We have another story, everyone! This is not my continuation of my Fruits Basket one-shot (it will be posted after the completion of the first chapter) but is in fact a Naruto fic. -sasukexnaruto- One of my favorite pairings. Still searching for the evil plot bunny that eludes me, so for a while it will be random. But I shall make it good!

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Note - Featured in this fic shall be shounen-ai and yummyful yaoi. If you don't understand what these are I highly suggest you click the back button and read something else. I will not tolerate flames on this fic if you cannot read the warnings. You have been warned, reader.

Chapter One: The Feeling

The first time he felt it, Naruto was running frantically towards Sasuke's house in an attempt to recover his wallet. The over-zealous blond had lost it somewhere and was determined to find it because without it he would not be able to buy ramen--the almighty life force--and would have to go without it for a while. That he would not have. There was a slim possibility that Sasuke had found it lying around somewhere. It was half-way down some random road that the said realized that in five years of knowing Sasuke, as he was now seventeen, he had never been to his house. Thus running down these roads would lead him nowhere because he'd never be able to recognize the house of his teammate. So the blond did the only logical thing he could do. He ran to Kakashi-sensei.

Up and down the streets until he stopped in front of the well-known bookshop of Konoha, which housed many dirty novels; among those were Jiraiya's 'works of art' as he liked to call them. Hidden deep within the aisles of the wonderful store stood Kakashi, quickly finishing up his last few pages of one of Jiraiya's books so he can buy the new one and continue on with no interruptions whatsoever. Bursting with energy, Naruto bounded over to him and demanded an answer to his question.

"Oy! Kakashi--where does Sasuke live?"

Kakashi either did not hear him or was too engrossed in Icha Icha Paradise to give him a verbal answer as he chose to do nothing but continue to let his eyes scan the pages of his book. Naruto, with growing impatience, bounced on his heels waiting for an answer. If there was one thing he'd learned from Kakashi, though, it was to be patient. Sure enough his waiting paid off and Kakashi gave him the address of Sasuke's home. But as Naruto was running through the streets of Konoha in search, finally coming upon the street, he came to the conclusion that house wasn't a good description of Sasuke's dwelling. Try mansion.

Yes, the large building seemed to be comprised of the same material that all the dwellings of Konoha were built from, but this dwelling in particular demanded a certain amount of respect. Easily three times larger than Naruto's own house the building was regal and majestic, yet sagging in a way Naruto couldn't place at the time. A sort of shadow loomed over the mansion, giving the blond a queer feeling in his gut. Something told him to be afraid, yet something else told him to embrace the building as if it were his own. But at the moment all he wanted was to embrace his frog purse, so he pushed the thoughts out of mind and jumped the gate.

It was a miserable, drizzly day. One that gives people the feeling of wanting to do nothing but plop onto the couch and do absolutely nothing. And that's exactly how Naruto found Sasuke when he burst in the door--huddled on his couch in a ball, sleeping. It was at that moment that Naruto felt it. The pang of some unplaced emotion in his heart, causing him to blush and look away from Sasuke's sleeping form. However, in doing so he did not realize that he was not stopping and proceeded to run directly into the said, waking him with a start. Onyx and blue eyes met briefly, before the panic feeling kicked in their guts. They tried to move away from each other, merely succeeding in entwining their arms and legs. Briefly--and for the second time in their knowing each other--their lips met in a chaste kiss.

"The hell...!" Sasuke yelped, pulling away. "Naruto!"

"It's not what it looks like!"

Both fell on their butts, breathing heavily. Naruto was blushing, covering his face; Sasuke was staring at him strangely. The blond tried to form words in his mouth, only to fail dismally. But if he didn't come up with something quick, Sasuke would think he was just trying to cover for kissing him. Which he did not do! Thus he shouted the only words he could at a time like this, which possibly started the avalanche of emotions that was soon to follow.

"I'm not gay!"


"M-my wallet!"

Naruto struggled to find the words and Sasuke only continued to stare weirdly at him. Giving a strangled sort of cry Naruto jumped up from the floor and ran back outside, not stopping until he was resting safely on top of the statue of the fourth Hokage. He fell to his knees in horror, fury, and hunger. If his wallet was in Sasuke's house he'd never get it back. How was he going to ever be able to look at Sasuke in the eye again, after what just occured? Waiting until his breathing was back to normal, he decided to see if he could somehow barter with the owners of Ichiraku Ramen. Maybe work for his meal? As unappealing as the thought was, it was all he had to go on so he struggled up and shot off to his favorite ramen spot.

"Oy, old man--"

The said man heard a sharp intake of breath and looked up, only to see Naruto staring at the object placed on the counter. A plushy green frog purse. His smile widened as he saw Naruto run toward it and hug it to his chest, nearly busting the seams. He went on to explain that a raven-haired boy had placed it there, informing him that he'd found it out in the park. A single tear slid down Naruto's cheek, and he wiped it quickly away. The old man smiled gently--he may not have understood everything about these ninjas and their weird feelings but he saw Naruto enough to know exactly what was going on. He wouldn't be surprised if he saw the two of them together more after this.

"Give me the biggest thing you've got!" Naruto yells, the biggest grin on his face.


Moments later Naruto was faced with his favorite ramen, and was all ready to slurp it down. He pulled apart his chopsticks, gave the traditional 'itadakimasu!' and dug in. The warmth he felt spreading through his veins was a feeling that could only be accomplished by stuffing huge amounts of ramen down his throat. Well...that and currently, Sasuke. He nearly choked as the said's face came to mind. Onyx eyes, raven hair, porcelain skin...there was no mystery as to why he was the most loved ninja in the village. For a moment he felt a pout coming on. What was wrong with those girls? Didn't they have any taste? What about him--he was cute too, wasn't he? Outside of the village he'd had a few girls trail him for a while. They seemed to love his eyes the most...

Then again, he thought, it was probably inevitable that Sasuke would have so many fangirls. He had the whole bad-boy, mysterious and aloof thing going for him; whereas he himself was more of a loud, bubbly, in-your-face type of person. That and he held within him Kyuubi. Another pout. He loved his kitsune, even if it was a bit evil and ensured that he would lose a lot of respect from people. In fact, he saw no reason as to why everyone should hate him because of Kyuubi. He had had no say in the matter of the kitsune being sealed within him, so why should he be punished. He sighed and gulped down the rest of his ramen. So many questions, so many possible answers. He decided it would be best not to think of them, as no one was going to answer them, and just forget about them altogether.

After thanking the man and exiting the ramen stand, Naruto found that it was raining quite hard by now. And it was dark. Very dark. Even his foxy senses were no match for this overpowering darkness. But he felt too elated at the moment to consider the fact that he could not see where he was going. Sasuke had found his wallet. Unknowingly he clutched the wallet closer to his heart. Sasuke had cared enough to search for it, even after he had made such a fool of himself. First thing in the morning, Sasuke was going to find himself in a back-breaking hug.

"He's not such a heartless bastard after all."

Naruto punctuated this last sentence with a long drawn out sigh. And as he finished it, the worst possible thing happened. He tripped. His foot caught on some upright branch, sending him tumbling head over heels off a small cliff. Surprisingly, all Naruto could think of as he fell was Sasuke. The boy recieved numerous bumps and bruises on the way down but there was no doubt that the impact was worst. With a sickening crunch, Naruto felt at least two of his bones break and some of them twist. Blood gushed from a wound on his forehead, and all his happiness faded away. He needed to get home, fast. And if not his own home, then someone elses. Pft. What were the odds of that happening. No one was going to help him, bloodied up kitsune holder that he was. Somehow he managed to inch his way away from the site of the fall, reaching normal streets after a while.

His own home, he knew, was too far away to reach--he'd pass out before he got there. But there, shining like a single star in the sky, was Sasuke's house. Perhaps Fate loved him more than he thought... Exhausted but willed, Naruto crawled under the gate--scratching his jumper terribly as he did so--and up to the front porch. To his horror he found that he could not summon the strength to stand, or even raise a hand to knock on the hard wood door. Summoning his last bit of energy he raised his head and shouted at the top of his longs.

"Oy! DOBE!"

And with that he fainted. Upstairs in his bedroom, Sasuke's ears twitched as he vaguely heard the familiar insult. "It couldn't be..." He slipped out of his bed, clad only in a pair of boxers, and made his way downstairs. Straining his ears, the raven-haired boy could hear nothing unusual--only the comforting sounds of the rain hitting his roof softly. Curiously he padded to his front door...and opened it slowly. No one there. Not the familiar blond he expected to see, not even a flash of orange or an annoying laugh. His eyes trailed down and he let out a gasp. There was Naruto, unconscious and bleeding on own front porch. He was dripping wet, which indicated to Sasuke that he'd been out in the rain for a while. He'd probably soon catch a cold. Eyes wide and curious, Sasuke bent down and dragged the unconscious boy inside.

The shounen-ai shall be kicking in soon. I forgot to add in the opening statements but this fiction is dedicated to Maliciously Creative. She wrote the fic Pokemon Master Sasuke and I encourage you all to read it. That was my first fanfiction ever. Props to you, Chris-sama. Next chapter to be up soon.