After Death :A bright light.

Haku lay there cold but he knew…he had conscious left, he could feel the heat, the warmth of another and he knew exactly who it was. It was Zabuza, the only man he had ever loved…a man who never showed a decent amount of any care. , he was beside the dying but why? The cold boy could feel himself crying inside but his lifeless body would not let a tear out. Snow…

"Haku, are you crying?" Haku felt a snowflake land on his cheek and melt into a tear. Haku's skin was not warmer than the snowflake… Yet it melted, the boy was truly crying.

I will find you Zabuza san, not matter what it takes. The light that was once shinning through his eyelids was now gone, the boy could no longer think, he could no longer crying.

"I just want to go to the same place as him" Zabuza's eyes closed his body growing colder by the second.

"And you will" Kakashi lowered his head in silence for the fallen. Naruto on his knees let tears pour out of his eyes.

To protect someone precious, that is when you will become truly strong…

Naruto couldn't help but think if they had not fought they could have been great friends…Naruto could of learned from the boy. The boy who was as pure as snow…

"His soul is the wind. He is free, he is the wind in a valley" Kakashi spoke softly"

Did you cry for me Zabuza san? Do you really love me?

"I feel so warm…I feel so…" Haku opened his eyes

"Zabuza san!" The boy looked frantically around but he only saw white. His eyes were blinded by such a light for a while so he just sat still and confused. Haku's eyes soon became custom to the light, he took a look around.

"Flowers?" Haku went to pick one, he realized his sleeve from his combat uniform was gone. At a closer look he noticed that he was wearing his pink kimono, the clothes he usually wore when not engaged in battle. His hair down and blowing softly in the gentle breeze. Haku stood up remembering his promise, his last promise. He would find Zabuza san if he had to go to hell to do such.

"where should I start though?" Haku spoke his thoughts out loud. He finally came to a decision to explore his surroundings. He seemed to be in a field the light was brighter than normal, the field was filled with flowers. The odd thing that Haku observed was all the flowers were only the one's he liked yet certain kinds only grew during winter. This place was to warm for such flowers to exist. Haku knew he was in a harmless place he could feel the serenity, the air was not normal every time it passed through is hair he felt calm. He wanted to find something out of the ordinary, because continuously walking in the field in a direction without reason would not do. He took care in observing the second time, he spun completely around.

"There…that must be what I'm looking for.." Haku spoke his mind out loud once more. He spotted a tree and what appeared to be two large blocks, everything was to far away to determine what the blocks were.

Haku needed to know where Zabuza san was, he didn't care where he was, he didn't care if he was truly dead or not. He needed to feel Zabuza's hand again, just one more time on his soft face. One more time. He knew telling himself that one more time would be enough was a lie, but he would tell himself anything to give himself any hope…Haku had to know if Zabuza had cried for him.

As he drew near he noticed the blocks were flat, they resembled doors but there was no wall holding them up, there was nothing just the field. Haku approached the large tree, it bore his favorite fruit, the orange. It seemed everything was in his favor, It was like this place was made to please him. Haku gave a small smile. His movement stopped all the sudden, he knew someone else was there.

"Show yourself, I can sense you" Haku spoke blatantly. He saw two figures move from behind the tree, one from one side one from the other. The figures stood at about 3 feet or so, they had innocent eyes and looked exactly the same accept for opposite colored clothing.

"who are you?" Haku looked at the twins who appeared to be ageless.

"we are truth, we are lie" the two spoke in unison. The two seemed to be standing the same way and both had the same voice. Haku stood puzzled for a few minutes then he realized something off. The brother on the right had a tear falling down his cheek.

"why are you crying?" Haku spoke with out any fear or any excitement, just simple curiosity.

"I cry for you Haku, both of us have watched you for the years you have lived. From the day you were born until now. We thought you wouldn't make it to this place, to your happiness because of the life you lead. Yet you never actually did something wrong, so it was hard to determine. I cry because no one else ever did, not until the end.

"There was one who shed tears for me?" Haku looked intently at the right twin.

"There were two." The twin spoke softly.

"please, do you know the names?"

Did you cry for me Zabuza san? Do you really love me?

"I am not sure of the names, we two are only to watch you from afar and only you do we know the name of"

Haku gave a slight smile, deep in his heart he believed it was Zabuza san was the one who shed the tears, but he wish he could of known.

"I am searching, I'm searching for one who died beside me, I'm searching for the only one I have ever loved, the only one who has ever loved me."

The twins looked at each other they both didn't seem happy, they looked sad. There attention focused back to Haku.

"Behind us there are two doors, one will lead you to the next step to whatever your life goal truly is, what ever you, in the end, wish to have. This is only granted to those who had a hollow life, those who had an unfair end, you must choose one door to go through. You only get one choice and you wont know until the end of your journey which door was the correct door. You may ask one of us one question. We would love to tell you which door is the correct one but we cannot. One of us always tells the truth and one of us always tells a lie, we match the doors one is truth, the path to your true happiness, and one is lie… that door will lead you back to this field in the end of your journey. We also cannot tell you which of us is truth and which is lie."

Haku stood there accessing everything he had been told. He knew he had to choose a door, one to his true happiness and one that would lead back here back to nothing. He also knew that one brother told lies all the time and one told the truth all the time but he was not allowed to know which. So asking which door would be truth would be a waste. He would never know if it was truth or lie who told him. Haku refused to give up, he thought for some time before a smile crossed his lips.

He looked to the Left twin "If I was to ask your brother which door is truth what would he say?"

The left twin looked to the right and spoke.

"My brother would choose the door on the right"

"I shall now enter my chosen door" Haku bowed slightly to the two. The twins looked to each other. Good luck Haku.

Haku had asked about the doors, he had received the right door as an answer. Haku picked a violet flower and tucked it in his waste wrap as he walked though the left door..

End of Chapter 1. Please if you like this story let me know if I should continue. -