FMA movie fic. Short scene, just barely more than a drabble. Kind of an exorcise for my brain after watching the movie.

Note: I googled for actual gypsy/romany/hungarian names and meanings. And I founda page with all sorts of neat sayings, a few used below. (likely incorrectly)

Lust: Nusi ...(graceful)
Scar: Dacso ...(God judges) bwah! that's so Scar

Anyway, onto the fic!

Meetings and Beginnings

From the driver's Dacso frowned. "Bring two gaje with us. We must be mad."

Nusi shushed her husband. "They'll help us cross the borders, and Noa swears by their honor."

"They're coming!" Noa said as she reached the vehicle, smile wide. With one hand she gestured behind her, at the two men coming up the road. Men? Hardly. Boys-- one of them was practically a child. Dacso grumbled below his breath, "They don't look German. They look English. Spiuni."

"They are not spies!" Nusi whispered back. "Noa is touched, and she would know. Besides, we've promised to take them, it is destiny now. Stanki nashti tshi arakenpe manusheb shai." Mountains do not meet but people do.

"Perhaps Noa is blinded by childish affections. Would she marry a raklo?"

"If she marries him, she marries him. Ma-sh-llah."

"As God wills," Dacso repeated, sighing in defeat. He glared at the two brothers, who had stopped beside the truck. They were staring, rude as all English were. He stared back.

One of them laughed a little, and said in a pathetic accent, "Droboy tume Romale." Morning greetings.

Presumptuous brat. Dacso's eyes narrowed even more.

"Good morning, and hop on," Nusi replied in German, smiling.

The boys thanked them and followed Noa into the back of the truck with the rest. Dacso took his foot off the break and glanced at his wife as the car started to roll.

"They're dangerous."

"Then they can help protect us from the other gaje."

"You trust too easily, Nusi."

Nusi turned in her seat, eyes finding her second cousin in the far back sitting next to the older gajo. The two boys were talking, but Noa's head rested against the young man's shoulder. Nusi turned forward again, and reached for Dacso's hand. She wrapped her fingers in his, and smiled out toward the road ahead.

"Noa is smiling. It's been a year since we saw her, and back then she never smiled." Nusi squeezed her husband's hand, and felt his resistance melt. "Let her have this."

"If it pleases you so much," he said finally. She rested her own head against Dacso's shoulder, tucking her hand in the corner of his arm.

And the road carried them forward, as it always did.