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Warning; very suggestive parts and Tristan x Duke, to hell with it!

Nicole woke up to a large warm hand picking her up. She looked up to see a Samurai Griffin smiling down on her.

"Amidamarius? But... I didn't-"

"Hush Nicole, if the need is great enough any bit beast can come forth."

"Thank you... Ah!" Nicole growled as her arm burned with pain. "Can you do anything Amida?"

"Apologies mistress, a healer I am not."

"YOU HAVE A BIT BEAST!" cried a voice, Nicole turned around to see Tyson gawping at her like Amidamarius was the only unusual thing to have happened.

"Hm." she smiled. "Yes Tyson, I have a bit beast. And I could really do with a healer right now."

"Here's one." Goku walked up behind Tyson with a shorter Namekian.

"Dende! Good to see you again."

"Yes, circumstances could be better though." he sighed, as he healed her.

"How's Ryou?"

"He's fine now, still a bit weak though." Dende told her, Nicole nodded and climbed off Amidamarius's hand.

"Thank you. Amida, why don't you stay for the rest of the festivities, I know it's been a while since you've stretched your wings."

"It'd be an honour."

"I don't think we've been introduced." chirped a voice. Dranzer stood in front of them, shying her head away from Amidamarius.

"Dranzer!" Kai cried. "You're a proud Phoenix! Not a lovesick school girl!"

"Oh let it be, Kai, its Christmas." said Bryan, still carrying Ella. "Nicole has the right idea. Hey Falborg, come on out."

"Ah, why not." the eagle replied, emerging from Bryan's pocket. Ella hid her face. "Was it something I did?"

"Nah. She's just shy."

Nicole walked over to Ryou, his shoulder healed under his torn costume, he looked a bit peaky.

"Ryou. I'm sorry." she whispered softly, gently kissing him on the lips.

"Mm, nice wake up call." he purred, opening his eyes fully. "Wha-hey, bit beasts have joined the party."

"Yep. I think they're all getting acquainted with Amidamarius." she laughed, seeing the Griffin surrounded by a Tiger, a Dragon, a Wolf, a Tortoise, an Eagle and a Phoenix.

Soon the party was back in full swing, everyone dancing around, Bryan and Tala were holding each of Ella's arms so she didn't fall off Walborg's back.

Though poor Nicole was getting interrogated by Tyson.

"Why didn't you tell us you had a bit beast?"

"Because... because I don't want to battle and knowing you lot, especially you Tyson, you'd be challenging me left, right and centre. You guys are world class; I'm just a rookie, even with Amidamarius."

"Maybe just a friendly battle at some point?" Max suggested, giving Nicole the puppy dog eyes.

Not even Nicole, who could keep Vegeta at bay and sling knives like a pro, could resist his eyes.

"Ok fine, but another time. Maybe you guys could come up to the mountains for a while."

"Cool." smiled Ray. "How did you come across Amida- Ami-?"

"Amidamarius? He was my father's guardian; the only thing found when my house burnt down back in England was his pendant. He was so ashamed that he hadn't succeeded, then he found out I was in hospital and came to me there. He's my Yojimbo, my companion, my guardian angel, my bit beast but most importantly, my friend."

"Um, Nicole, we still have two presents to give out." said Mokuba.

"Huh? Oh yeah. What was Yami's by the way?"

"Art supplies." Goku told her, Dranzer perched on his shoulder, parrot sized.

"Goku and a phoenix, sounds about right if all the times you've been revived are true."

"Yeah. Right, hey you lot, there's still two presents!" he called.

Everyone huddled around; Ella still sat on Walborg's back as he lay down like a dog.

"This is to Ella, from me." called Seto. Joey signed for her to come up. Sliding off the wolf's back she did.

Opening the box she found it was a pair of new hearing aids, a lot smaller than her current ones and were black and red.

"Your dad told me you didn't like your ones much so I had these made and tuned to work straight away." he told her, kneeling down in front of her with Joey.

# Take those off Ella and see if these work. # Joey signed, Ella nodded. Taking them off and handing them to LC.

"Joey, tell her to poke me if I hurt her." Seto told him, Joey nodded and did so. And with that Seto set about placing the devices behind her ears.

After about five minutes he stepped out of the way. Joey took over.

# How do they feel, do they hurt? #

# No they don't, they're really comfortable. #

# Ok, I'm going to turn them on now. # He reached behind her ears and flicked the little switches. #"Can you hear my voice?"#

# Very faintly. #

"Oi Seto, she said it's very faint."

"Crap." he made a few adjustments on a laptop in front of him. "Try it now."

#"How about now Ella?"#

# Crystal clear. #

"Can she hear me?" asked Amidamarius, who had gone over the far end of the hall. Joey repeated the question and she nodded.

"Loud and clear."

"Everything's in perfect order." Seto called, walking back to the huddle, there was a small cheer from everyone. Ella looked in the wall mirror, before running up and giving him a big hug.

"Thank you Seto. Thank you very much indeed." sniffed LC, wiping his eyes.

"You're such a big softie little bro." sniffed Yamuna, then she cried into Yamcha's shoulder.

"So are you Yamuna." he told his daughter and giving the thumbs up sign to his granddaughter.

"The last present is for the woman of the night, both in the summer and now. Here ya go Nicole." said Tyson, handing her the cylinder.

"From... Yami." Nicole smiled, pulling off the top of the black cylinder and pulling out what was inside. "It's a bit big."

"Goku, if you would care to lend a hand." Yami grinned, taking an end.

"I'd be happy to, after all I'll be the one that has to hang It." said Goku as he began to unroll it.

"Trunks, remind me to buy a ton of poly-filler, plasterboard and paint." said Gohan, knowing what his father's D.I.Y attempts were like.

"Goku, we've got it the wrong way round." laughed Yami.

"So we have."

Soon they had righted the problem and all Nicole could do was gasp and stare along with the others.

It was a painting, of everyone there on the night of the talent show, it was so well done that Kaiba asked who Yami paid to paint it.

"I didn't pay anyone, I did it myself." Yami felt rather undignified that he was asked such a question.

"You painted that Yami? So that's why you've been so quiet about It." cried Solomon, as he and Gramps walked up after finally waking up. "What happened here?" he asked, seeing the torn costumes and the bit beasts.

"Don't worry Grandpa; we just had an unwanted guest." Yugi told him.

"Nicole, are you going to say anything?" asked Goten, giving the girl a small nudge.

Nicole nodded and hugged Yami.

"Thank you, it's beautiful. You're very talented."

"Thank you." Yami smiled, and then the clock struck twelve.

"IT'S CHRISTMAAAAAAAAAAAAASSS!" Everyone yelled in unison as the chorus of Slade's 'Merry Christmas' came over the sound system.

'So here it is, Merry Christmas,

Everybody's having fun,

Look to the future now,

It's only just begun!'

Spencer, Tala, Bryan, Tyson, Nicole and Max walked onto the stage and picked up a microphone each.

"This is just a little ditty we came up with in Kai's honour; we got the idea from The Goku Irish Drinking Song back in the summer." Tyson grinned. Kai suddenly looked green; as Kaiba, Joey and Duke started playing 'Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer' on the piano, pipe and drum.

Nicole;You know Tyson and Tala and Michael and Bryan, Spencer and Johnny and Robert and Gary, but do you recall,
the most famous blader of all?

All;Kai the lonely blader
Had a very strange hair do
Spencer;(like Yugi),
And if you ever saw it
Nicole;(saw it),
You might even say it's blue
Tyson;(like the colour),
All of the other bladers
Used to laugh and call him names
Tala;(like Sourpuss)
They never let poor Kai
Join in any Beyblade games
Max;(like a tournament),

Tala;Then one foggy Beyblade night,
Voltaire came to say
Bryan;(heh, heh, heh),
Spencer; "Kai with all your power, will you use Black Dranzer?"

All;Then how the bladers loved him
Max;(loved him),
As they shouted out with glee
Kai the lonely blader
Spencer, Tala
& Bryan;
Blew up Balkov AaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAABBY!

Everyone laughed and applauded. Ray thought Kai looked a little shell-shocked.

"Cheer up Kai, it's only a song."
"I know, but after New Years, I'm going to kill them."

"As Kitty-Cat said Kai, it's only a song." said Nicole, giving the Bluenette a shake. "Anyone else got a little song before we retire for a few hours?"

"We have one, and it's just as offensive. By the way, thank you for the present Mr Mutou." grinned Kai. "Seto, Jingle Bells, if you please."

Kai; Ripping through the snow,
At a hundred revs per sec,
Ray;We've drunken too much wine,
Pray that we don't wreck!
Hiro;Sounds of launchers while,
Beyblades spin and crash,
Ray;Oh what fun it is to burn,
Kai;Tyson's favourite shirt to ash!

Jingle bells,
Tyson smells,
Dragoon needs a brain,
Grandpa needs to learn to drive,
Ray;And Hiro missed his train!


Nicole; (WAIT!)
Jingle Bells!
Draciel has a shell!
Ray needs a new haircut!
Kai is very scary but he's got one good looking butt! Hey!

"Beat that one Kai!" Nicole grinned.
"You have been staring at my arse!"
"You have been staring at his arse?" Ryou demanded.
"Maybe, but no-one's arse is as nice as yours Ryou. You and your behind are the only ones for me." she giggled, kissing him.
"Besides Kai, you do have a good looking butt." Ray blushed, hugging his stoic love.
"I'm glad you think so Ray. Nicole, you owe me an all out battle."
"Whatever you say Kai." Nicole grinned.
"Lady Nicole, where is your mask?" asked Amidamarius.
"Huh? Oh yeah. Good question Amida. Has anyone seen it?"
"Right here." called Tristan. "I managed to grab it when you went knife flailing at Bakura."
"Thanks Tristan. Now where is my knife? I dropped it after Bakura stabbed me in the arm."
"Here Nicole. Nice lookin' knife." said Tala, handing it to her handle first, Amidamarius must've cleaned it when she was out.
"Thank you Tala. Now didn't I tell you that you and the guys would have fun tonight, even without the knife loving party crasher."
"I must admit, we have." Tala nodded. "But we're hosting New Years!"
"Suits me fine. Right, we heading to bed for a few hours or what?" called Kaiba. Everyone nodded. "Ok then, Mohandas!"
"You (yawn) called Sir?"
"Please take our guests to their rooms. And Mohandas?"
"Yes Sir?"
"Merry Christmas." Mohandas recovered his shock and nodded with a smile.
"Merry Christmas to you too." and led everyone from the room.

"Will you bit beasts be alright down here?" asked Ray.
"We'll be fine. Young one." replied Driger.
"Ok, Merry Christmas guys. Oh and Amid- Amim- oh damn!"
"Call me Amida if my full name gets lost on your tongue, Tiger Master." the Samurai chuckled. "And what is it?"
"Thanks, for saving us back there."
"It is my duty to protect my mistress and those she cares about. Seek rest Tiger Master, good night and good tidings."
Ray nodded and ran after the others.

Once everyone had rested, though not many did either due to the fact they were sleeping Christmas morning away or that screams of pleasure from those identified as Joey, Ray, Tala, Trunks and Goten were resounding most of the time. (Three guesses what they were up to. Tee hee!)

"Bloody hell, it was like a jungle scene last night. What the hell was going on?" demanded Duke over Christmas Dinner, it was about lunch time.

"You don't want to know Duke, though I'm sure you can guess." giggled Nicole, her face carrying a fresh glow.

"Someone's been a naughty girl." wheedled Ray.

"At least I was quiet about it." Nicole replied through a mouthful of turkey, seeing Ray blush.

"Some like to proclaim their love to the heavens." Goten shrugged.

"Ok ok, break it up you lot, some of us are trying to eat here." called Yamuna.

"Sorry Yamuna." called Seto.

Soon the meal was drawing to a close and conversation had moved onto less embarrassing topics.

"Where's Amida?" asked Ray.

"He's gone flying to stretch his wings, he hasn't really seen much of Japan since I've been here.

"Hey look! It's snowing!" cried LC.

"It's chucking it down!" added Ryou. Nicole left the room abruptly.

"What's eatin' her?" asked Bryan.

"WAHOO!" came a cry, and they watched Nicole dance around in the snow.

"Seto, did you get that ice-rink built?" asked Joey, standing up.

"Yes…" Seto grinned, following suit.

"LAST ONE OUT BESIDES LC IS A ROTTEN EGG!" yelled Tyson and Max, running with Joey to the door. Most of the others following.

"Nice to see they made allowances." laughed LC.

"Ow! Hey no fair!" cried Tyson, as someone landed a well aimed snowball at his head.

"Life ain't fair Tyson, get used to it!" laughed Yugi, launching another snowball, this time at Yami.

"Abiou!" Yami picked up a handful of snow and launched it at Yugi.

"WHA!" came a cry, as Ray went flying across the ice rink.

"I gotcha!" laughed Joey, catching the Nekojin before he went flying over the edge.

"Oops, sorry Ray." laughed Kai as he skated up to them.

"Kai you git! You know I can't skate, what did you pull a stunt like that for?"

"To see if all cats landed on their feet." Kai smirked.

"Well they don't on ice, bird-brain!"

"Pack it in you two." sighed Max, skating around with Serenity.

"Hey sis, you seen to be hanging with Max a lot." called Joey.

"Max doesn't drool over me when I'm talking to him. Unlike tweedle-dum and tweedle-dee." Snorted Serenity.

"I told you it was too far to the left!" Duke's voice bellowed as the snowman he and Tristan had been building decided it's head should fall off.

"No you didn't!" was the reply as Tristan threw a stick to the ground.

"I bet they end up snogging in the snow." said Joey, skating to the side to watch.

"Two Hundred Yen says they end up trying to kill each other." said Seto.


"Shut up dice boy. You think you're so perfect!" Tristan growled. 'Heck, I think you're perfect. If only you knew, Duke.' Tristan thought, he couldn't help feeling a strong warm-and-so-fuzzy-you-want-to-throw-up feeling in his chest. His attraction to Serenity was strong but it didn't hold a candle to his attraction to Duke.

"No I don't think I'm perfect Taylor, what gives you that ridiculous idea?" 'I'm nothing compared to you, you're strong, brave, handsome beyond belief…'

"WHA! TURN AMIDA!" cried a voice, Tristan looked up to see Nicole riding the back of her bit-beast with Ryou and it seemed he was having trouble braking in the cold air. Doing the first thing that came to his mind, Tristan tackled Duke to the ground before being buried in the snow by Amidamarius' armoured tail.

"You did that on purpose!" cried Ryou as they gained altitude.
"I know I did." the griffin Samurai laughed.
"Make love not war?" Ryou enquired.
"Condoms are cheaper than hospital bills." laughed Nicole. Both Ryou and Amidamarius sweatdropped.
"Like her father, 'Subtle as a sledgehammer' he used to say."
"Sounds about right." Ryou sighed.

"Er… Tristan, thanks pal." said Duke as he brushed the snow off his face.

"No problem Duke." Tristan replied, trying not to blush in their current situation. Then he saw Duke's lips were turning blue. "You ok?"

"Just a little c-cold." Tristan climbed off him and pulled the raven haired teen into his lap, trying to warm him up. Duke's teeth started to chatter. "T-thank you."

"Don't talk, you'll only get colder." Tristan told him. He wanted so badly for Duke's lips to stop being blue that he threw all apprehensions out of the window and brought his mouth down over Duke's.

Duke was, to say the least, surprised. 'Maybe…just maybe.' he stopped thinking altogether and kissed back.

"Someone owes me!" Joey's voice broke the moment.

"Oh hush." said Seto. "Let's help them or Duke's gonna catch hypothermia if we don't get him inside."

"Right." Joey nodded.

Soon everyone had shedded their coats and boots and curled up around the fire, Kai and Ray were combing pine needles from Driger and Dranzer, Nicole was drying off Amidamarius' armour before it rusted. Duke and Tristan were nearest the fire after nearly being 'buried alive by a bit beast'.

"Good snowball fight Yugi." said Tyson, as he dried off Dragoon's claws.

"Yeah it was, even with you using Dragoon."

"You had Yami, Ray, Kai, and most of the Z-Fighters on your side."

"Yeah true." Yugi grinned, giving Yami and Yamcha a high-five.

"Where are Vegeta and Goku?"

"That's easy, we're behind you. We had our own snowball fight."

"And the remnants of that are dripping onto my rug." called Seto.

Goku laughed and shook the snow from Vegeta's hair.

Nicole sighed and sat down with Ryou, Amidamarius curling up on the floor infront of them.

"Anything worth watching on TV?" asked Joey.

"Didn't you say you have a tape of the show chief?" asked Max.

"Oh yeah I have it on Dizzi. Shall I hook it up?"

"Could do I suppose." said Kaiba, getting nods from everyone. Kenny produced his laptop seemingly from nowhere and hooking it up to the large flatscreen TV.

"Ladies and Gents, Boys, Girls and Bit beasts of all ages. Presenting the Techy's view of the Royal Griffin Boarding School Talent Show." Kenny announced, hitting play on the laptop.

"Get the lights please Mohandas?" called Mokuba.

"Of course sir, hot chocolates all round?"

"Six coffees and two waters, everyone else hot chocolate." called Nicole.

"She knows us all too well." laughed Yami, then looked at the screen. "Holy Ra, is that me!"

"Yes it is Yami. And that spandax leaves little to the imagination." Nicole giggled as the video Yami jumped off the stage and over the audience.

"Oh Kami, what do we look like!" laughed Krillin as he, Tien and Yamcha danced onto the stage.

"Do you want Kami's honest answer on that?" Piccolo told them, Dende started laughing.

"Oh yeah, sorry Piccolo."

"Eh?" frowned Max.

"Inside joke." Goten and Gohan told them in unison. As the final verse was sang on the Irish song, everyone joined in.

He's a really cool guy,
And a nice one too
He really is a good friend,
Though he has a low I.Q.!
But don't ever cross him,
Don't ever do it at all,
'Cause if you ever do,
He'll kick you in the dragon balls!

"I still can't believe you three came up with that." Vegeta laughed.

"Spur of the moment." shrugged Yamcha.

"Aha! I look like a right head-banger." chuckled Max, watching himself spin around while playing his guitar.

"You two are so made for each other." said Nicole, seeing Kai and Ray playing back to back.

"I guess if it wasn't for you Nic, some of us would've never got together." Ray told her, pouring pine needles into the fire and sitting beside her.

"If it wasn't for you lot, I'd probably be stuck in my dorm with nothing but a cold turkey sandwich and my guitar right about now."

"Well you've got us and nothing makes Christmas better than-"

"Téa, can it, we don't want a friendship speech... oh god it's me!" Joey cried. "I look awful."

"You won didn't you?" said Yugi. Seto leaned in and whispered in Joey's ear.

"You were good enough to give me a hard on, pup. And that's saying something."

"Ok, maybe I wasn't that bad." Joey grinned.

"Do you still go Joey?" asked Hilary.
"Yep, starting Tribal bellydance soon. It's more intense."

"Cool. Good luck with that Joey." said Duke.

"Bloody hell!"

"What is it Nic?" asked Goku. Nicole made a squeak and pointed at the screen, it was the act where she let Bakura throw knives at her. "I know, and you were very brave."

"I'll say, even I wouldn't do something that crazy." said Bryan.

"I guess I wasn't thinking at the time. I just wanted to prove a point to the fool."

"I'm sure you did, Bakura's more stubborn than most." Ryou told her, comforting his girlfriend. Then they heard Nicole yelling, they looked to the TV.

"How! Dare! You! Treat! Ryou! Like! Shit!"

"I'll do whatever I like to him, he's my Hikari!"


Nicole's face was contorted with rage on film.

"While I'm around, that's gonna change." Then her tone changed "Hiya guys."

"You... decked Bakura! Nice one!" Mokuba's voice told her. "That took as much balls as letting him throw knives at you."


"What? It did! And because of you I've heard worse."

"Wait, this is backstage. Kenny wasn't here yet." said Nicole.

"He put a little camera on my headset." Mokuba told them.

"What's up with your face?" asked Joey, pointing to his right cheek, Nicole felt hers, paled and ran into the first dressing room with the door open. "What's eatin her?"

"No idea."

"She did what? Jeez she's got a screw loose!"

"Glad you think so highly of me Kai."

"I didn't mean it to come out like that."

"Never mind.So you got me blubbing like a baby Kenny?" asked Nicole.

"I edited that out, up to..."

"So you're coughing up for that to get its face fixed. Actually it's an improvement so I'd leave it." Bakura snorted, no-one had noticed he had got up.


Bakura was on the floor again, Kaiba, Ray, Ryou and Vegeta all holding their fists in the air.

Kaiba looked satisfied with the payback. Ray's golden eyes were slitted, fangs beared. Ryou looked really angry and Vegeta... normal.

"Figures." sighed Trunks.

"Ray, dude, you're scaring me." Tyson's face had gone pale.

"Whoa, Vegeta." Goku gasped.

"The bastard was getting on my nerves. Plus I couldn't bare to see the girl cry again."

"I saved Vegeta the embarrasment of the hugging and dubbed it out." Kenny sighed

"Um, I hate to interrupt, but the second half of the show is meant to be starting in a moment."

"Oh god." whispered Yamuna to herself. "I'm going to go and see what's taking Mohandas so long." she got up and left the room. LC laughed and shook his head.

"She hates being filmed."

"I can see the back of my head!" cried Tala. "Oh god does it really look that bad?" he asked, patting the back of his head. Everyone anime fell.

"Tala! Your hair's fine." sighed Brian. He signed to Ella. # He's an idiot but I love him. #

# Someone's got to. # She giggled. # My ears look massive on that video. #

# They don't now so that's all that matters Ella. You're a very beautiful girl.# The deaf girl blushed and hugged him again.

"She's really taken to you Bryan." smiled Tala.

"Yeah, strange that, kids usually run away from me."

"Master's gone soft!" sang Falborg. Bryan sighed and shrugged.

"Flippin hell, you look twice as angry on video than you did that night Vegeta." said Gohan. Watching the video version of his father fighting Vegeta.

"Yamuna, you can come back now." called LC.

"Miss Scipiotora was assisting me in the kitchen sir, sorry for the wait ladies and gentlemen, we ran out of sugar."

"Whoops, sorry Mohandas." said Joey.

"Quite alright Master Joseph." he replied, handing out the drinks.

"Wow, I thought I was a headbanger, I don't hold a candle to you Nicole." said Max, seeing Yugi tapping and a guitar behind him, played by a pair of bodyless arms spinning around and allsorts. "You were good too Yugi."
"Thanks Max, I had a good teacher."
"Ah, it was nothing Yugi." said Serenity. Hearing her cheer on the tape.
"Oh man I can't watch the next bit. It's me." Tristan grumbled.
"Make out with Duke then, that will take your mind off it." said Hiro, sipping at his mug.
"Good idea Hiro, thanks." said Duke, latching his mouth onto Tristan's.

By the time they were done, Nicole had just thanked everyone for coming and turned to reveal the feathered mask on her face.

"You guys really do know how to spring surprsises on lil' ol' me don't ya?" laughed Nicole, as Ryou started singing 'We Go Together' on screen. "I thought it was a brilliant night. Turn it off Chief, I'm sure no-one wants to see Bakura get a knife thrown at him again."

"Yes we all know you're a good shot Nic." chuckled Gohan.

Nicole sighed and looked out of the window, scratching Amidamarius behind the ears, entrancing everyone with her voice as she recited whatever came to mind.

"Once again it's clear to see,
As a band of friends, thirty and three.
With bit-beasts, bladers and fighters alike,
coming together to enjoy a festive night.
Gifts given, gifts recieved,
we even brough down a Bakura peeved.

Played in the snow crisp, clean and bright,
Basked in the warmth of fire's festive light.
Two things I've learnt, that's for sure,
Friendship and love, for all is pure.
God bless all, be chaos free,
As a band of friends... thirty and three."


I know, crap ending, but I was kinda rambling.

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