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Chapter 6

When Sasuke awoke, he found himself wedged between two fluffy beanbags. For a moment he couldn't remember what had happened the night before – maybe Kiba had succeeded in getting them all drunk – or where he was. He did have a whopping headache, though it wasn't at all like what he thought a hangover headache felt like. Puzzled, he pushed back the beanbag in front of him to get a better look at the room. And then he remembered.

Instinct made him reach for the kunai bag at his thigh, but it wasn't there. His fingers only snagged the cloth of his shorts. Cursing, he slipped into surveillance mode. The room was empty. Sasuke flicked his eyes everywhere around the room; he couldn't help but feel that he was being wat–


All his training couldn't send him scurrying away from the psycho who'd imprisoned him. He was caught around the waist and pulled into a hug. As he was slowly constricted he couldn't help but think that Naruto could squeeze harder. But there was no use in thinking about his lover, because there was no way for him to come or for Sasuke to escape. His eyes scanned the room; windowless.

"Sasuke-kun, did you sleep well?" cooed, slowly releasing his evil grip. Sasuke took a deep breath.

"More or less," Sasuke grit between clenched teeth.

"Yay! I have breakfast for you! Eat!"

The black clad ninja suddenly appeared, a tray of food in hand. He set it before Sasuke coldly, then disappeared again. Sasuke growled; it seemed there was nothing left for him to do but stay in surveillance mode. His first task would have to be evaluating his captor – who, at the moment was trying to feed Sasuke a bite of eggs. Besides physical looks and his killer glomps, there was nothing Sasuke really knew of the man. He looked to be around sixteen or seventeen – his age – but he wasn't going to fix a number on him just yet.

"Sasuke!" his captor pouted, dropping the spoon back onto the tray with a clatter. "You're not attending!"

"Why should I?"

"Hmph. I see that you haven't been taught proper manners. So many years without your parents has made you slip. I know how to fix that."

He trailed his fingers delicately over Sasuke's pale skin before pointing across the room to a contraption on the far side of the room. Sasuke's eyes followed his finger. There was a board, some shackles, and a lever.

"See, I lay you back and tie you up," he explained, "and I…have my wicked way with you."

Sasuke paled.

"Normally those in your position would be screaming for me to do that but…you have a lover, don't you?"

Sasuke glared. But as he thought about everything could take from him, his instinct told him what needed to be done. He did away with his glare, lowered his eyes, and bowed low. The bishie-boy squealed with delight, glomping him again. Sasuke resisted every urge in his body to push him away.

"That's a good Sasuke-kun. Well, let's take this slow, shall we? You eat, and I'll be back later to play," he skipped to the door. "Oh yeah. My name is Jenan."

He left, leaving Sasuke alone with his food. Angrily he picked up his spoon and stuffed it down his throat, hoping he would choke.

When Naruto awoke the next morning, it was raining. Well, that didn't bother the kitsune. He had his morning ramen just like usual, left his house just like usual, and went to get Sasuke. Well, that wasn't 'just like usual' but Naruto didn't want to walk to the bridge alone. Not in the rain at least. So he went to Sasuke's. By the time he got there he was soaking wet, his orange jumper dripping horribly. He dried himself best as he could – that was, he shook himself like a dog – and knocked on Sasuke's door.

After a few minutes of standing on the porch looking stupid, Naruto decided that a) Sasuke wasn't home or b) Sasuke was still sleeping. Deciding to test the latter first he shimmied up the drainpipe to Sasuke's window, peeping in. Someone was in there. But, Naruto noticed with rising panic, it wasn't Sasuke. He froze as the figure turned around and walked slowly to the window. Red eyes flashed as the window was opened and Naruto dragged in.


"Hello Naruto."

And that was it. No threatening words, no insanely simple (but fatal) jutsus. For a moment Naruto wondered if he really was Itachi. The elder Uchiha turned to the table and gestured for Naruto to sit. The kitsune was amazed to see snacks and tea things set out. He sat down, bewildered.

"What the heck is going on?" Naruto demanded. "Where's Sasuke."

Itachi sighed, "He's gone."

"Gone? Gone where?"

"To a place you'll never find unless you listen to me," Itachi spoke in a calm voice.

"What are you babbling about? I have to find Sasuke!"

"I have to tell you," Itachi interrupted softly.

"Tell me…what?"

Itachi sighed, looking past Naruto and towards the baby pictures on the wall behind him. There was a picture of him and Sasuke, when they were younger.

"I have to tell you," Itachi continued, "why I killed my family."

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