The Super Intendent

Episode 55: The Final Episode: The Second MegaMan Jr. High Movie: The End of Everything

A mass of evil energy has descended upon RockMan City.

Energy: It won't happen again, this time I will triumph. I may have made mistakes in the past, but this time I understand, this time I will find an appropriate vessel. No one will survive… HEY! Are you listening?

The bored squirrel on the side of the road stops trying to sneak away, and continues listening to the monologue.

Energy: All the pieces are in place, everything has come full circle, all my targets are lined up, all my cliches are active. I just need a distraction…

The energy approaches the ultra-sealed Segabastard.

Energy: I think this should be just enough to break the seal.

The energy solidifies into a blade and charges right through the statue, destroying the seal and cutting Segabastard in half.

Energy: Crap, it's my job as a tailor all over again.

The energy manages to fix Segabastard.

Energy: Do you have some kind of doomed to fail but mildly climactic plan you can take up a few pages with?

Segabastard: It's what I do best!

The scene fades out, and switches to MegaMan Jr. High.

ElecMan: And that's why today is anything but another day at MegaMan Jr. High! The 55 festival is coming up, celebrating our 55th episode, as well as the 555th page of the combined MegaMan Jr. Highs!

Zero: There are a lot more than that.

KI: Nothing a little book burning won't fix.

ElecMan: Anyway, today the power of the number five will be extra strong, and we'll see lots of special events and prophecies, which should hold lots of surprises for anyone who didn't read the preview.

Cut to the school and every major character assembled on the field outside.

Axl: This is so exciting, my first episode 55!

Light: Bah, it's automatically inferior to the old series episode 55, nothing will ever top that.

Zero: The old episode 55 didn't have anything special in it, in fact KI ran out of ideas and ended it with Tornado Tonion.

Light: It came first, that means it's better!

Sigma: Shut up everyone, the solemn spiritual event is about to start! Everyone make sure they have enough popcorn.

A display of wild spiritual energy that looks suspiciously like stock animation special effects appears in the sky. It dances around for a while, then fills the characters. Horrifying visions appear. They see Jack Thompson all powerful, MegaMan lying on the ground dead, and KI leaving forever.

Ceil: That was horrible, we're doomed!

Wily: The series can't end, where else am I supposed to find work, the Zero and ZX series just have cheap clones of me!

Light: MegaMan can't die, that would be a fate worse than death for me! Not worse than my death of course, but worse than a lot of people's deaths!

Zero: If we just calm down and focus, I'm sure we can find a way to/

Segabastard: No time to concentrate on the main plot! After losing everything, even my website, I've realized there's only one way to take you down: my own fanfiction minions! I am now the Irate Bastard, and I have my own fanfiction series! Tremble before Powerup Comics Jr. High!

MegaMan: You mean the writers of it weren't already in jr. high?

Zero: Actually the whole thing is a joke, but that isn't important.

Shadowgamer: Look at all these stupid robots.

Chug: I think they're from some old game series no one has heard of, Megaman or something. It was about some dumb kid that could turn into a robot.

Shadowgamer: Not exactly "normal", they should have called it Gayman!

There are a few minutes of silence.

Axl: Aren't you going to finish the joke?

Shadowgamer: That was the joke!

Chug: More like that gay robot's the joke.

Segabastard: Good, keep going, I've got almost 6 panels worth of material!

Zero: This is just painful, can we get back to Jack Thompson or whoever the main villain is?

Shadowgamer: Jack Thompson sucks!

Segabastard: Another strip written, this is easy!

Shadowgamer: Let's shoot these stupid gay robots.

Shadow picks up a gun that already has a hand drawn around it.

Chug: This will teach you stupid Nintendo characters to show your faces around hardcore gamers like us!

MegaMan: We're Capcom characters.

Shadow: What the hell is Capcom?

We see a close up of the gun firing.

Shadow: What the hell?

The bullets ricocheted back at Shadow and Chug. KI had held up a SNES to block them.

KI: Don't you remember what happens when you shoot a SNES, Segabastard?

Segabastard: Meh, they'll respawn.

Shadow, Chug, and some really, REALLY badly drawn background characters appear, all holding a copy and paste of the same gun.

Segabastard: Today MegaMan Jr. High dies!

The Powerup Comics characters fire. Nothing happens.

Segabastard: The… the bullets just stopped!

Shadow: Well what were we supposed to do, animate them hitting new characters? They all just shot our strawman character.

Dorkwinkle: Can I be the Zero equivalent?

KI: You already are compared to the main characters.

Segabastard: Dammit! Maybe I can't defeat you, but I have one more attack!

Everything goes dark. We're inside KI's mind.

Segabastard: Your fanfiction is just as bad as Powerup Comics! I defy you to explain what makes it better!

KI: That wouldn't prove anything, I'm writing your dialogue, if I seriously tried to "defend" my writing through arguing against a character in it, I'd just be pathetically shooting down a strawman.

Segabastard: AAAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHHH! It didn't work! You were too intelligent, perceptive, clever, and creative to fall for my trap and try to build yourself up using dialogue from your own characters!

Segabastard crumbles, defeated for good.

KI: Okay, that's out of the way.

Zero: So as I was saying, if we act quickly I'm sure we can prevent the prophecies we saw from happening/

The ground starts shaking and an explosion can be heard in the distance.

MegaMan: What was that, a cinema trigger?

Jack Thompson rises out of the Arch Villain Powered Raygun, surrounded by the evil energy.

Energy: At last! I found a suitable body! A being of pure evil that will let me reach my true potential!

The energy flows into Jack, and he starts transforming.

Zero: Sigma!

Sigma: What?

Zero: No, the real Sigma, from the end of the original series!

Sigma: Yes! I have returned, and now I shall finally/

Zero: You're the joke Sigma.

Sigma: I am not!

Zero: I know, you're the real Sigma, I was talking to the…

Zero slices the joke Sigma in half. Any mention of Sigma is the real one now.

Light: Nothing like murder to simplify things.

Sigma: At last! I tried possessing KI last time, then tried to possess Zero, but it didn't work. But now I've found someone incapable of feeling remorse or any other human emotion, who is now going after the mother of a Take Two executive which will justify him as a villain in KI's series for years to come, and I'm at full power!

MegaMan: We're not letting this happen! I've watched KI and Zero beat you before, and I can do it again!

Sigma: I'm not alone this time. Liquid, awaken!

Wily starts convulsing.

Axl: His hand! He had Liquid's hand attached to his!

MegaMan: OH MY GOD!... KI actually remembered that?

Liquid: I am here, fellow gaming villain. Posessing someone through an attached body part, just like in the upcoming (hopefully that's still true when this is posted) (later edit: just made it!) Metal Gear Solid… 2!

Zero: Wait, 2?

KI: Yeah yeah, updates take forever, they get it!

Sigma: The chaos realm will fall to us! There are portals to every fictional world from here, once we control it we can recruit as many villains and take over as many worlds as we want!

MegaMan: Not if I can help it/

KI: You can't, not right now. Retreat!

KI grabs MegaMan and teleports away. They reappear.

KI: Okay, they shouldn't be able to find us here.

The view zooms out, we see they're inside MegaMan's house.

MegaMan: Why did you bring me here! I need to protect everyone!

KI: What are you talking about, I didn't just bring you here, I teleported everyone… ah, dammit!

The regular characters appear, lead by Zero.

Zero: It wasn't easy or plausible, but I got everyone away safely without them being able to follow us.

KI: Good. MegaMan, you can't fight Sigma in your current state. You need to become X again. Using the clichéd fiction law of a monumental transformation becoming easier and less climactic every time, type "MegaMan X upgrade" into Google and download the first thing you see.

MegaMan does.

X: Okay, I'm ready!

KI: Good. X, Zero and I will go to Sigma and Liquid's quickly built final dungeon fortress. Everyone else, stay here and be ready to pray if the final battle triggers a "everyone is with you" sequence.

X, Zero, and KI set out for the fortress.

KI: Okay, we're going to do things right this time. If there's one thing I know the cliches of more than animation, it's video games. We're going to do everything perfectly, if we understand what happens in final dungeons we can't lose. Now, who's ready to forget everything they learned about the game/show up to this point?

X: I am!

KI slaps X.

KI: That's the last thing you want to do! Final dungeons love making you reuse all the skills you learned earlier in your journey. Now, are you ready to give this 100 of your effort every step of the way?

X: Yes, I am!

KI takes out a baseball bat and bashes MegaMan in the head.

KI: You don't want to do that! You need to conserve your energy all the way until the end, then overwhelm the final enemy with your stock of elixirs you collected throughout the quest and never used. Now, are you ready to show your confidence by ignoring save points and absolutely refusing to leave and restock on supplies no matter how bad things look?

X: No, that's clearly a bad idea.

KI takes out a shotgun and shoots X.

KI: You're supposed to go along with obvious traps and bad ideas, idiot! Otherwise we'd never hit the event triggers!

X: Okay, okay, I get it, you'll injure me no matter what.

KI takes out a rocket launcher and shoots X.

X: What the hell was that for!

KI: Repeating a joke three times is the standard cliché, I had to avoid that (FINAL SUBTLE FORESHADOWING!)

Zero: Stop fighting, this isn't the time! Save it for when peace and harmony have been restored.

KI: Fine.

The characters arrive at a massive, floating, evil energy covered castle. It stands out sharply compared to the other nearby floating castles without evil energy.

X charges up an energy blast and shoots down the door. They enter the castle, passing a "No Yoshi" sign.

Liquid-Wily: You're fools for coming! If you had any intelligence you would have stayed at home and waited for us to get more powerful and crush you at our leisure.

X: Sometimes resolve has to come before logic!

Liquid: Believe whatever you want, you're still going to die. Metal Gear W, activate!

Zero: That's not so impressive, I could take you on by myself!

A barrier appears, and after some creative twisting manages to isolate Zero, who had been standing between X and KI.

KI: You idiot! There's no such thing as hyperbolic bragging, if you say something like that the dungeon will force you to do it!

Zero: Oh well, I'm pretty sure I can take this thing.

KI: But now you've basically guaranteed that we'll each have to fight something one on one!

Zero: It's too late to do anything about that, let me fight/

Metal Gear W stomps on Zero.

KI: YOU HONORLESS BASTARD, how dare you attack during dialogue!

Liquid: I have no use for honor, once the chaos realm is under our control we'll be able to subvert clichés whenever we want! Bowser won't have to put floating platforms above his lava, Ganon will be able to make the dungeon item useless for the dungeon it's in, the guy who drops the Tetris blocks will throw them down faster than the player can move them!

Zero: Not if I can help it!

Zero dashes out of the way of another stomp, then jumps into the air. He lands on top of the Metal Gear and stabs his Z saber through the top of it.

Liquid: Ha! Did you think that would work? This isn't an ordinary Metal Gear, it has no weakpoint!

Zero: Lies! You don't control the chaos realm yet, there has to be a weakpoint!

Liquid: You'll never find it in time. Die Zero!

The machine rockets upwards, crushing Zero against the ceiling. It then shakes him off, and aims its lasers at the weakened Zero.

Liquid: You are doomed! You'd need the strongest metal gear in the world to have any chance against this, and there's no way you could get that!

KI: Zero, that's obviously a hint! Figure out what he means!

Zero: How am I supposed to get a metal gear? You can't leave rooms during a boss fight!

KI: There's always a way!

X: Metal gear… the strongest… he's part Wily… I've got it! KI, what happened to my old MegaMan powers?

KI: They're in the most sealed dimension anywhere in the universe, same place all upgrades from previous games go.

X: I need them!

KI: Fine.

KI takes out a laptop.

KI: Found them.

X: Really?

KI: Don't ever doubt Google.

X takes one of his old weapons.

X: But we're sealed off, if only there was some way for Zero to get it…

KI: Put it in your pocket.

X: I'm a robot, I don't have pockets.

KI: That doesn't grissing matter, say you're putting it away!

X does.

KI: Zero, say you're checking your pocket!

Zero: Um… I'm checking my… hey, the powerup appeared!

KI: We're on a video game quest together, anything out of sight that we own can be summoned by any of us.

Liquid: I can't believe I've been pounding you with lasers for that entire sequence and you're still alive!

KI: It's the power of dialogue.

Zero: Oh, I see what this is.

Zero equips the power and shoots a barrage of sharp gears at Metal Gear W.

Zero: The Metal Blade, the most powerful weapon in MegaMan history. And you know the blades look like? Gears!

Liquid: Oh, why did I use such a specific taunt!

Zero shoots a barrage of gears at the machine, quickly deactivating it.

Liquid: Dammit! I don't suppose I could convince any of you to attach my arm to yourself after you kill me?

Zero: Nope.

Liquid: But I'm also Wily, I'm your father! Also, I'm Ceil's brother!

Zero: I don't care how many characters you're related to, I'm ending this.

Zero slices Liquid in half, then chops his arm into pieces.

Zero: I did it!

Metal Gear W: Mandatory self destruct sequence initiated. Explosion in 5…4…

Zero: There isn't time to get away!

MGW: 3…

KI: Zero, listen to me, get behind the Metal Gear!

Zero: But then I'll be right next to it when it blows up!

KI: Just do it!

MGW: 2…

Zero: That's insane!

KI: Trust me!

Zero: But it doesn't make any logical sense!

KI: I know what I'm doing, not only do I know about gaming clichés, I established that I do, meaning any advice I give in that area is likely to be completely accurate!

Zero: I'm still not entirely convinced!

KI: There isn't time, the countdown is at 2 seconds, we have five minutes tops!

MGW: 1…

Zero: This better work.

Zero dives out of sight.

MGW: 0.

The machine explodes. The barrier disappears, and there's no sign of Zero.

X: Zero's dead!

KI: No, he isn't. And not just because he's Zero, as long as he dies off screen we know he'll come back at the end of the dungeon. Let's keep moving.

KI and X make their way through the castle. They come across a room filled with switches, pushable objects, and a giant machine.

KI: We're in the big puzzle room.

X: How are we supposed to figure this out?

KI: Don't worry, after a while you can do stuff like this by intuition.

KI pushes a stone block onto a switch, shoots an energy blast at another switch that was being blocked until the first switch was activated, breaks off the third handle on the giant machine, and throws it at another block. The block breaks in half, and KI blows up a hollow segment of wall to reveal a treasure chest with a bottle inside. KI uses the bottle to scoop up the magic substance that was inside the broken block. KI goes to one of the statues lined against the walls of the room and pours the liquid into a small hole on the top of it. Then he shoots an energy blast at the ceiling, which ends up hitting a rope that makes a giant hammer swing at the statue, breaking it apart to reveal a plastic soldier. KI grabs the soldier and leaves behind another statue to keep the switch under the soldier pressed. KI sticks the plastic soldier where the handle originally was in the machine and ignites it with fire. It explodes, activating the machine. KI goes to the machine, enters a seven digit code, and takes control of it.

KI: Why do they keep reusing this puzzle?

KI rams the machine at the door, opening the path ahead.

X: That was amazing.

KI: Yeah, that should get us an S rank, glad I didn't just open the unlocked door.

KI and X continue through the castle, until they find a big, empty room.

KI: Battle time.

X: Against Sigma?

KI: Of course not, if Zero had to fight something one on one, obviously the two of us won't reach the final boss together. This is my fight.

X: But Sigma and Liquid were the only villains.

KI: Not quite.

Jack Thompson appears.

Jack: I live! Sigma took my body, but my spirit lives on! And my spirit can create a body, so Sigma's posession had essentially no effect on me.

KI: As redundant as it is considering everything that happened to you in reality, I'm still going to defeat you!

Jack: You can't defeat me, you're just some nameless fanfiction writer!

KI: Considering you're about to be disbarred and found guilty of criminal charges, I'd say being unknown gives me the edge.

KI takes out his SNES controllers.

KI: But enough talk, have at you!

KI starts spinning, creating a cyclone of SNES energy. Jack Thompson gathers evil energy and charges. The two energies collide.

Jack: I am stronger! I am powered by pure, magnificent hatred! You have no way to/

KI breaks through Jack's energy, blasting him away.

KI: We're on my turf now, your evil isn't going to help you, all you have to do to break power ties is press the button fast enough.

Jack: You can't defeat me, I'm immune to your Video Game Logic! (From the makers of Seeds of Glory)

KI: No, actually, you're not.

Jack charges at KI and does an easy to avoid attack, leaving himself hugely open afterwards. KI counter-attacks.

KI: Idiotic patterns…

Jack: You'll never survive my straight moving fireball attack that my hand glows orange several seconds prior to!

KI: Announcing attacks…

KI jumps in and punches Jack Thompson three times in succession.

KI: And vulnerable to quick combos! Merging with Sigma has made you even weaker, now you have the fighting skills of a fictional villain, not just the comically exagerrated dedication to evil!

KI keeps dodging Jack's attacks and countering.

X: He doesn't seem to be getting any weaker!

KI: He's not supposed to, I'm wearing down his life metter, although apparently this game doesn't display them. But since I'm writing the episode anyway, I have a feeling this last attack will finish him.

KI walks up to Jack and flicks his finger at him.


KI: Cinema time!

Jack is suddenly injured and breathing heavily.

Jack: I've… lost. My powers… weren't enough…

Sad music starts playing.

X: What's happening?

KI: Apparently he's going to try to give a sad speech.

Jack: I was born… most likely wherever Wikipedia says I was. Sure, I wasn't raised on a battle field and I didn't find out my father hated me, unless he wrote one of those hate letters I never got around to reading. And it's true that video games never did anything to me, and that I severely provoked every gamer, judge, and puppy that came to hate me. But I hated video games, gamers, our judicial system, and Wendy's with all my heart and soul. Looking back, if you were in my position and had no sense of reality or compassion, wouldn't you have done the same thing?

KI: No.

X: Nope.

Carnage: No!

Jack: Whatever. Just finish me, be the gamer who defeated Jack Thompson.

KI: …wait, I see what you're doing! This is another trick to make me look like an egotistical jerk by having my character do something too great! Well screw you!

Jack gets up.

Jack: Then you will die instead!

KI: Actually, there's a pretty simple way around this. Summon time!

KI summons Miyamoto.

Jack: He can't do anything! Stupid calm game designer, I bet you've never even kicked a five year old!

Miyamoto just stares at him.

X: Oh, I get it! Miyamoto is going to prove his spirit is stronger and beat Jack Thompson without resorting to violence, I've seen that plot element before/

Miyamoto starts to glow with red flames.


Miyamoto shoots an energy beam at Jack Thompson which completely dissolves him. Then Miyamoto vanishes.

X: He's gone for good! Now we can move on…

KI is lying on the floor.

KI: That summon… took the last of my energy. I'm not going to make it, go on to Sigma without me!

X: You look fine…

KI: No, I had to sacrifice my life energy for that, I can't be saved, go!

X: But you're breathing normally and your pulse is/


X: Okay, calm down!

X continues on towards Sigma. He enters a long hallway leading to a giant door. Ranger is standing outside it.

Ranger: Want to buy the strongest equipment in the series?

X: I don't have any money.

Ranger: Then I'm not helping you save the universe!

And so X just continues through the door, which doesn't appear to have anything but a black void on the other side. But when X touches it, the scene shifts to X approaching Sigma.

Sigma: So you've come. I'm glad you can witness my remaking of the video game worlds, deep down I always wanted the one person who could stop me present.

X: Why are you doing this? Why do we have to keep fighting again and again, and never resolve the overarching story themes?

Sigma: Because I have destiny on my side. The world of the internet gaming community has already chosen evil and chaos, they have turned on us and all the other long running series in favor of other ones, ones they will hate just as much in a couple years. They don't deserve to be allowed to win, to enjoy their games. Gaming has become corrupted, all I can do is use that corruption for my benefit.

X: I won't let you, as long as there are gamers and games that have an ending, I will triumph!

Sigma: That structure is about to change. Die X!

Sigma shoots a stream of evil energy at X, X is unable to move.

Sigma: There's no one to help you this time!

A figure falls from the sky, slashing through the energy stream.

X: Zero, you're alive! But how?

Zero: Right before the metal gear exploded, I remembered that my armor was strong enough to take an explosion of that level.

A SNES controller flies through the room, knocking Sigma back.

KI: And in a twist you never could have seen coming, I survived my less than a page ago death!

X: I know that together, we can beat Sigma!

KI: No, sorry, we're just here for this cinema, the final fight is still just you vs Sigma. But we'll be on the sidelines, cheering you on until we get bored.

Sigma: Sounds good. Time to die X!

X: NO! Not this time!

X dash jumps out of the way of Sigma's charge, and dash kicks off the wall, landing behind him.

X: This time, I'm in control. Sigma, you die!

X fires a fully charged shot at Sigma's head. Sigma dodges, and charges towards X again.

Sigma: Just because you've beaten me 10 times before doesn't mean I'm not out of your league!

Sigma slices at X, but X blocks it with his charged buster, and then hits Sigma in the arm, blowing it off.

X: You'll never win Sigma, no matter how many times you come back, no matter how many times Capcom just skips into the future instead of giving you a satisfying final defeat!

Sigma uses his remaining hand to shoot energy at X, but X is too quick. He jumps over Sigma and lands behind him, his charged blaster pressed against Sigma's head.

X: Time to kill for everlasting peace!

X fires, Sigma's head is blown clean off, his body falls to the ground.

X: I won! I beat Sigma!

KI and Zero don't look that happy.

X: What's wrong with you? I won one fight against a very humanoid boss, what could possibly be left?

The room seems to grow darker. Sigma's head rises from the ashes.

Sigma: Second form time!

A gigantic battle body rises from a corner of the room.

X: Amazing, who would have thought that seemingly innocent life size toy battle suit would become a part of the boss battle!

Sigma is in a huge battle body several times bigger than X.

Sigma: This time, I will win.

X: I wouldn't be so… I can't move!

KI: It's a cinema, nothing you can do, just sit back and take the painful beating.

Sigma blasts and stomps on X repeatedly. His armor starts cracking, his X buster stops working, he loses the ability to duck.

MegaMan: No! I've lost my X form!

Sigma: You're nothing more than the pathetic kids show character you were when you entered this dimension.

MegaMan: No! I won't let everyone down! Everyone, please, help me! I need your friendship and love!

Sigma: What the hell is that supposed to do?

Zero: He's invoking a final battle cliché to defeat an overpowered final boss.

KI: …cliché?...

KI gives a nervous twitch.

MegaMan: Everyone, anyone, if you can hear me, please, send me your thoughts and prayers.

KI: Cliché… cliché…

Zero: KI, what are you… NO!

The everybody is cheering for you sequence begins.

Roll: MegaMan, I'm your friend, but I'm not ready to go to the granting you special powers level.

Light: MegaMan, you're missing school for this! I'm ashamed of you!

Bass: Go ahead and die, then I can be the hero!

Rush: Rou forgot to reed me resterday, rew you!

Tommy Tallarico: More like power of GAYship!

The sequence ends.

Zero: KI, what have you done!

KI: I… I couldn't…

MegaMan: Nothing happened, I don't feel any stronger/

Sigma stomps on MegaMan's head. A wave of blue circles shoots out.

MegaMan is dead.

Zero: NO!

Sigma: I won!

Zero: KI, YOU GRISSING BASTARD! You killed MegaMan just to subvert a cliché, and it wasn't even that funny!

KI: I don't know what came over me, I just couldn't let it work…

Sigma: Um, I'm about to take over the freaking world, could you focus on that?

Zero: Looks like I have to fight him.

KI: You aren't strong enough!

Zero: Shut up, I don't care what you think!

Sigma: But you really aren't. I've won, this dimension is mine, and it would take one hell of a deus ex machina to…. RRRAAAAARRGGGHHHHH!

Sigma is shaking violently.

Zero: What's happening?

KI: One hell of a foreshadowing.

Sigma's body is torn apart. A wireframe face comes out of it, but it isn't the Sigma Virus.


The Chaos Virus dissolves into space, leaving Sigma's corpse behind.

Zero: What the HELL was that?

KI: It's not your concern, and not mine for a long time, especially if the next series take as long as this one. Sigma has been defeated, this dimension is safe.

Zero: But MegaMan is dead!

Zero gets over the shock of the Chaos Virus appearing, and focuses on KI again.

Zero: And it's because of you! You killed him just for one more cheap cliché subversion!

KI: Look, I know I/

Zero: Shut the hell up, I don't want to waste anymore time with you or your stupid plot.

Zero picks up MegaMan's body and leaves. He finds Light and everyone else.

Light: MegaMan's… dead? My only son!

ProtoMan and Axl are too upset to object.

Roll: At least he died heroically, saving us.

Zero: No he didn't, that's what bothers me most. He died because KI messed up the scene where he was supposed to become powerful enough to defeat Sigma.

Bass: I don't even feel up to doing the extended joke sequence from the preview to prove he's really dead.

Zero: I don't think any of us do. But he really is gone, so the show should end. I just want to fade into nothingness and forget any of this ever happened.

But the days pass and the future refused to change. There aren't any more parody plots or obscure references, everyone just goes about their normal lives, waiting for it to end. But the days turn to weeks, and the weeks turn to months, and the months turn to the time between MegaMan Jr. High updates, and it becomes clear that things aren't going to just stop.

Roll: I'm so tired of this.

Axl: We haven't done anything interesting since MegaMan died. At this point, I'd be thrilled if Wily or Sigma or Jack Thompson showed up and did something evil, I'd even like to see KI/

Zero: NO! I never want to see that grishole again. I'd rather be stuck like this forever.

No one quite understands what's going on with Zero. He seems to have taken MegaMan's death worse than anyone, even though he had never been truly attached to anything in the joke reality.

Later that day, Zero is once again walking home from school by himself. KI appears.

KI: Zero, you have to listen to me, you can't keep everyone/

Zero: Don't you dare show your face around me! I meant what I said, I don't want anything more to do with your twisted little fanfiction.

KI: Well if you refuse to face me, you're just going to keep being stuck in it!

Zero: The main character is dead, the person who got trapped in the chaos realm and imagined this. There's no reason for it to still exist except another of your stupid cliché subversions.

KI: Haven't you figured it out yet? If you're so damn genre savvy, you should have seen this coming from the intro!

Zero: What the hell are you talking about?

KI: X and Zero were fighting Sigma. Sigma said he was pulling them back into the chaos realm. A flash occurs. It never said X was the one who got sucked in.

Zero: …are you saying…?

KI: YES! You're the one imagining this! It should have been pretty obvious, you got the most attention, it was either you or me that was the main character, and inserting myself into the real MegaMan X canon would just be pathetic mary sueism.

Zero: You mean I could have woken up at any time? You could have just told me this and ended my delusion! What the gris is wrong with you!

KI: Do you really think it's that simple? You want this to be over, right? Then stop yelling at me and end it, right now!

Zero just stands there.

KI: Well, what are you waiting for? Your dream of ending your dream is in your grasp, end it!

But Zero just stands there.

Zero: I… can't.

KI: Which is the real problem! You could have easily figured this out sooner, but you suppressed the knowledge, you wanted it to be my fault you were here, or MegaMan's! You're afraid to leave this world!

Zero: Okay, okay, you're right. But I honestly don't know why, why am I drawn to this ridiculous place?

KI: You're going to have to figure that out for yourself, I've been here far too long, hell, I wrote an entire other series in around a tenth of the time this one took. It's up to you.

Zero: Why should I trust you! Why should I believe any of this?

KI: You don't have to trust me, everything is in your hands.

KI starts fading.

Zero: Wait!

But KI fades into nothingness. Something falls to the ground where KI was standing.

Zero: SNES… KI's SNES…

KI's power source is lying on the ground infront of Zero. Zero picks up the controller, and it wraps around him. The system jumps into him, absorbing itself into Zero.

Zero: The power… it's mine!

Zero can see everything in the series, control every aspect of it. All he has to do is think it, and a plot will begin. He can do anything, if he wants it, a cheap retcon to bring back MegaMan, Sigma, and Wily can be thought of in a few seconds.

Zero: There's no one left to blame for this place, I have to really decide now.

Zero is trapped in thought, his memories of his real world are flooding into him. The real Wily, the real Sigma, his centuries of fighting, the looming fear of his past.

Zero: If I stay here, I won't have to face any of that… I can just think of plot after plot, parody after parody, in complete safety and without any responsibility to be consistent…

But more memories come to Zero. Saving X from Vile, watching Iris die, X's face when watching Zero die, although he can't remember which death it was specifically. Then he remembers how he felt watching the MegaMan Jr. High X die.

Zero: If I stay here, everyone in my world will feel the way I did. My fight probably isn't going to keep on going for centuries or anything, but even so…

Zero knows what he has to do.

Zero: Time to wake up/


KI has reappeared.

Zero: KI, I thought you had left!

KI: I got… bitter…batter… some variation of the "I got better" line. Anyway, I changed my mind, there are still plots I want to do!

Zero: KI, this has gone on long enough. It's time to end the series.

KI: But what if I think of a plot I really want to use?

Zero: You can cram it in somewhere else! Just because MegaMan Jr. High is over doesn't mean you can't cram your plot ideas into something else!

KI: But this is it, I can't bring the series back again, this would really be the end. Having a finished work stay finished is much harder than it sounds.

Zero: You know you can't keep this up, do you want another two years of late updates haunting you?

KI: I can do better! I'll make sure I… who am I kidding, there's no way that would work.

Zero: If you really wanted to keep this going, you wouldn't have given me the SNES powers, or specifically claim this was the final episode for that matter.

KI: You're right. I need to move on, I'll always have the memories and positive reviews.

Zero: Start towards your next project, this section of the chaos realm is closing for good.

KI: Goodbye Zero, may we meet again when I feel like doing meta-references in my next series.

KI vanishes again.

Zero: Goodbye MegaMan Jr. High, I'll never forget you. And never come near me again.

Zero summons the SNES inside him, and pushes down the power switch. Everything goes black.


Zero: X?

X: Zero, you finally woke up!

Signas: We were getting really worried, that was almost three times as long as when X got trapped in there.

Alia: But don't worry, I've almost got an antidote developed, the data from your awakening should let me complete it. We won't have to worry about the chaos realm again.

Douglas: Wait, I'm detecting something inside Zero, something that wasn't there before!

X: A richness of character and understanding of himself that his experience in MegaMan Jr. High gave him?

Zero: X, please, I don't want to hear another joke for a long time.

Douglas: It's some kind of machine.

Douglas opens Zero, removes the object, and seals him up again.

Signas: I've never seen anything like that.

X: I have.

Zero: Me to. I spent quite a while wishing I had its power.

Signas: Power? This thing is some kind of weapon?

Zero: No, I don't think it is here. But it will definitely make a great souvenir.

It's later. Zero is watching the sun set on the same cliff edge X went to after his experience in MegaMan Jr. High. X approaches him.

Zero: I know it was the right thing to do, but I'm still not sure I can get over what I lost. I never would have had to do any real fighting again, and if I didn't like what had happened, I could change it with a cheap joke.

X: I felt the same way after coming back. I still think about it, but I remember something KI said to me right before I left "Just keep it up, and remember no matter what they say, your adventures are great."

Zero: Our… adventures?

X: Ever since I heard that, I've been thinking. The way Sigma keeps coming back, his insistence on using strategies he knows won't succeed, it feels like something is making it happen. There even seem to be mistakes sometimes, remember that one team of mavericks with the ridiculous names?

Zero: You're saying our realm is being controlled by someone as well?

X: Maybe. It may sound weird, but look at it this way, it means everything we do has a purpose. All our memories are permanent and appreciated, and our lives are specifically made to be as entertaining as possible.

Zero: But then we don't have any control over our own destiny!

X: We have control, we can stop at any time. You had the choice to stop, to escape and rule your own reality. Free will doesn't mean you can choose everything that happens in life, just how you react to it. Whatever this force is that makes our world repeat its patterns, we can still choose how to react to it.

Zero: I already know how I'll react, and even though I wanted to, I couldn't force myself to abandon the fight against the mavericks.

X: But that wasn't anyone controlling you, it was your own will controlling your actions. We don't have to fight against the forces we don't understand, as long as we make the choices we feel are right we're in control of ourselves. The actions of everyone else are just something we have to live with.

Zero: I guess you're right. Let's not tell the others about this though, giving all the other maverick hunters an existential crisis doesn't seem like a good idea.

X: They'll figure it out on their own, at their own pace, just like you did.

And so Zero and X returned to their lives, fighting Sigma, and later Weil and Albert and whatever else Capcom throws at us before just admitting that Wily was behind everything. They had a purpose in their own reality, but they would never forget their times at MegaMan Jr. High, and would think of it whenever they looked at Zero's souvenir, the year 21XX's only SNES.

The End