Yay! Hello! New to this part of the website and writing these fics…so…meh! I just finished watching the end of Elfen Lied and it to me was a fleeting dream that lasted 14 episodes… (Counting the OVA episode) Anway…came up with the one-shot in my head when I had enough of writing angst…heh-heh…it happens a lot now…so here it is… "Death of a Clown" BTW: Little note…don't flame just comment on my attempt at writing a fic like this…

Death of a Clown

It was a particularly hot day in summer, one to remember for certain.

And of course, wearing a hat isn't going to exactly help the heat. But maybe something could cheer you up just that little bit that you needed to get through the day…

"HEY! GET BACK HERE!" The clerk yelled after the cherry-haired girl walking away with an icy-pole in hand. She happily licked at it as it melted off the stick, ignoring the cursing and yelling from behind her.

He should be thankful she just didn't kill him there and then…

"Bye," she said casually rounding the corner and discarded the now lonely stick into the gutter below. The store clerk had been unable to follow her because he had been the only one on duty…a daily target for the young teen who needed to cool off.

The streets sent up waves of heat as she walked along. She could feel the heat rising up from under her shoes and decided it was time to find some green grass where it wouldn't melt the souls of the only pair of shoes she had…at the moment.

Luckily enough for her, the park wasn't too far away.


"Here you go, enjoy," the rainbow-wigged man said handing out another balloon to a small and eager child. The child nodded happily with a large grin on its face and ran back over to its parents. It wasn't long until the paid-to-be-goofy character noticed the ruby-eyed girl enter the park.

Who wouldn't? she was wearing a beanie in the middle of summer in 45 Degree heat!

"Little girl!" he called out to her. He successfully got her attention and beckoned her over. She shot him a death glare but he still persisted. Maybe he could brighten up her day? She walked over with the same look on her face, scaring to tears the little kids around her.

She stopped with her arms lazily at her sides "What do you want you pathetic-"

"Would you like a balloon little girl?" he asked pointing up towards the pieces of rubber filled with helium.

She couldn't help but let a smile crack her hateful gaze that was set upon the harlequin buffoon standing above her. She gave up to her inner-child and nodded with a smile on her face.

"First, tell me your name little one," the clown said shuffling through the strings.

She smiled wider seeing him reach for a certain string attached to her favourite colour "My name's Lucy," she said still smiling, a rare occurrence for her. The clown nodded and tugged at one of the strings.

"Here you go," he said handing her a pink balloon.

Lucy's vision dropped to the ground almost instantly after seeing the balloon. The clown blinked a few times in confusion and crouched down to her level "What's wrong?" he asked trying to look at her eyes which were now currently hidden by her hair.

Without warning, the clown's head flew off and dropped by his side causing screaming and chaos to erupt from the park.

"I wanted red you foolish primate…"

So there you have it…a one-shot of a death of a clown…personally…I HATE clowns…always laughing and cheery and…well…to happy for their own good! So, review and tell me what you think. And if you say his death was too sudden, I'd say that that's the way that most of her killings go…sudden and without warning. See ya!

-Crystal Remnant