It was morning when both Rick and Evy woke up, only now realizing they had spent another night together, but unlike the morning before they were actually happy to be with the other.

Evy snuggled against Rick and closed her eyes as she listened to his heart beat, she began to talk, and everything her heart wanted to say.

"I love you" she started out, "I'm only mean to you because I don't know how you feel about me and I don't want to get close to someone who will just end up hurting me." Evy opened her eyes and looked at Rick. She just now realized that everything was said out loud.

"I know how you feel" Rick said, looking into her eyes and loosing himself in her. "I love you, too. I just thought you were so proper that a girl like you would never want a guy like me, I'm sorry." Rick continued to look into Evy's eyes, but found them closed as her lips touched his and she kissed him like never before, with such passion neither one knew they had.

Once they pulled apart Evy began to explain her dreams to Rick who told her he'd been having similar ones. They kissed again and promised one another that no matter what they would never allow the other to leave their side.

After a long silence and an even longer time in Rick's bed, Rick finally spoke.

"Evelyn Carnahan, will you marry me?" he said as he pulled out a lovely ring that was gold with diamonds in the middle.

"Yes," Evy said, tears forming in her eyes, she looked up to her Rick and kissed him again, enjoying every moment she had with him.

Why where we fighting? We love each other and know this now. She said to herself as she fell asleep in her lover's arms.

Ok, I know it was short, but my dreams aren't getting me anywhere near this story, I keep dreaming I've been kidnapped, uh, that's funny. Well I based this chapter on personal experiences, I had a really good friend of mine with me a while ago, we always fought though, I never knew why. Until he left me for good, now he lives 2 hours away and our parents won't let us see each other, but now I know why we fought, it was because I loved him and he loved me.

Now I don't really believe in love, it's all fairy tales and hokum to me, but I guess it's true, you have to see it to believe it. At least I did, I saw how empty I was without him and every little thing reminded me of him, that's when I realized I was in love.

Well let me know what you though of the story, good, bad? I really don't care what you have to say just please review, I love to hear from you guys.