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Moving On

Author: Pixiegirl13

Chapter 1 Uncontrollable Beast

The ring of the school bell made all the teens standing outside of the building look up with dread. The weekend had gone by too quickly for all of them. That one bell was like loosing all their freedom they had gained over those two simple days. They blown off homework till the last second and then cursing they didn't have enough time to do it when they started it. Luckily, most of the kids got their homework done just in time or planned to do it in haste in homeroom, study hall, or in boring old History class with the monotone teacher.

One of girls in the crowd gathered up her notepad and backpack in a rush to get to her homeroom quick enough. A few people bumped into her without a simple apology and she was forced to squeak out a small, "Excuse me."

The girl looked like a scared lost little kitten in a big city as she headed down the hall with her books clutched tightly to her chest as if someone was going to take them from her. Her deep brown eyes darted around as she made it to her locker and got ready for her first period class.

Homeroom went by quickly and she was onto her first class of the day…history, of course. She thought that her teacher was extremely boring and had no skills at teaching the students at all, but that thought would have never escaped her lips even if her life depended on it.

"Darn!" she thought as she realized she had let a kid borrow her only pencil in homeroom. She hadn't asked for it back, so now she had none.

"Excuse me," she asked a band kid sitting next to her, as she was still fishing around in her purse in a desperate attempt to find a writing utensil, "May I borrow one of your pencils?"

Her only answer was a low growl. Amber's eyes widened in pure terror as she slowly turned her head to the side. Her heart started to beat loudly against her chest as she saw that it was a Metal Head instead of the band kid who she was asking a pencil out of. Her breaths began to get shorter as she saw that the rest of the kids in the class were Metal Heads as well now.

"No," she whispered to herself while getting up from the seat. "This can't be happening!" she screamed at the Metal Heads. The creatures growled some more as they slowly backed her into a corner. Saliva was dripping down their razor sharp fangs as they licked their lips.

"You can't defeat us," they all said at the same time with creepy emotionless voices that all sounded the same. "You're weak and pathetic. You have never and never will have control over anything. You're a pushover and a do-gooder that will never make it anywhere in life. Death is your soon and only future."

Suddenly they all lunged for her at the same time. She screamed at the top of her lungs as fear gripped her like it was an icy claw. Then there was darkness.

Tuya gasped as she woke up from her night mare. She sat up in bed only to get whacked on the head by the top bunk with a loud thump! She winced while rubbing her sore head. She took a few deep breaths to calm herself while repeating in her head that it was only a dream.

"Problems?" Torn asked her from where he stood at his table full of maps of Haven City. His blue eyes held much concern for the girl.

"Fine," Tuya said in rough Elfish. "Dream," the Human girl said to him while going back to bed. Torn opened his mouth to say something to her. He shut it when he saw Tuya's pet Muse, Mozart, crawl up beside her to comfort her himself. She would be fine.

- Daxter -

"Look out, Jak!" Daxter yelled as he tightened his grip on the Elf's shoulder. Jak smiled slyly up to his friend as he slid down the watery garbage shoot. They went airborne and Jak laughed out loud when Daxter screamed out of fright like he had always done. Jak landed in a crouch on one box and then stood up tall.

"Wow!" Daxter said while looking his Elf friend up and down for the first time. "You grew…a lot!" He couldn't keep his trademark goofy smile off his face.

"Hey, it's been two years, Dax," Jak said with a wide smile of just being able to talk for the first time in his life. "What do you expect? I'm sure you grew…a little," he said with a sheepish smile at the glare he got from his fuzzy friend. Truth be told, Daxter would always be that height for the rest of his life. He would have to get used to being an Osttel.

Daxter got over it quickly and said with a shrug, "I think I grew an inch or so, but you never know. I haven't measured myself in two years. But what I really need to do is get my hands on some pants." The two exchanged smiles.

"So where is this person you were talking about, Dax?" Jak suddenly asked him with a hint of confusion in his voice. "Did she help you rescue me?"

As if on cue, Roxie came screaming down the slippery garbage shoot with a whoop of joy. Daxter opened his mouth to shout a warning as Jak turned to see who was coming towards them to get out of the way and hide. They were both too late.

Roxie flew right into Jak and forced all three of them into the shallow water with a loud grunt. A huge splash sounded in the chamber as they all landed in the ice cold water. Jak felt a foot slam into his stomach and it knocked all the air out of him as he tried his best to swim to the surface.

Daxter broke the surface with a gasp. He spotted Roxie hanging onto the box Jak had been standing on. She clutched the thing like it was her only lifeline as she beamed at him. Jak then broke the surface and started to cough uncontrollably to get some air back into his system. He glared at Roxie for her kicking him in the stomach.

"You must be Jak!" she said cheerfully.

Jak coughed before asking Daxter, "Who's she?"

"Well…um…she's Roxie!" Daxter said with pretend excitement. "She's the one who helped me rescue you. Surprise!" Jak just shook his head at Daxter while pulling himself out of the water. The orange fuzz ball hadn't changed a bit. He still went after the pretty girls. The Elf finally couldn't hold back his smile at the animal's actions.

"Let's get out here, Dax," Roxie said with her teeth chattering. "I…I'm c…cold!"

"She's the smart one of the group," Daxter whispered to Jak as he shook himself off like a dog would. Roxie glared at him while Jak snickered. The two seemed to know each other well. Maybe Roxie knew the city just as well. Jak wanted to find a place or group where he could fight the Baron. There had to be one out there, and Roxie had bound to know about one. And when he did find one…he would make Baron Praxis pay!

- Tuya -

Tuya slowly walked down the streets of the Slums with Kor beside her. She had left Mozart at home with Torn. (Poor Torn.) The old Elf was trying to give her a language lesson, but the Human girl was realizing that she was getting too much distracted by the little kid Elf running around her legs in an attempt to pull her attention more to him. Kid was what everyone called him because he was mute. But that didn't stop him from trying to communicate with her.

"Are you listening, Human girl?" Kor asked her suddenly with sharpness to his voice. The old man never called her Tuya or Amber. It was just Human girl. It was clear that he didn't like Humans all too well, or maybe it was just her. She was beginning to not care.

"I have name," she told him suddenly. "Tuya. Say it. Tu and ya." The Kid gave a silent chuckle that put a smile to Tuya's lips. He was so cute! And those innocent blue eyes would someday make a lucky girl very happy.

Suddenly, something or someone caught Kor's attention. It was a young Elf of with longish blonde hair and blue eyes that were hard and focused. Tuya raised an eyebrow when she saw Daxter perched on one of the Elf's wide shoulders. She was even more surprised when she saw that Roxie was following close behind the two.

Before Kor could say anything to the boy Elf, Daxter had spotted Tuya and waved with a huge smile on his face. He then yelled over to her, "Tuya, baby! How have you been in the big Haven City?" The blonde Elf looked over to her with surprise then looked to Daxter with astonishment. How did Daxter get to know all these hot looking girls over such a short period of time?

Tuya giggled while blushing a little from getting this much attention that she wasn't used to getting. Kor gave her a glare and she shut up right away. She kicked herself mentally for being so shy again. Being in Haven City was for her to get a new life. Being shy was part of her old one back on Earth. She didn't want to retrogress back to her previous ways again.

"Who's this?" Daxter asked Tuya as the two groups walked up to each other. The creature pointed to Kor and the Kid with a confused look on his face. He hadn't met them before.

"My name is Kor," the old Elf said with a small nod to Jak. Tuya gave a smirk as she saw him put on a fake warm smile for the new Elf. For some reason the man was interested mostly in Jak. She wondered why.

"Name's Daxter. This is Jak. Oh, and that's Roxie," Daxter said as he pointed to each person as he said their name. "We just busted Jak, here, out of prison. Pretty sweet, ey?" This got a smile from the Kid.

Before anyone could say anything else, a Krimson Guard cruiser flew by over their heads and stopped a few yards away from them. The Kid hid behind Tuya's little legs in some attempt to fool the few KG's walking over to them. This wouldn't end well.

"Halt!" the lead Krimson Guard said roughly to the group. "You are all under arrest for suspicion of harboring Underground fugitives. Surrender and die!"

The group just stared in shock for a few seconds. Daxter was the only one to say anything. He jumped off Jak's shoulder and walked up to the Krimson Guard's feet and asked with confusion, "Don't you mean surrender OR die?"

"Not in this city," Kor said. He turned to Jak and said, "Jak, please help us. If you do, I can tell you about a place where you can fight the Baron."

Daxter looked up to Jak with concern. The teen had just gotten out of prison. Was he fit enough to take down a whole squad of Krimson Guards already? He then spotted Roxie behind him and smiled. The girl looked all too ready to blow up some KG butt. They would be okay.

Krimson Guards started to run over to the group with their laser guns ready. Jak let out a battle yell as he smashed his fist into a Guard's face. He heard the cracking of bone as the Elf cried out in extreme pain. Jak then rotated his body on the ball of his left foot and struck out with the other. His right heel slammed into the guy's chest and knocked him unconscious to the ground.

As Jak took out other Krimson Guards, Roxie had already thrown three dice that had timers on them. She pulled Jak back and yelled to him, "Brace yourself!" Jak's eyes went wide in surprise as she turned green and made a green eco shield just in time to the huge explosion to protect the group. "AWESOME!" she yelled in pure delight as they watched Krimson Guards fly around like rag dolls.

Both were smiling big as she dropped the shield to see what damage she had done. She had only killed two or three (to her disappointment). The other Krimson Guards were getting up with groans. Jak barred his teeth as he body slammed an Elf into a wall. Then that thing in him snapped again.

"Whoa! Get back!" Daxter said to Roxie while tugging on her boot. He had seen Jak like that only an hour ago. The Elf had been about to kill him! But of course he had stopped at the last second. Daxter had never wanted to see his friend like that again, but maybe this was a good time to bring that inner beast out.

Everyone stared in either complete horror or shock as they saw Jak transform into something. His skin turned into a very light purple as horns grew out of his forehead. Pools of black abyss were now his eyes and razor sharp claws came out of his hands. Dark eco lightning bolts flashed around his body as he narrowed his eyes at the oncoming Krimson Guards.

Jak was like a whirlwind of terror as he punched and kicked any living being that came at him. Every time Jak hit someone purple lightning was produced from his body and hurt whoever was around him. When every last Krimson Guard was down and dead the poor teen finally was able to calm down whatever had been leashed inside him and come back to his normal self.

Slowly the color came back to Jak's face and the horns came back into his head. The claws seemed to disappear till finally his transformation was done and those black, empty eyes went back to being their normal blue color.

"That was cool," Daxter said with a sly smile. "Do it again." Roxie nodded her head over dramatically to agree with her friend. She smiled widely with happiness. So far the girl was keeping quiet. She knew that Jak and Daxter were best friends and she wanted them to talk more than she did.

"Daxter," Jak said slowly to his furry friend with worry and pain on his face. "The Baron did something to me. I…I can't control it!"

"You okay, Jak?" Daxter asked him with some seriousness in his voice this time. He was a bit concerned for him. Tuya stared at Jak with astonishment on her face. What did the Baron do to him? He was a complete nightmare when in that dark mode!

"That was very brave of you," Kor said to Jak. "You did a very good thing, here. You see, I was told to protect this kid." As he said this he pointed to the cute Kid.

"Him?" Daxter asked no one in particular. "He looks kind of scruffy," when he said this he went to poke the Kid and smiled when he backed away. He gave Tuya a sheepish smile when she glared at him to stop.

It was at this time that Roxie noticed the Kid. "He looks oddly familiar," she said while bending down to his height. "I know you," she said to him with confusion in her voice, "But from where?"

Don't know, she heard his voice echo in her head as she used her Mind Speaking. I've never seen you, lady. He then shrugged his shoulders as if Mind Speaking was an everyday thing in his life, and she finally gave up. Roxie stood up with concern on her face as she walked away in a perplexed mess. She could swear that she knew him!

"If you would like to fight the Baron, you should join the Underground," Kor was saying to Jak. "Tuya can show you where the hideout is. Ask for Torn."

Tuya looked Kor's way when she heard her name being said. She frowned when she finally got what he had said. She hated to be dumped all the time by Kor. The old man didn't like her too much. She then gave a sigh of defeat and walked in front of the group and said in Elfish behind her shoulder, "Follow."

- Merlander -


It was the only place in Spargus that needed help. The poor teen had been searching all day for a job. No one would even give him a chance till he could prove himself. And he couldn't prove himself till he had some money to either rent or buy his own vehicle. He could always go to Kleiver, but that guy hated him because of his mom. Yeah, he would rather shoot himself then do a mission for him.

"Oh well," Merlander said with a sigh. "It will only be for a while." He stepped into the dark bar and ran his hand through his spiky, blonde hair as every Elf in the room looked up from whatever they were doing to stare at the teen walking in. There was silence in the tavern for a few seconds. They decided to let the kid go and went back to drinking and gambling.

Merlander narrowed his violet eyes and walked confidently to the bar stools in the back of the room. Back in Haven City he had been in the Hip Hog so many times. This place was ten times worse! Everything was dark and threatening. Smoke filled most of the small room, and the air was hot and ominous. Merlander hated it.

The teen sat down next to a hooded figure that crouched over his glass of beer. Merlander ignored the man and right away said quietly to the heavy set bartender, "I want the job."

This caught the attention of every Elf in ear shot of the young one. The bartender looked at him and chuckled. Only the hooded Elf next to him didn't laugh at Merlander. He only stared ahead from the darkness of his hood.

"No," was the bartender's only answer.

Merlander was determined and stubborn. "Why not?" he asked with a hint of anger in his voice. "I'll even do the jobs you hate if I have to. All I want is money or a vehicle. I'll be gone in less than a week."

"It's not worth it, boy," the bartender said with a hint of a smile on his lips.

"Amusing, am I?" Merlander asked him with a disgusted tone to his voice. An idea came to him and a sly smile played on the corners of his lips. "I'll make a deal with you, then," he said while relaxing a bit. "I work for you till I get my own vehicle. After that, I'll still work for you by refreshing your Metal Head stock in here. It seems like the people doing it for you are slacking a bit."

The bartender looked at him with wonder in his eyes. The kid really wanted this job. He thought about it while looking around his bar. Every other bar had big Metal Head trophies on every wall possible in their bars. He had crappy looking ones ever sense his lead Elf who did the job died a year ago. Maybe this kid could do it.

"Give him the job," the hooded man next to Merlander suddenly said. Merlander and the bartender looked at him with some surprise. The Elf got up and put some money on the table. When he stood up he was taller than Merlander and he seemed to loom over the teen. There was a pause as Merlander and the mysterious man made eye contact. He had violet eyes just like him!

The man then left and Merlander watched him go with stunned silence. The man looked almost just like him! A thought came to the teen's head, but he quickly shook it out. He looked back to the bartender and asked with a smile, "Well?"

The bartender thought some more about it. He guessed it wouldn't kill him. "Fine," he said with a sigh of defeat. "You're new job for now is," he paused in the middle of his sentence to take out a bucket and mop and shove them into Merlander's hands, "Mopping! Get started. This place closes at one in the morning. Make this floor sparkle by then."

Merlander turned around with the equipment in his hands and a look of abhorrence on his face at the sight before him. It looked like the floor hadn't been cleaned in years! It was black with millions of stains scattered around. One man spotted his mop and smiled wickedly as he spilled some of his beer on the floor on purpose.

"Yay," Merlander muttered sarcastically.

- 8 or 9 hours later -

"Done," Merlander said with a sigh of relief. He set the mop down and collapsed onto a dirty seat as the weight of the day finally came to him. He could have gone to sleep right there if he wasn't an insomniac. He closed his eyes and rubbed his forehead to get away the small persistent headache that had formed.

"Tiered?" someone asked from right above Merlander. The teen gave a small gasp of surprise as his eyes flashed open to see Sig standing over him with a smile on his face.

"No," Merlander answered him while getting up. "I just got done with eight hours of mopping. I'm just a bit worn out."

"Boy, I've been looking for you for hours!" Sig said with a chuckle. "I thought you would get a job for Kleiver, but when I asked him he said no and then wanted to find you. I'm guessing you two never liked each other when you used to live here."

"It was my mom," Merlander said with a sigh. He shook his head and said, "She dated him for a month, I think. I'm not sure about it anymore, and I know, disgusting. But she dumped him and he got mad. He decided to take his frustration for that woman out on me of course by playing jokes on me. When he noticed that my mom didn't really care that he was torturing me, he still didn't stop. I guess it became his favorite past time." Merlander smiled slyly and then said to Sig, "I would love to get him back before he gets me somehow. For good old times sake."

Sig laughed and said, "I was never good at practical joking. But it would be funny to do it to Kleiver. But right now we have a mission. A big hoard of Marauders is attacking Spargus, and Damas wants any man or woman to go out there and stop them by any means possible. We could use you out there."

"Let me get my money," Merlander said quickly to Sig. "I'll met you at the garage in a sec." Sig nodded and ran out of the tavern as Merlander leaned over the bar table to the bartender that was cleaning up the place. "How much do I get for this?" he asked him while pointing behind him.

The bartender lifted his head and looked at the floor of the bar with surprise. It was spotless for the first time in years! He looked up to Merlander and said slowly, "A lot." Merlander smiled.

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