Notes: I wish I could say differently, but don't look for historical accuracy here

Notes: I wish I could say differently, but don't look for historical accuracy here. This piece is simply for fun J


Chapter 2


Dear Giles,

I so don't know how you could handle it here. I hate it. I hate it. I HATE it! You know what I've been eating lately? Bread. Stale bread and some sort of meat byproducts that I'm just too damn terrified to ask the specifics on. See, evidently, I'm not important enough to qualify for real food. Bleh. Jerks.

Or bitch. Grrrr, Giles. Grrrrr! She's getting to me. Soooooo damn bad. I swear to god I just cant do anything right! And you know what? It's been a really and incredibly rotten day.

Okay, I'm calming down. Really. I'm just so frustrated. I really don't know what to do. I mean, I don't know why I'm here or if there is even a purpose. Evidently, I've taken the place of some girl named Annie (who is also supposed to be American) who is housemaid on the first floor. Look, if this Annie really exists, I don't want to screw things up for her. Her life is hard enough as it is. But how am I supposed to know how to build a fire in the fireplace without getting ashes all over the rug or that I'm supposed to empty the freaking chamber pots! And you know, I still can't figure out where. I've been throwing that disgusting stuff in the garden. See, Mrs. Collins' son is over at Oxford or Eton or something right now and he's the only one who (according to Lily, anyway) goes back there so I've kinda lucked out. I don't know what I'll do when he comes back. I mean, if I ask anyone about the chamber pot thing, then they'll just know I haven't been throwing it in the right place and poor Annie (if she even exists) is gonna have to pay for my screw-ups.

Oh, what the hell am I thinking? I wont be here much longer. I'm looking for a way home. I'm sure I will find it. All I have to do is find that dumb chronos demon of Spike's. And that little bugger is running around here somewhere. He has to be. (See. I'm even talking brit now. Impressive, huh?)

I gotta admit though, things are just weird. It makes me wish I paid more attention to history class because I have no freaking clue what to do or how to act. Times like this I really wish you were here, 'cuz then you could at least give me some sort of idea where the hell to go. Hell, I can't even understand them half of the time. I know we all speak english, but it really doesn't sound like it. I mean, Mrs. Collins and Barton (the head butler guy. Man, talk about a snob) are easy enough to understand but when I'm told to go help in the kitchen, I can't help but cringe. The woman there (I swear to god she does not have a freaking name. All anyone calls her is "Cook". What kind of life is it when all you are known for is the job you perform? Heh. Oh, man. Actually, now that I think about it, I can relate to that a bit) speaks in what I'm guessing is a cockney accent. I always thought that's how Spike spoke, but she sounds NOTHING like him. At all. I mean, it's been a freaking week, but I can't understand a single word that woman utters.

I better scat in a sec. I'm not exactly supposed to be here (I'm kicking back in the library. Supposed to be cleaning it, but since no one ever comes in here, it would be a waste of time.) I want to get up early tomorrow so I can look around. Would do it tonight, but I'm so damn tired. Anyway, the dumb chronos demon can wait. My beauty sleep can't. :-)

Give my love to everyone and keep a lil for yourself, okay?



With a sigh, the small blonde slowly closed the small, flimsy journal and stuffed it into her heavy apron pocket. Glancing about the room furtively, the Slayer carefully replaced the fountain pen upon the meticulously carved desk that sat in the far corner of the room.

She looked in alarm at the door as soft footfalls echoed behind the polished wood and immediately fell to her knees. Straggles of messy blonde hair fell from the loose bun, each strand falling exactly where it needed to in order to annoy her the most. With a snort, she started ruthlessly scrubbing the red bricks at the base of the fireplace.

"Annie!" a small voice echoed through the room, excitement making her normally light voice heavy.

Buffy looked up, a genuine smile appearing on her pink lips.

"Oh, hey, Lily," she said as she pulled her attention away from the floor. "What's up?"

"You Americans cert'nly talk funny, you do," the tall brunette smiled shyly, shaking her head in gentle surprise. The rare smile brightened as she knelt on the ground beside the time-displaced Slayer. "You'll never guess what I 'eard. Myrna tole me han' Cook tole 'er han' Mr. Barton tole 'er han'…"

"Okay, okay!" Buffy threw her hands up in mock impatience, earning a slight giggle from the servant. "I feel curiously enlightened," Buffy said dryly, only to shake her head at the look of confusion on Lily's pale face. "So, what did you hear?"

"You'll never guess!" the housemaid gushed as she clasped her hands together. 'The Master's coming 'ome! 'e'll be 'ere tomorrow, 'e will. Isn't it exciting?"

She blinked, her eyes fogging up as she touched the scar hiding beneath the striped collar of her uniform.

"The Master? What do you know about the Master, Lily?" she asked slowly, her mind feeling slightly numb from shock. The Master? Here? There should be a law about only having to kill a dumb vampire once, she thought, her hands beginning to tremble from an unacknowledged terror.

"Oh, yes! You've never met 'im, 'ave you? 'e left back for Oxford right before Mr. Barton brought you on. Oh, Annie! Things are gonna change, they will!"

Buffy shook her head quickly, a small smile coming to her face as she realised the misunderstanding. The time jump had creeped her out big time, she told herself as she feigned excitement for the servant's sake, it was bound to make her a little on the paranoid side.

'e's so kind! Oh, Mistress is soooooo much dif'rent when 'e's about, she is. Han' 'e's clever han' witty han'… "

The young blonde grinned, a spark coming to her eyes as she watched Lily's normally plain face light up.

"Lily! You're in love with him, aren't you?" Buffy shook her head slowly, a part of her feeling something is right with the world if love can still exist.

The girl's dusty eyes widened as she came to her feet. She took a wary step back as she shook her head almost wildly at the Slayer.

"Lily? Is something wrong?"

"That's jus' not right, Annie. Jus' not," the girl mumbled, her soft tones barely audible in the room.

Buffy shook her head quickly, feeling slightly confused.

"You shouldn't say such things," Lily breathed, every pore of her body scandalized by Buffy's words. "I 'ave to get back to the kitchen."

The blonde knelt in the ashes, her smudged forehead wrinkled in confusion as she watched her friend make a quick escape. With a shrug to her shoulders, the Slayer leaned forward and quietly scrubbed at the blackened bricks.