Serenity Wheeler is what people call a good girl. She does what she is told, especially if Joey is the one telling her to do something. Yami Mouto is the school rebel with a slight temper, especially if that temper involves protecting his friends. What happens when these two complete opposites meet, and then are introduced later on? How will they affect each other in the end?

Chapter One: The Beach

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Serenity Wheeler smiles to herself as she begins jogging on the beach. The cool water brushes up against her feet, cooling them from the heated sand. Her hazel eyes are hidden behind a pair of simple sunglasses, and her reddish brown hair is tied in a ponytail. The one thing people can see is her soft smile and slender body. She looks out over the water momentarily thinking about her life overseas, a brief frown covering her features. Yami Mouto leans up against a palm tree, his crimson eyes hidden by blonde bangs. His face holds its usual smirk, although his eyes seem sad. He shifts slightly, allowing the sun to strike his black hair, with its natural crimson highlights.

Serenity notices the forlorn figure leaning against the palm tree. She smiles as she takes in the way his hair is spiked in the back. She shakes her head before cooling down, and with a short yell she runs into the ocean. Yami notices the slender girl as she looks over at him. His eyes glint momentarily as she runs into the ocean. She rises up from under the water, looking very much like a water nymph. Serenity sighs before swimming out toward a buoy. Yami stands up now as he watches her. He takes a step toward the water as she swims back.

Serenity takes a moment to look over at the beach as she begins to swim back. She notices a few other details about the boy now that she is closer to him, his natural tan and the way he seems to move gracefully with a touch of arrogance. Serenity ducks under the water, to cool off her face, and Yami notices she is missing before he races into the water. She comes up and frowns as she notices the boy is missing. She shrugs and begins swimming back to shore when she nearly collides with someone.

Yami begins treading the water as someone nearly swims into him. "Are you alright?"

Serenity looks over at the deep voice, and feels her cheeks flame. She nods her head as she treads the water with him. Yami realizes that he is talking to the same girl he has been watching. "I thought you was in trouble."

Serenity forces herself to look up and she smiles. "Oh. Thank you then."

Yami finds himself smiling as he watches the water dripping down her face. "It's no problem. What's your name?"

Serenity swims closer to him. "It's…" She frowns. "Which name do you want?"

Yami raises his eyebrows. "The one you go by."

Serenity shakes her head. "No. What I mean is do you want my American name or Japanese name?"

Yami thinks for a moment. "The one you go by."

Serenity giggles. "Okay then I go by either, but my favorite is Serenity."

Yami grins now and tries out her name. "Serenity. I like it."

Serenity blushes. "What's your name?"

Yami smirks. "Which one?"

Serenity laughs now causing Yami to laugh with her. "The one you go by."

He thinks for a minute. "My friends call me Yami."

She smiles. "Yami. I like it."

Yami grins at her before swimming closer to her. Serenity easily swims back, causing him to grin. He swims closer and Serenity gives a giggle before swimming away and causing Yami to chase her. Yami catches up with her and pulls her up against him. He feels her heart racing against his own as whispers in her ear. "Gotcha." Serenity laughs and the two spend the rest of the day together. Yami glances down at his watch a few hours later. "I've got to go."

Serenity nods, her face falling. "Oh. It was nice meeting you… Yami."

Yami grins before gently turning up her face to his. "Same time tomorrow?"

Serenity nods as he brushes the hair back from her face before strutting away. She shakes her head as she gathers up her things and runs back to meet Joey. She smiles as she spots the blonde haired duelist nervously pacing. Her hazel eyes light up as she runs faster toward him. "Joey!"

Joey turns and catches his sister. "I was worried about you." He looks her over, his brown eyes critical. "Serenity we are going to be late."

Serenity shakes her head as they get in a beat up car. "Late for what big brother?"

Joey smiles as he starts the engine. "I'm taking you to meet the gang." He notices her soft yawn as she tries to hide it from him. Joey smiles before heading toward their home. "But we can do it another time. Did you have fun at the beach?"

Serenity nods and leans her head back to close her eyes. "Yeah. I made a friend today."

Joey grins happily. "That's wonderful! I told you that you would make friends fast."

Serenity smiles, her eyes still closed. "We're supposed to meet up tomorrow. Is that alright with you Joey?"

Joey nods and then realizes her eyes are closed. "Of course it is. Well we made it."

Serenity smiles as she climbs out of the car and walks inside the small apartment with Joey. He waves her into the bathroom before going to order a pizza and call his friends. Joey grins as he hears the water running in the bathroom. He picks up the phone and calls Yugi and Yami first to see if they will call the gang. Serenity sighs as the warm water runs down her skin. A few minutes later she steps out of the shower and wipes the steam from the mirror. Serenity grins as she notices the faint tan she acquired. She dries her hair before pulling on a pair of her favorite pajamas. She opens the door in time to hear Joey hang up the phone from ordering some pizza.

Yugi rushes to the phone as he hollers at his dark. "Hurry up Yami! You know how important this is for Joey."

Yugi reaches the phone. "Hello?" "Oh hey Joey." "Hang on." Yugi covers up the mouthpiece. "No black leather Yami!" He shakes his head. "Sorry about that." "Oh. Are you sure?" "Okay then. I'll call everyone." "Hey if she's tired, then she's tired. Well meet her later." "Same to you. See ya later."

Yami walks down the stairs as Yugi hangs up. Yugi looks over at him and laughs. "I didn't mean dress like Kaiba either!"

Yami looks down at his clothes and smirks. "I can hardly go about in what I should be wearing now can I?"

Yugi laughs. "Oh but you can… on Halloween!"

Yami frowns and opens up his half of the mind link for a moment. "So she's to tired?"

Yugi nods. "Pretty much. So what did you do all day?"

Yami shrugs. "I was at the beach. I'm going back tomorrow though."

Yugi grins as he pulls out his dueling deck. "Well since we are bored…"

Yami smirks before drawing his first card. "Prepared to get beat."

Yugi laughs. "Not this time!"

The next morning Serenity kisses Joey on the cheek before she gets out of the car. He smiles as he watches his baby sister begins her jogging down the beach. He looks over at the clock and curses before hurrying to get to work. Yami looks around the beach as he sits down, against the same palm tree as the day before. He pulls out his deck and shuffles through the cards as he waits for Serenity. Serenity notices Yami and she grins as she runs over to him. "Yami!"

Yami looks up and he grins. "Serenity!" He puts his deck away and stands up.

Serenity stops running as she nears him and catches her breath. Yami notices the scent of coconuts and he grins as Serenity drops her things. She frowns as she notices that he is not wearing a swimsuit, but feels her face heating up when she does realize what he is wearing, black leather and lots of chains. "You can't stay long?"

Yami glances down at his clothes. "No. I was hoping that I could take you somewhere."

Serenity shakes her head. "My brother will flip if I go somewhere without telling him."

Yami shrugs. "I can have you back on time."

Serenity looks around her and then back at Yami. Their eyes meet and she finds herself looking at his lips. "I don't have anything to wear."

Yami grins as he steps toward her. "You look fine."

Serenity takes a step back and feels the rough bark against her skin. "But I'm only in my bathing suit."

Yami closes the distance between them and smiles. "What did you wear to the beach?"

Serenity looks up at Yami as his lips come closer to her own. "Jeans and a t-shirt."

Yami feels her sweet breath against his lips. "In the summer? When it's so hot outside?"

Serenity is shocked when Yami pulls away from her. "I… uh… My brother is overprotective of me."

Yami notices she hasn't moved from the tree and he grins. "Well put them on."

Serenity only nods wordlessly as she reaches for her clothes. Yami pulls her up against him and softly kisses her lips. Her arms go around him as Yami gently strokes her cheek. He pulls back from the kiss and is pleased when she lays her head against his shoulder. He holds her for a minute before pulling away and allowing her to get dressed. Serenity pulls on her clothes fully aware that she is not acting like herself. She pulls on her flip-flops and smiles when Yami reaches out his hand for her. "Ready?"

Serenity laughs happily as Yami weaves in and out of traffic. Her arms tighten around his waist to keep herself from falling off of the motorcycle, causing Yami to smirk. He pulls up at a stoplight and is pleased when Serenity hides her face against his back. He only grins before turning down a side street. "Hang on." He rises up on the back wheel before shooting down the street. Serenity lets out a shocked squeal as her hair flies behind her.

Yami helps Serenity off the cycle and she sighs as she looks at the secluded pizza shop. "Thanks Yami."

He shrugs. "I don't know anyone here. I figured you wouldn't."

Yami leans against the palm tree a couple of hours later, with Serenity. She stretches out her legs carefully making sure the sun hits them evenly. Yami only shakes his head as she leans back against him. Serenity smiles at the soft material of his shirt against her skin and her eyes slowly close. Yami notices her slow breathing and realizes she is asleep. He does something that is completely out of character for him. He brushes the hair back from her face and lets her sleep. Yami glances up at the sun a few minutes later and the third eye glows on his forehead. A very fine mist settles over Serenity's legs, shielding them from the sun. A few hours later, Serenity wakes up to someone softly brushing a kiss against her cheek. Her eyes flutter open and she finds herself staring into crimson.

Yami smiles as she yawns. "It's time to go."

Serenity groans. "Already?"

Yami nods and once more tucks her hair behind her ear. He lightly kisses her lips before smirking. "Same time?"

Serenity smiles and nods as he helps her up. Yami watches as she nimbly runs down the beach. He shakes his head before schooling his features into his usual expression, arrogance. Yami ambles back to his motorcycle thinking about the girl who has made him forget he is a pharaoh, Serenity.

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