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Summary: Evy's having odd dreams; will she tell Rick about them or keep them hidden? Set right after the 1st movie. Pls R&R, fluff. based on a dream I had.

She was running, but she didn't know why. She only knew that if she stopped she would die. As she ran down a dark hallway, only in her underwear and an old shirt of Rick's, she ran, her hair falling behind her. Her bare feet hit the carpet floor as lightning was seen as she past floor to ceiling windows, the moonlight every so often showing, if their was no lightning.

She was breathing heavily as she looked behind her, she saw nothing, but she refused to stop running and she continued for what seemed to be an eternity. This was a dream, it had to be, for only in her dreams did things make only this amount of sense. She had only known Rick for two weeks and they had just arrived in Cairo that day, and their was never any lightning, at least not from when she could remember, and because she had only just known him that gave no explanation as to why she was wearing his shirt.

The hallway seemed to continue on forever and there was no end, she was ready to quit and give up, but her feet wouldn't let her, they just continued to carry her.

"Rick! HELP!" she managed to yell through the hall as she ran down it. She felt the dream would never end, then suddenly, a door opened and a hand flung out. Grabbing her arm, Evy was pulled into a room forcefully and was slammed right into a man's chest. She looked up and saw Rick holding her and looking at her questionably.

"What's wrong?" all thoughts of her running and yelling down the hall vanished as she found herself kissing Rick passionately and moving towards the nearby couch.

"nothing." was all she said as she began to kiss him more.

"Wake up." He said leaning over her. His voice sounded different, almost scared.

"Evy please wake up." He said again as she was being pulled out of her dream land and into reality. She woke up to see Rick sitting on the edge of her bed, hovering over her and Jonathan walking out of the bathroom with a wet cloth to put over her head, which he did as soon as he got to her side.

"Are you ok? Rick asked starring into her eyes, so full of concern, right then she wanted to kiss him, but with Jon in the room she couldn't. It was all a dream, but what did it mean, and why did she have the sudden urge to take Rick right there?

She nodded a yes to Ricks question and laid back down on the bed, her eyes open, starring at her brother and her, boyfriend? Is that what he was, they'd only kissed three times, well five, if you include the prison kiss and the one after watching Hamunaptra go down in front of them. She sat there looking deeply into Ricks eyes.

"Well, she's fine, I'm going back to bed, night." Jon said smiling and shaking his head.

"I should go to." Rick said the second Jonathan left.

"No, please don't go. I need you here, please just for tonight." I moved my hand out for him and moved my body to make room for him in my bed. I didn't know why, but I needed him near me. He got into bed with me and we both fell fast asleep.

Well? How was it? I should have more up later, depends on what you think. Pls R&R.