Chapter 2: And the treasure IS….

"Well don't just stand there Prue, what is it?" Piper demanded.

Prue's (good) eye twitched uncomfortably. "It's…it's…"

"Tell us!" Everyone screams.

Prue pulled out a pile of pictures. "It's dirty pictures of Grams and some guy…and some other guy."

Piper bent over and threw up. Paige fainted…on the puddle of Piper's puke; Leo fainted in Cole's arms. Phoebe took the pictures from Prue.

"Eww, Grams naked…that's nasty. Some treasure!"

"I say we burn em!" Cole exclaimed. Still holding onto Leo happily.

(Later…in whatever room doesn't reek of failure.)

"Why the hell would Grams have dirty pictures?" Piper asked as she paced back and forth.

"Argh," Prue muttered. Holding onto her stomach. "I think that's pretty obvious."

"Prue, cut the pirate act will ya? We have a crisis. I think we should summon Grams and ask her." Piper slapped Prue on the back of the head.

"No! We can do that! Then we would have to talk about it with her! And that could lead to some very dirty flashbacks. And I don't know about you people, but I don't feel like going to therapy anymore than I already do."

"Too late!" Phoebe giggled. All eyes turned to the Hoey-One. Next to her was the usual swirl of gold and white lights. Which only meant one thing….

"Phoebe, NO!" Everyone screamed as Grams appeared next to her.

"Girls…what a unpleasant surprise. Happy Halloween." Grams smiled.

Leo and Cole shuddered.

"Grams…we have something to show you." Prue said slowly as she handed Grams the therapy-inducing-pictures-from-Satan-himself™…As Grams looked over the photos the doorbell rang.

"Time to go get kicked in the shins again." Paige sighed and trudged to the door with a bowl of candy. She opened it to see a bright-eyed girl standing in a witch's costume.

"Wow…Prue…The years sooo haven't been good to you." The girl said stepping into the house.

"I'm not Prue, you little slut. Who the hell are you?" Paige demanded.

"Jenny, what are you doing here?" Piper asked and walked up to the Annoying One…that never gets old.

"Piper! I missed you!" Jenny cried and hugged her.

"Uh, I wish I could say the same. You didn't answer the question."

"I was just in the neighborhood and…"

"But you live in some far away place." Prue stated the much appreciated obvious.

"Hey, can't a girl come back after so many years to visit who she thought was going to be her future family until the blonde freak stole you from me-I mean my uncle?" Jenny fumed and made fists at her sides.

"Penny, I think you should just burn those fugly things so we can all sleep a little easier." Cole told her. Because listening to Cole talk about naked old lady photos is sooo much better than listening to Jenny.

Grams started shaking with rage….or maybe she was having a stroke. Either way, her powers went wild and threw the clock into Jenny. Sending her and it crashing into the wall. Maybe she was getting into the moment, but Grams picked Jenny up with her powers and slammed her battered body into the ground over, and over, and over. Everyone stared in shock when Grams finally quit.

"Alright," She said calmly. "Burn them…Blessed Be my darlings." Grams smiled and disappeared.

Everyone turned slowly and looked at Jenny as she lay dying, in a puddle of blood, on the floor, the clock smashed into pieces next to her. Piper dropped to her knees in agony.

"NOOO!" She cried, tears running down her face. "The clock! Leo heal it!"

Leo kicked Jenny out of the way, she made a gurgling noise and twitched. Leo put his hands over the remnants of the clock but nothing happened.

"I-I can't heal the dead…or the inanimate." He muttered sadly. Sobs were heard and Kit started pawing Jenny's cold, dead body. Chewing on her hair. Oh-the joy!

Just then those annoying chimes were heard and an elder emerged next to Paige.

"Umm, on behalf of the other Elders and I…we would just like to apologize for your loss. We can't help feeling like it's our fault." He said regretfully.

"What do you mean?" Prue asked forcefully.

"Well, you would've never found those pictures if we hadn't cast a little spell on you."

"What kind of spell?" Piper demanded, inching closer.

"A, s-spell that made you to believe you were whatever you dressed up as for Halloween. It was just a harmless prank! We don't get HBO 'up there' so there's not a whole lot to do!" He tried to reason with them.

Now the whole family was getting closing in on the idiot in the robe.

The next few hours were spent giving the Elder: Wedgies, Swirlies, and other pointless schoolyard torments. They finally let him go when they felt that they had put on enough make-up to make him look somewhat better. All he really looked like was Phoebe…odd.

"That was fun, we should do that it sometime." Paige sighed as they all sat in the Conservatory.

Everyone nodded in agreement.

"Well, I guess we better get to bed." Piper said as she and Leo got up and walked out.

"Yea, us too." Cole and Phoebe agreed and walked after the couple.

"What are we gonna do with Jenny's body?" Prue asked Paige.

Paige shrugged. "I'll just do that spell I like so much in the morning. Night." She started walking off.

"Paige," Prue called. Paige turned around. "Uh, those pictures--weren't really the treasure. I hid the real treasure before I came down."

Paige was intrigued. "Oh yea, well what was the real treasure?"

"Ha, like I'd tell you! Get out of my face you little whore before I slap that mustache right off your face." Prue scoffed.

"Fine, bitch." Paige muttered and walked off, shaking her head.

Later Prue lifted her pillow up off the couch in the basement and held up a small box. She opened it and smiled as black smoke emerged from the box and went into Prue's nose and mouth. Her eyes turned black and she laughed evilly…

Some random Guy: "It turns out it was the Hollow."


That could've been a better treasure…I know it could've…I just haven't been in the writing mood lately. Sorry.