Hello peeps! Isn't Avatar just the coolest? Well this fic is ZUTARA and is set about six years after the war is over. So Zuko and Sokka are 22, Katara is 20, and Aang is 18. Katara is Queen of the new "Water Nation" the tribes came together and formed the one nation later on I'll explain how Katara became queen. Prince Zuko is now Fire Lord Zuko and Iroh is his adviser and lets just say Uncle wants some grand kids!

Avatar the last airbender is Nickelodeon's creation…. Sigh….

" The water nation Queen!" Lord Zuko couldn't believe what his uncle had just said.

"Yes my Lord. The Water nation Queen is the perfect candidate for your wife and ruling partner. From all accounts she is brave and beautiful, much better than the earth kingdom princess." Iroh smiled at his nephew's reaction.

Lord Zuko shuddered at the mention of the earth kingdom's princess. She was a fat lard, and just disgusting to look at, not to mention her horrendous eating habits. "Very well, I will meet with Queen Katara and discuss an arrangement with her." Zuko thought for a moment. He remembered Katara from his battles with the Avatar and her necklace that he held onto for her until Aang took it back. She was a striking girl, he hoped that she hadn't changed much. "Uncle we will have a grand feast to celebrate the Queen's visit."

"Of course." Iroh bowed to his nephew and took his leave. As Iroh exited the throne room he smiled to himself. He remembered the girl Katara from many years ago, she was beautiful and full of energy, Lord Zuko needed someone to keep him on his toes.

The invitation was sent immediately to the Water Nation's Capitol Kanari in the southern islands. Queen Katara's messenger took the letter to her with trembling hands. They were at peace with the Fire Nation for the past six years but it was a flimsy peace. Old wounds were still mending so to speak and many water folk still didn't trust those who could manipulate fire. However the Avatar had done his job and the balance was restored to the world with a great sacrifice made, the lord of the fire nation died because of his own lust for power.

"Your Highness, a message from the Fire Lord." He handed her the letter and bowed.

Katara opened it immediately, was it a declaration of war? Threats over trading? What could possibly be wrong now? She read the letter quickly then stared at it confused. She read it slower making sure that she was getting the meaning of the message right.

"My lady?" Her advisor asked.

She looked at him and shrugged. "Aang, I have been invited to visit the Fire Nation capitol." She scanned the letter again. "I guess for some sort of peace treaty or something."

Aang looked to Sokka, now leader of her highness' royal guard. "What do you think Sokka?"

Sokka raised an eyebrow to the Avatar. "What else? It's a trap in order to kill our Queen no doubt." He looked to his sister with great concern. "We couldn't provide enough troops to protect you while surrounded by thousands of firebenders. I feel it is a bad idea to go."

Aang shook his baldhead at Sokka. "Lord Zuko promised me peace between the nations as long as he lived. Firebenders don't break their oaths for honors sake. He swore that to me in front of hundreds of his people." Aang said recounting the final end to the war. "We should go so that we don't dishonor him."

Katara nodded. "Sorry Sokka, I agree with Aang on this one." She rose from her throne and collected her skirt. "We will have to make haste, they are expecting us by the next full moon."

They traveled as swiftly as possible and could have been to the Fire Nation Capitol days before scheduled if Sokka hadn't demanded an armed royal guard of the best waterbenders and water tribe warriors and a personal handmaiden for the queen. They traveled with over thirty people and the going was slow, most of the warriors wanted to go home and continue to enjoy the peace they had been ripped from but they also knew they had a duty to their Queen. Katara had made a promise to her men that the time away from home wasn't going to be very long, two weeks at the most and that satisfied her guard.

She was seated on Appa in a new saddle fashioned for the bison, it was gold and silver and lined with silk and very soft pillows, she felt bad traveling like this, she didn't want to be the only comfortable person. The last time she traveled it was just Aang, Sokka, and herself so they all shared the saddle just like how things were before the war ended. She frowned at her brother who was walking alongside. " Sokka." He looked up at her. " I feel like I should be walking."

Sokka shook his head " No, you are our queen and this is how queens travel besides its easier for me to defend you if you are in Appa's saddle."

She sighed " I know, but were not at war." She felt like she had to remind him of this constantly. Sokka was so stuck in the past but she couldn't blame him. He had loved Yue with all his heart and had fought for her people with every bit of his strength, he was a man of the Water Nation and would serve his homeland until he died. His distrust of the Fire Nation ran deep, he would never fully trust in the restored peace.

" Katara" Aang said with a smile he was sitting on Appa's neck holding the reins loosely. " Don't worry about it, we will all be able to relax when we get to the capitol."

She smiled at Aang and looked up to the sky. Her thoughts began to wonder and she was reminded of the time she traveled to Omashu to visit with king Bumi, it didn't last long at all and she was home to her shining white castle before she even felt home sick. She laid back and sighed, what in the world could Fire Lord Zuko want?

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