AU, X-mass fic Bakura is a teen who lives in a world where some people have cat-people as pets. Bakura doesn't have one, but that might change when he saves his own little kitten… BxR Fluff ONESHOT

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Normal POV

Bakura sighed as he walked trough the snow of to his home. He came back from school again. It had been a tiring and boring day today. Today it was one of the schools so called 'fun' events, and today it had been the 'Take-your-pet-to-school-day' event.

Only he didn't enjoy it…

…Well… it had been a fun day for all of the students that had taken their pets today. Everyone had taken their Neko-jinn's with them, and some of them even could do tricks…

A Neko-jinn was some kind of fusion between a cat, and a normal human. They where smaller that the normal human, but bigger as a child. All of the Neko-jinn's had a big fluffy tail, and two cat ears. Some of them even had paws, with sharp nails. Although most of the Neko-jinn's couldn't talk, they could understand what the people said. Only a few of them could say some words, but there weren't many who could… Neko-jinn's where the new kind of pets. They had also been called 'the new pets of the future'.

He sighed again. It would have been a fun day for him if he had his own Neko-jinn. But they where very expensive. And if you finally got one, you still needed a lot of stuff to buy. Only rich kids got them, and Bakura –to his slight irritation- didn't have really that much money on him either.

Walking to his doorstep, Bakura took out his keys and went inside his warm house.

"I'm home!" He sighed to himself as his words echoed through the hall. He knew that nobody but himself lived in this house, but it always seemed nice to think that somebody would be here…

He dunked his backpack on his couch, and went to get a snack from the kitchen. Chewing on some Christmas candy (that he had gotten for a girl from his fan club at school) he went to sit in his favourite seat, close to his fireplace.

He sighed as he looked at the Christmas candy in his hands. Why he'd even accepted it, was still a miracle to him. He didn't celebrate Christmas. His mom and dad where almost never home… they didn't tell him about Santa when he was young. And they never had spent it with him. They where both in another country, doing there own business and ignoring him. The only thing they sometimes did was check if he still was alive and bring him money to pay the bills. Other than that they didn't care.

Bakura put on the television. Maybe the television would bring some noise into the room, making the awful sound of silence go away…

He grabbed his favourite book of a table, and put the television on a music station. Soon the room was filled with Christmas songs, and other sounds that came from the television.

I don't want a lot for Christmas
There's just one thing I need
I don't care about presents
Underneath the Christmas tree
I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
All I want for Christmas is you.

I don't want a lot for Christmas
There is just one thing I need
I don't care about presents
underneath the Christmas tree
I don't need to hang my stocking
There upon the fireplace
Santa Claus won't make me happy
With a toy on Christmas day
I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
All I want for Christmas is you
You baby---Zap!

With an irritated sigh, Bakura stood up and shut the television off. He wasn't in the mood for happy and cheery songs. 'I hate this'

He got out of his seat and walked to the hall. The silence returned again, and his footsteps echoed trough the empty hall.

A short walk would clear his mind…

He grabbed his long black trench coat and a scarf and walked outside. It was already dark outside, and the streets where deserted. Nobody would be out at this time… everybody would probably be home, save with their family and friends…

He walked past houses, and in the houses he could see people decorating a Christmas tree, and hanging some socks by the fireplace. People where packing some presents and some put bright lights in front of their houses…

Bakura groaned in irritation. This walk was not making his mood any better. Every house he walked past had a decoration on it.

Deciding that he couldn't avoid the Christmas season, Bakura made his way to his home again. He went to an alley that would bring him home faster.

After walking for awhile Bakura found out that he wasn't alone in the alley. Following the sounds he heard, let him to another alley, where four children where standing next to a big cardboard box.

"Why won't he come out?" Asked one.

"Awww… It's probably a big scardy-cat!" Anther said in a mocking tone.

"Hehe… that's a good one"

"Let's slap this box with a stick to scare him"

"Yeah" The others agreed.

The four children began to throw rocks and slapped the box with an stick.

"Come out! Come out! Stupid scardy-cat!" The children yelled as they started to kick the box.

Bakura watched it with slight irritation. Those little kids where annoying the hell out of him.

"Yo! You stupid Brats! Get the fuck out of here, unless you want to deal with me!" Bakura shouted at the children.

The children immediately yelped and dived into another alley, away from the irritated Bakura.

Bakura smirked. 'That will show them'.

He walked to the box. It just looked like an normal box to him. 'Nothing special about that' he thought disappointing.

Bakura turned around again, and was just about to leave when he heard a soft sound…


He quickly turned around again. "Huh?"


He suddenly realised that the soft sound came from inside the box. Bending down he gently opened the box, to reveal two scared green eyes looking at him…

In the box was laid a small Neko-jinn… the Neko-jinn was curled into a small bal and had a warm wool sheet laid over him. He was wearing a short nightgown that reached his knees, and had no shoes. He had white ears, that where pink on the inside and a long fluffy tail that was curled closes to him.

But the most thing that surprised Bakura was how the Neko-jinn looked. He looked just like him! The only differences he and the Half-Neko had, was that the Half-Neko had less spiky hair, that looked more white than silvery (like his), more innocent looking eyes with a different colour too, and his body was more frail-looking…


The Neko-jinn let out another brokenly meow, as it shivered it fright. Bakura's heart melted. He suddenly had the sudden urge to go 'Awwww…', but he decided against it…

Bakura reached out his hand and started to stroke the young Neko-jin's soft white hair. The Neko-jinn looked up at him confused. "Meow?"

Bakura gently smiled. "Don't worry… I won't hurt you. Those little brats are away" His hand stoked the Half-Neko's chin. "You're save now…"

The Neko-jinn looked up at him, with his beautiful emerald green eyes. Tears slowly leaked out of them, as he gently leaned into Bakura's soft touch.

Bakura's eyes suddenly saddened. For some reason it saddened him greatly to see the frail looking Neko-jinn cry. He reached into the pockets of his trench coat, and took out handkerchief to dry the young one's tears…

He smiled sadly. "Don't worry my little kitten… I'll will protect you from now on" His hand began to stroke the small Neko-jinn's ears, which made the Half-Neko's eyes gently, droop and earning a soft purr from his throat.

Satisfied with the reaction Bakura kept on stroking, earning the small Neko-jinn's trust quickly. After a while he –to great frustration for the Neko-jinn- picked the small Half-Neko (who was still wrapped in his wool sheet), letting the Neko-jinn's arms wrap around his neck, and his legs around his waist. The small Half-Neko whimpered softly…

Bakura smiled. "You're going home with me" He took hold of the Half-Neko's behind and back, so that he wouldn't fall. "Would you like that…?" A gentle nod. "Good. Off we go then"

Smiling brightly Bakura walked to his home quickly, carrying the oddly light Neko-jinn with him. After a few minutes of fumbling with his house keys, Bakura carried the small Neko-jinn with him…

When he was in the living room, he gently put the Neko-jinn on his couch. The Half-Neko had fallen asleep during their journey, purring softly in his sleep.

Bakura smiled, as he went to the kitchen to grab some milk and fish. He laid it on the kitchen counter, and went upstairs to grab some old pyjamas that didn't fit him anyway.

When he had grabbed all the stuff he wanted he went Back to the small Neko-jinn, who had woken up looking pretty frightened.

Bakura gently stroked his hair again, making the Half-Neko relax again. "I'm sorry my little kitten, I didn't want to scare you…" He said softly, as he sat next to him on the couch.

The Neko-jinn instantly nuzzled his chest as Bakura's hand found his hair again. Bakura smiled and lifted the small Neko-jinn on his lap.

"Hmm… What should I call you, my little kitten…?" Bakura asked out load.

The Neko-jinn gave him a confused look. "Meow…?"

"What do you think of Alex?" Bakura questioned the Neko-jinn.

The Neko-jinn gave him a disgusted look.

"Okay… you don't like that name… What about Whitey?"

A glare (or the lack of…).

"Okay! Okay! What about Ryou? Do you think that's a nice name?"

The Neko-jinn seemed to think about it. After a few seconds he nodded, smiling brightly as he hugged Bakura's chest.

"Heh heh… Ryou it is then" Bakura said as he stroked the Neko-jinn's (now named Ryou) back, making Ryou purr.

After a while they ate something and put Ryou his pyjamas on. Bakura and Ryou now sat in frond of the fireplace, both wrapped into an wool sheet. They both looked at the burning fire…

"I think you are going to like it here with me, my little Ryou-kitten…" Bakura said as he looked at the sleepy Neko-jinn.

Ryou turned his face away from the fireplace, and –to Bakura's great surprise- gave him a soft chaste kiss on his lips, before hugging him tightly.

Bakura blushed slightly at the bold action of the small Neko-jinn. When he looked down, he saw that Ryou was already asleep.

With a gentle smile, Bakura picked the small Neko-jinn up and laid him on the couch. As he laid on the couch too, he wrapped the woollen sheet around both of them. Ryou immediately reclaimed Bakura's chest again, and nuzzled against him…

With a small yawn, Bakura made himself comfortable. "Good night my little Ryou-kitten…" He mumbled softly as he kissed the small Half-Neko's cheek.

"Goodnight…" Mumbled Ryou, while purring softly…

…Until they both fell asleep…

"I'll protect you"

To Be Continued…?


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