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Partial Differentials

Chapter 2: On the Horizontal Axis

Gojyo's face, still smirking, inched continuously closer to Goku's, his eyes falling shut in anticipation. Goku's nose was permeated by the lingering smell of smoke, and it was making him dizzy and disoriented. His first inclination was to turn his face away from the hanyou's before there was contact of any kind, but his first attempt met with strong resistance by the hand still firmly holding his chin. His second inclination was to scream, but as his senses were engulfed by the aura of the body above him, he found that his throat was quite dry and his voice was quite gone. His brain had failed to create a third inclination, so he instead shut his eyes and lips tightly and readied himself for the oncoming assault.

Gojyo noticed the increased tension in the body below him and semi-consciously hesitated. Voices in the back of his mind were questioning his current course of action, and the waves of fear and uncertainty coming from the saru only made his conscious mind more inclined to agree. His face, however, still continued to sink down, albeit much slower, until their noses finally came into a light but deepening contact. The sense of touch finally registered into Gojyo's brain and sparked a new and frightening realization of what he was doing. His eyes snapped open searchingly and were surprised to come into contact with fearful and questioning orbs.

Goku's eyes had snapped open only moments before when he felt the skin to skin contact on his nose while at the same time sensing some trepidation in the kappa's already agonizingly slow progression towards the inevitable kiss, or at least what he thought that was the inevitable. Now, it seemed the events of the past five minutes were not going to lead to the right conclusion…or the wrong conclusion…or the conclusion that was right because that's how it was supposed to happen but wrong because this was never supposed to happen between the two of them and…

The saru's confused mind could not formulate any coherent thoughts, or at least any that Goku could himself understand, which only added to his growing apprehension. His whole body was trembling by now, but he didn't know which one of the many emotions he was feeling was the cause, and still Gojyo's face hovered so closely above his, blood red eyes searching for answers to questions Goku didn't know he was asking.

Eventually, he felt the grip on his wrists lessen; the hand holding his chin withdrew also as Gojyo sat up, drawing his body away from the boy and burying his head in his hands. Goku was still breathing hard from the moment before, and his eyes never left the kappa. He wondered if he should speak or not, but he really couldn't think of anything to say. He didn't know how to alleviate the current situation. Luckily, after a moment's time, his red headed companion broke the silence instead.

"I'm….sorry," said Gojyo in a weary tone. "I didn't know what I was thinking. I….shouldn't have done that."

Had Gojyo's tone not been so depressing, Goku might have bitten back a sharp response. At the sound of the older man's voice, though, his face fell from shock and confusion to a sympathetic sadness. "It's…well…it's not okay. But….I under…no, I don't understand either. Why…why did you do that?"

"I dunno. I just got carried away I guess." Red eyes looked up to meet gold again, this time with a tinge of sorrow painted there. "I figured it'd be harmless. I didn't think you'd be so…scared."

"I wasn't scared!" came the fervent retort. "Don't think that you could scare me any day!"

"Oh, yeah? Then why were you shaking so hard, baka saru? And I know I've never seen an animal caught in Hakuryuu's headlights with eyes as wide as yours were."

"That doesn't mean nothing, ero kappa," Goku replied angrily, "I was just…confused. I didn't know what you were doing!"

"Well, then," said Gojyo with a smirk returning to his face, "maybe I'll have to teach you." With that said, his predatory look returned with full force.

Goku stammered. "Uh…um…what do you mean by that?" If his eyes were wide before, it was nothing compared to now.

Gojyo took the opportunity to re-pin the saru to his bed. "Well, you said you weren't scared at all. That means you won't mind terribly if I get a little satisfaction tonight. Don't worry, you'll enjoy it too."

Before the boy could respond, Gojyo had his tongue down his throat and his hand stroking the still prominent erection through his pants. Unlike before, when the saru had been given time to become apprehensive, the kappa didn't take any time in driving any and all thoughts out of Goku's head. His other hand ran all over the boy's body trying to find any and every sensitive spot to exploit. Dazzled and dazed as he was, the saru could do nothing but moan and arch and press into Gojyo's ministrations, his body demanding desperately for the contact and pleading for release. The more the kappa worked his hand at Goku's erection, the harder Goku thrust his hips up trying to maximize the sensation.

As the hip thrusting became frantic, Gojyo removed his hand from the saru's crotch eliciting a sob of disappointment from the poor boy underneath him. He instead moved his hand up the boy's shirt to play with his nipples, which brought Goku down a bit from the climax he had been approaching, but left him still able to grind into his boxers. Continuing his assault, the kappa finally removed his tongue from Goku's throat and began the slow climb toward his left ear. Once he got there, he started nipping and licking the outer lobe before diving in.

If Goku was loud in his sleep, it was nothing compared to the noises he was making right now. Grunts and groans spilled out of him and, every once in a while, a fevered yelp. Most of the objections he was having to this situation previously had vanished into the swirl of sensations he was experiencing. This was the first time anyone had interacted with him in a sexual manner in his life besides his own hand, of course, and he was being put through quite the ordeal by the worldly and experienced Gojyo. If he couldn't get a release soon, he felt, he might explode from the pressure emanating from his nether regions.

While he was working on Goku's ear, the 'master of love' as it were took the opportunity to inform the boy, "Remember all of this; once that poor excuse for a monk finally gets over himself and realizes he wants you (which he does), you're gonna need this stuff." He then descended down to the saru's neck and proceeded to make it turn pretty colors.

Goku, finally distracted enough by the kappa's little speech to think a bit, decided to take the opportunity for a witty retort, which he divulged in a heated moan.

"Teach me, Sensei."

Well, not to leave you all unsatisfied, but the rest of this scene will play out in the next chapter. You will also find out what our other two companions are doing as well.

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