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Beta: Winter Moonglade

Summary: AU preHBP. Harry and Company are sent to an alternate universe where his parents are still alive, he is dead and Voldemort is still very active. The twist, they have just beaten Voldemort in their dimension by uniting Hogwarts as the Founder's Heirs. H/G, R/Hr

Chapter One: The Appearance

The night was still and only disturbed by a slight warm breeze that ruffled the grass. In the distance, a house could be seen with several lights on, giving off a dull, warm glow. There was a slight taste of magic on the air signifying the wards that protected the house and its surrounding grounds.

A shudder passed through the wards. A powerful, external force was manifesting itself within the grounds setting off alarms within the house and two distant offices, one in the Ministry of Magic and the other in the Headmaster's office at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Four figures appeared out of thin air and fell to the ground. They rolled in different directions and got to their feet, ready for an imminent attack.

The wards rapidly fell, setting the four on even higher edge, noticing the change in the magical flux surrounding them. Three groups of five people rapidly apparated, surrounding them. The newcomers attacked first with stunners, which were quickly repelled. They responded with curses of their own with speed that belied their warrior status. One of the newcomers hung back and apparated away when it was clear that they were overwhelmed to report to both of his bosses. But first to Dumbledore, this matter was clearly more suited to the Headmaster than the Minister. He could not believe it. The Founders had come to the future and they were obviously still friends.

The four broke up and began to check the now still bodies. The two women moved to the closest group of fallen wizards. One had curly brown hair and honey eyes. She wore blue battle robes with bronze lining and trim. Her leather boots were also bronze, but currently stained with mud. She bent over the nearest body to check for any permanent injuries. Finding none, she rose and proceeded to the next. The other woman had straight, red hair that hung to her waist. She was clothed similarly to her compatriot, but her robes were yellow with black trim and lining. A dagger was gracing her belt, making her appear more lethal than most would assume, given her kind brown eyes. She helped check this group of fallen witches and wizards for injuries and continued to move through them as quickly as possible, notifying her friend when she saw a wound so that it could be healed.

The two men had gone in separate directions. The man with red hair was tall, by far the tallest of the group. He wore deep crimson battle robes with gold lining and trim. On his belt, standing out boldly was a sword with rubies inlaid on the handle and gold filigree. Down the blade, carved in capital letters was the name: GODRIC GRYFFINDOR. He tucked his wand in its holster on his left arm and bent over the nearest wizard. He turned the man over and removed the cloak that was obscuring the uniform. In slight shock he turned to his friend, "They're Aurors".

The last of the four stood still and turned to the red head. His expression was neutral, but it was a practiced neutrality. He slowly made his way over to his friend. His battle robes were of a striking emerald green, which matched the exact shade of his eyes. The lining and trim was silver. On his hand he wore a ring of two serpents intertwined about an emerald. Around his left forearm was a leather wand holster. A little farther up his arm was a snake, coiled and ready to strike anyone that dared touch her master in violence. Her black scales were shiny in the moonlight, but coiled against the dark colors of the robe and partially hidden by her owner's long, raven black hair, she was barely noticeable. Hanging from this man's belt was also a sword, but instead of rubies, it was in emeralds and silver instead of gold filigree. Down its blade in elegant script was the name: SALAZAR SLYTHERIN.