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Draco's Path

Chapter One, In the Beginning

Draco climbed onto the Hogwarts Express with nothing but loathing within him. He'd had a bad summer, for the Dark Lord was not happy with his father, and now he was mad at Draco as well. At least the old man's dead! Draco had argued, but it hadn't been enough. The Dark Lord kept a watchful eye on him and his mother, and waited patiently for his father to get out of jail, and none of this made Draco feel safe or accepted. With all of this running through his mind, he didn't focus on much during the train ride, just how to get his family - his mother - out of hot water. He sat in a compartment full of Slytherins, his friends, and while they joked and chatted, he replayed that awful night over and over. Dumbledore said that he could hide him...him and his mother, and his father, too, when the time came. Was he serious? Could anyone hide from the Dark Lord? Draco's allegiance and pride had slowly turned into fear throughout the past year, and he wasn't sure about anything anymore. His allegiance, his life, his House, even himself.

Eventually the Hogwarts Express began to pull into Hogsmeade, and they all got off the train. That's when Draco saw them. Huge, ugly black...horse-like things...His bewilderment and fright registered with none of his friends, but a small blonde girl came up to him talking about Thestrals and death. This was that crazy little Ravenclaw, wasn't it. Draco had never liked her much, but her quidditch commentary was endlessly amusing.

Time flew by at school, feasts, schoolwork and quidditch occupied his time. With McGonagle as Headmistress, the school had become a more no-nonsense sort of place. To every Slytherin's dismay, Remus Lupin was back teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts, he had also been placed in co-charge of the Gryffindor House, along with Hagrid. This had cause some uproar with the parents, and some had not allowed their children to return, but McGonagle knew what she was doing, so Draco just shrugged it off. the only part he couldn't shrug off was that that mangy, stupid Professor Slughorn had been put in charge of his House. His House! Draco was debating on whether or not to even in stay in school anymore.

Until one morning he got a letter. A letter he'd been dreading for months. His father had been released from prison, and although he'd tried to make his allegiance to the Dark Lord known, he had screwed up too much, and had paid the price with his life. Draco was devastated,

"What does it say? Can I read it?" Crabbe and Goyle seemed so annoying right now.

"Of course you can't read it you morons. It's mine, and I'd like to keep it that way." Draco snapped as he stood up to make his way back to the dungeons. The entire day was a blur, Draco skipped all of his classes. Is this what our life is doomed to be like? Obey or die? This is unbelievable. I - my whole family - has done so much for him! This is how he repays us! As Draco went on, he realized that thinking like this could get his mother killed.

That night, as he was heading off to bed, he heard screaming and crashes coming from above. He grabbed his wand, and ran towards the fight.

When he arrived, he found Death Eaters battling with the same old crowd. Greyback was back, too. Draco stood, stunned. He had a choice to make, he just didn't expect to have to make it so soon...


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