Veracious: truthful (person); truth (statement)

…..Just in case someone doesn't understand this word.

Summer passed by in a sort of a painful mood. Dumbledore won't ever contact him again, Harry ached at that thought. He opened his eyes and saw Ron sleeping peacefully on the bed next to him. He sighed deeply and looked at the clock on the wall; it was three in the morning. Harry got out of the bed quietly and stood by the window, I hate missing both Sirius and Dumbledore…."I hate Severus Snape." He whispered.


Harry looked around the room, not knowing where the voice was coming from.

"Down here!"

Harry opened the window wider and leaned out to look. Hermione smiled and waved to him.

"Hey 'Mione."

She looked at him and pointed outside, "Do you want to go for a stroll?"

He nodded.

Harry walked down the stairs and found Hermione at the door waiting for him. The two silently opened the big wooden doors after Hermione said a spell to release the lock.

"I heard you say something when I was staring out the window."

"I thought so." Harry said as he kicked a rock across the grass.

"So why can't you sleep?" Hermione asked in a gentle tone.

"I miss someone really badly."

Hermione remained silent, and then replied, "Oh."

"It just kills me to think that…. that both Sirius and Dumbledore won't…. won't…" Harry couldn't continue.

"I know, Harry."

Harry moaned, "This is the most painful summer I've ever had."

"It's not any good for both me and Ron either."

"I'm sorry."

"Why is it your fault?"

"Because I kept myself in this depressing mood, and you guys had to bear with me."

"I think almost all of the students in Hogwarts are depressed, I mean…"

"But none of them were as close to Dumbledore as I was, at least."

"He's still the headmaster of every person in school."



"If it wasn't for Snape, Dumbledore wouldn't have died." Rage burned inside Harry once again, indeed, he thought to himself, Snape killed him. He killed Dumbledore.

"Harry, you can't revenge on him just yet."

"Once school starts, I most definitely will."

Hermione stopped walking, "Maybe there's something behind all this. Maybe… it's not what we think!"

Harry gave her a look of disbelief, "What in the world are you talking about!"

"Come on Harry, think about it! Why does Dumbledore trust Snape so much even when he knew he was going to die in his hands?"

"He was blinded by the trust, that's what." Harry said angrily.

Hermione glared at her best friend, "You don't seem to listen."

"Someone who cared for me was killed by someone I hate, Hermione. You wouldn't be doing any better if you were in my position."

"At least," Hermione grabbed Harry's arm tightly to stop him from walking further, "I would calm down to think about what happened after being melancholy and angry."

Looking into Hermione's determined eyes, Harry sighed heavily, "Let's not talk about this anymore, okay?"

Hermione nodded in understanding as they both head back to the Weasley's. To their surprise, Ron was sitting at the table waiting for them.

"So… are you guy's hungry? I am." He rubbed his stomach.

"I think I'll get some sleep first," Harry ran his hand over his messy head, "I feel a bit relieved now that someone talked to me about my troubles." He threw Hermione a thankful look as he headed upstairs.

"What?" Ron turned to Hermione with a confused expression.

"You're so dull, Ron." Hermione slapped his back lightly, "What else can he be talking about?"

Ron paused in his thoughts and stared at the ceiling. Finally, he said, "Dumbledore?"

"I'll tell you the details when you fill up your empty stomach," she stood up and headed for the stove, "hunger seemed to fuse your brain."