. Phil handed over a briefcase filled with 100 dollar bills. Then pointed the boat towards Staunton and sped off. Phil entered American waters, not a Coast Guard in sight. He smiled, he had three Coast Guard's on his payroll and they always delivered. He pushed the throttles up to full and sat back and relaxed. Phil rubbed his eyes. He couldn't believe it. There where two boats on the horizon. He took out his binoculars, a Reefer and a Police boat. Phil smiled, this would be easy those cops didn't stand a chance. Suddenly the water to his right exploded.

"Shit, these ain't no cops." Phil shouted grabbing his M16 Colt.

They cam closer and Phil saw men in suits, The Mafia. Phil fired off a few shots, two bodies crumpled into the water. The water to his right exploded again. Phil ducked and fired off a few more shots, one hit the driver of the reefer. He fell on the controls and sent to spinning to the left. The Reefer came at Phil. Three pairs of AK47's and a machine gun was trained on him. Phil crouched. Fired and hit one of the AK47 wielding men. The three other guns fired of two bursts at him Phil dived to his left. All the bullets went over his shoulder and thudded into the boats upholstery. One bullet from the spar struck Phil in his one good arm. He yelled. He stood back up and fired more shots, the final two AK47 men fell into the sea. Phil fired a spray of bullets and the driver. They all missed. The machine gun spurted out a fiery spray of bullets. Two hit Phil in the leg. He fell into the sea. The police boat sped over his head the motor only just missing his leg. Phil grabbed on to the side of the boat. He pulled himself up. Limped over to the driver took out his hunting knife. He grimaced in pain. Put his hand over the drivers mouth tilted the head slightly forward and slit his throat. Phil picked up one of the remote grenades. dropped it on the floor and jumped of the boat. Phil slowly swam to his boat pulled himself up and hit the detonate button. The police boat burst into a fire ball. Phil put the throttle to full and pointed the nose to his store.

Tommy got out of the Patriot Humvee.

"Phil, you there?"

No answer came Tommy took out his Berretta.


8-Ball jumped out of the car, he held his uzi. He ran up some stairs that took him to the roof of one of the garages.

"Hey, Tommy! Get down to the jetty man, some shit went down tonight!"

Tommy nodded and ran down to the Jetty behind the Surplus Store. A speed boat sat riddled with bullets, bobbing up and down in the waves. 8-Ball jumped on board and grabbed the rope. He tied it to the wharf.

"Okay, go get Ken, you two can unload the guns. I'll take Phil up to the hospital." Tommy said grimmly.

Tommy pulled into the Hospital.
"Ken take Phil in and get him fixed up, me and 8-Ball are gonna unload the stuff. We'll pick you up in a couple of hours."