After Death Chapter 4: One flower.

"I will do anything Zabuza-san…anything, just once more If I could touch you, sense you….see you."

The cold air Haku once felt from the cliff disappeared, warm air surrounded him as he ascended.

"Once more" Haku whispered. The once falling boy slowed down in mid air, at this Haku opened his eyes to see flowers below him, he must have been gone from the cliff world for as long as he felt the warm air. The boy felt at ease as he was carefully placed onto a patch of flowers, it felt as if someone was lowering him gently.

"Flowers" Haku looked around, his smile slowly melted away. He was standing in the place he had started from.

"If I fail…I'll be back in that field…I wont see Zabuza-San." Haku's eyes began to water as the realization of his failure kicked in.

"It can't be, I won't let it…IT WILL NOT END LIKE THIS!" He didn't know why but he started to run, tears flowed down his cheek glistening from the sun light.

"I can't let this happen, I have to see him, I have to." Haku ran faster and faster but the field never seemed to end.

"I wont give up, this isn't what I fought so hard for…Zabuza..Please, just once more." Suddenly a whisper seemed to surround his body with a serene sensation.

"You have not failed, the last test has just been passed, your heart is stronger than any other, you proved that even if you failed. Even if you knew you failed you would never give up. It takes a strong heart to complete a test, but it takes an even stronger heart to fail and continue, your wish is granted Haku."

Haku noticed a figure starting to appear almost as if to be drawn, an outline of black started to be drawn in the shape of a tall figure. Colors fell around the black lines, a large hand of sparkles seemed to give life to the person standing in front of Haku.

"You asked if I had cried for you, if I loved you, well I cried for you Haku, I do love you." A deep voice but somehow comforting said.

"I promised I would find you Zabuza I promised…I could never give you up." Haku started to walk forward. Arms began to embrace the young boy. It has been as Haku thought, Zabuza stood in front of him, holding him close. Haku looked up into the bright light but he could see clearly, he could see the smiling face of Zabuza, Haku had never been happier, not even in life.

"I have you with me Zabuza, I have my precious person. I'm happy we're not in the world anymore because I like it here, it's warm, and we are together with no worries, we will be together forever." Haku wrapped his arms around Zabuza and nuzzled into his chest.

"I will never leave your side Haku, I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner how I felt." At that Zabuza lifted Haku's chin so that his face was clearly seen and kissed him. Haku blushed and gripped Zabuza's clothes tight. The two boys fell into the flowers holding each other, never to let go of one another.

True love hath no end, no limit. Find your precious person and you too will know what Haku feels, for you and your love with forever be bound by feelings you wont be able to understand, that is what your looking for in true love Thank you for reading, and thank all of your awesome comments I really appreciate them! 3 Haku/Zabuza 3