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Chapter one

Hospital visit

Asuka arrived back at her father's Dojo in Osaka after a long flight from Tokyo where the King of Iron Fist Tournament five had been held.

She arrived to be greeted by students of the Dojo who happily reported that her father was on the way to recovery and was no longer in intensive care.

Asuka smiled as they told her this,"hey Sung thanks for telling me I'll see him as soon as I finish unpacking okay", she replied happily he nodded and ran off somewhere.

Asuka went to her room at the house opened the door and flopped onto her bed,"wow that was really interesting wonder if he's a relative of mine ", she said to herself.

A knock came at her door and she saw Sung enter in his uniform ,"um Asuka you left your cell phone in the lobby I think you got a message", he replied handing her the phone that was vibrating violently.

She sighed as the Sung left her room she got up off her bed and looked at her messages there were quite a few one from some random called Shingo and about three from Ling Xiaoyu a girl she had met at the last tournament.

She looked at Shingos message at first she thought it was some random guy from her school but soon realised who it really was.

Hi Asuka

You probably don't know who I am by the name and will probably delete this but I had to for security reasons my grandfather and g-corporation are on my trail and I can't afford to be reckless.

If you get this message call me back I have some important information you might like to see and use another name they might be after you too or go though Ling.

Jin Kazama

She blinked and thought about replying it sounded important but she had to unpack and see her Father she decided to ring back later so she turned her phone off and continued to unpack her things.

An hour later she was done so Asuka grabbed her bike and rode into town heading for the hospital to tell her Father the good news.

Asuka soon arrived and locked her bike up nearby the hospital her brown hair swaying in the wind as she walked into the hospital building.

Asuka got some weird looks and someone even recognised her from the tournament and asked her for an autograph she smiled and signed the child's book happily before going up to the desk.

Asuka looked at the lady at the desk and asked,"excuse me mam can you tell me which room Master Kazama is in?".

The lady looked at her computer and answered,"room 16 level 4 mam", Asuka thanked her and headed to the elevator pressing the button.

As she entered she ran into the red headed guy she met at the tournament,"hey watch where you're going!", he yelled at her before realising who he was talking to.

Asuka remembered him he was a loud mouth who was dead bent on fighting Jin ,"hey I remember you your names Hwoa… something ",she said the red headed Korean sighed ,"its Hwoarang and what are you doing here!", he asked.

She retorted,"I could ask you the same question Hwoarang ", he smirked, and"I was on my motorbike when this demon like creature blew my bike up and yeah I kinda fought it and my master Baek insisted I get my burns seen too".

Asuka smiled ,"I thought you listened to nobody oh and sorry about your bike ", she said Hwoarang smirked ,"yeah it sucks but next time that things going down oh sorry I gotta go meet Steve at the train station bye Asuka", he yelled as he ran off in a hurry.

Asuka thought to herself wow he must really hate hospitals she soon realised the elevator had arrived so she hopped on it and headed to level 4.

She soon arrived on the fourth floor and entered her Father's hospital room there were two others in it sleeping by the sounds of things her father was asleep as well so she took a seat next to him and gently woke him.

He woke up to see his daughters face and smiled happily," your still alive I'm pleased ",he said to her ,Asuka shocked by what he had said demanded an explanation ,"hey what do you mean still alive oh yeah I kicked Feng Weis butt for you ",she said happily.

Her father looked at her,"Asuka martial arts are used purely for self defence you know how I feel about revenge but alas I am pleased he needed to know his place", he told her.

Asuka frowned but smiled when he told her he was proud,"I know but if I didn't he would have killed more innocent people oh father before I forget I met some guy named Jin Kazama do you know who he is?", she asked.

He gave no answer instead changing the subject to ask how the Dojo was Asuka decided to ask later as he looked tired and a nurse came in insisting he get some rest.

Asuka walked out of the hospital thinking about how strangely he had acted at the mention of Jin Kazama a whole lot of questions formed in her mind all she knew was he knew something but didn't want to say it.