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Chapter 4 One Crazy Night

Kim smiled and took Tommy in her arms after hearing he would graduate in December.

"Tommy, that's fantastic," she smiled.

"Yeah bro, it is," Jason said.

"Yeah, but I'll still be in school when the baby's born," Tommy frowned.

Kim could tell it saddened Tommy about that fact.

"I know your parents must be proud," Billy said.

"Yeah, they are," Tommy smiled.

The thought of parents made Kim's head go down.

"Hey, are you alright," Aisha asked.

"I'm just thinking about my dad," Kim said.

She looked up at Tommy as he wrapped his arm around her.

"What does he think about all of this," Adam asked.

"He thinks it's revolting that his seventeen year old daughter is having a child," Kim said.

"Does he know you're getting married," Zack asked.

"No," Kim said.

She sighed and crossed his arms.

"You are going to tell me sometime, right," Rocky asked.

"Rocky," Kat, Tanya, Zack, and Trini yelled.

"What," he asked.

"I don't know yet," Kim sighed.


Kim sighed as she turned back to Tommy as the airport.

"Man, I wish I could go back with you," Tommy said.

"Yeah, me too," Kim replied.

"Call me when you get there," Tommy told her.

"You know I will," Kim smiled.

Tommy placed his hand on Kim's cheek when her head went down.

"It's still bothering you about your dad, isn't it," he asked.

"Yeah, I mean whenever he calls, the conversation starts out fine, then we go back to fighting," Kim said.

"Listen, you've never told me the whole story. Does he disapprove of me or what," Tommy asked. "I'm I the one that's causing these fights."

Kim looked up at him and gave him a reassuring smile.

"It's not you, Tommy. He loves you. It's just about me having this baby," she said.

"What did he want you to do, have an abortion," he asked.

Kim only looked down and bit her bottom lip.

"Oh no, he did," Tommy asked.

"At first, until I told him that wasn't an option," Kim said.

Tommy took her in his arms, never wanting to let her go.

"Well, I think you made the right choice," he said.

"Yeah, me too," Kim smiled.


4 months later

Tommy was in Kim's hotel that she was staying at until she had the baby. He had offered her a room at his house, but she didn't want to be a bother.

"The big day's almost here," Tommy said.

"Sooner than later I'm afraid," Kim sighed.

Tommy's eyes grew, and he started running around the room.

"You're in labor now! Shit, your mom's not coming until next week," he panicked.

"Tommy, don't worry," Kim laughed, pulling on his arm. "I don't think I'm having the baby tonight. All though the doctor said it was a possibility."

The hotel room phone then began to ring.

"Hello," Kim asked.

"Hello, Kimberly," a male voice said.

"Dad, how did you get this number," she asked.

Tommy quickly turned to face Kim. He had never been in the room when Kim's dad would call.

"Your mother told me. I figured you'd be in Angel Grove," Kim's dad said.

"What's up," Kim asked.

"I'm in Angel Grove as well and was hoping that you and Tommy would join me for dinner tomorrow night," her father said.

Tommy could see Kim's mouth drop to the floor.

"Um, yeah, that sounds fine to me," Kim said.

"Great, tomorrow night it is. See you then dear. I'll pick you up at 7:00," her dad told her.

"We'll just meet you there. Bye, Dad," Kim said.

Kim turned to Tommy with a shocked look on her face.

"What did your dad want," Tommy asked.

"He wants to have dinner with us tomorrow," Kim said.

"Are you serious," Tommy asked.

"I'm still trying to sink it in," Kim said.


Tommy could stop running his hands through Kim's hair as the entered the restaurant.

"I'm going to miss your hair," he frowned.

"My hair grows fast. It won't be at my shoulders for long," Kim said.

"Kimberly, Tommy… over here," Kim's father called.

"Take a deep breath," Tommy whispered.

"Tommy, I'm not in labor," Kim laughed.

"You know what I mean," he said.

The two finally made their way to the table.

"Hey, Dad," Kim smiled.

"I'm glad you made it," he said.

Tommy then cleared his throat after a long pause.

"Mr. Hart," he said.

"Tommy," he replied as he shook his hand.

"So, what are you doing in Angel Grove," Kim asked after they sat down. "I thought you were in Atlanta."

"I have a small break, and I'm going to be busy next week. So, I thought I should visit before you had the baby," her father said.

"You're not going to be here," Kim asked.

She had had a feeling he wouldn't be.

"I'm sorry, Honey," Kim's father apologized.

"It's alright," Kim sighed.

Mr. Hart took a drink and sighed as he put it down.

"I wish you would have waited," he said.

Kim shook her head as she looked up.

"Daddy, we've already gone through this," she said.

"You're making me a grandfather at 39," he snapped.

"Oh, God," Kim cried.

Kim wrapped her arms around her stomach and moaned again.

"Kimberly, I'm sorry," he father apologized.

Tommy had his hand over hers.

"Kim, are you…" he began.

"Having the baby," she asked. "Yeah."

"Your mom's not supposed to be here until next week," Kim's father said.

"You think this baby's cares," Kim yelled.

"You got to be kidding," her father sighed.

Tommy carefully helped Kim get up.

"Dad, can you take me to the hospital," Kim asked. "Tommy needs to run to the hotel and grab the bag with mine and the baby's things."

"Sure, Kimberly," he said.


While on the way to the hospital, Kim called Paris.

"Mom, this is Kim," she said.

With the sound of her voice, her mom knew what was going on.

"Oh, no, you're having the baby," Kim's mom panicked.

"I guess it couldn't wait until next week," Kim laughed.

"I'll try and change the flight to right now," her mom said.

"You're in Paris, Mom. Even if you change your flight, the baby's already going to be here by the time you get here," Kim sighed.

"Sweetheart, I'm so sorry I'm not going to make it," she apologized.

"Hey, I can always get Tommy to grab a camera," Kim said.

"If Tommy's not there, then, who's with you," her mom asked. "Please don't tell me you're alone."

"No, Dad drove me," Kim said.

"Your father," her mother asked.

"Yeah, we were… eating when it happened," Kim said.

"I'll be praying for you and the baby," her mother told her.

"Thanks, Mom," Kim smiled.


Kim's dad made his way into the room after Kim had had the baby.

"Hey, Daddy," Kim smiled

"She did wonderful, Mr. Hart," the doctor said.

The doctor then walked out of the room, leaving Kim, Tommy, and Mr. Hart in the room.

"You want to say to your grandson," Kim asked.

Her dad looked up from the baby boy to his daughter.

"It's a boy," Mr. Hart asked.

"Yes," Kim said.

Kim smiled as her dad held the newborn.

"Dad, thank you," she said.

"For what," he asked.

"For being here with me," Kim said.

"He looks just like you, Tommy," Mr. Hart laughed.

"Kim thinks so too, but of course I think he looks like his mother," he said.

Tommy walked over to Kim and kissed her forehead.

"Have you come up with a name," Mr. Hart asked.

"Well, since I keep calling him little Tommy, I've come up with Tommy Jr.," Kim said.

She looked down at her engagement ring and sighed as she looked at her father.

"Dad, there's something I need to tell you," she said.

"What is it," he asked.

"Tommy and I are getting married," Kim said.


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