AU, X-mass fic Bakura is a teen who lives in a world where some people have cat-people as pets. Bakura doesn't have one, but that might change when he saves his own little kitten… BxR Fluff Complete!

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Made when listening to "All I want for Christmas is you"! Yeah! Let the Christmas mood come to me!



"I'll protect you"


Normal POV

Soft white ears twitched as the early morning sun shined on them. With a soft whimper, the small and fluffy ball that was lying next to Bakura moved and stretched itself.

Sleepy green emerald eyes opened slowly as Ryou yawned softly to not wake his companion. The sleepy eyes fixed on his companion. Bakura was still sleeping soundly as he held the small Neko-Jinn tightly.

Ryou smiled happily as he turned around fully to face Bakura. Bakura looked so peaceful when he was asleep.

With a big smile, the small Neko-Jinn hugged Bakura's still sleeping form and snuggled into his chest, purring softly. He sighed contently as Bakura's arms wrapped tighter around him, and the elder nuzzled his hair in his sleep.

Ryou stayed in that position for an half an hour or so, but then decided he should be doing what he had wanted to do when he woke up.

Pouting slightly the small Neko-Jinn wiggled himself out of Bakura's warm grip, and gave the elder of the two a small kiss on his cheek, before leaving the bed him and Bakura always shared with each other.

He put a big pillow next to the place where Bakura lay, making sure that Bakura now hugged the pillow. Ever since Ryou came to life in Bakura's house, the two of them always slept together in the same bed (or on the couch). But if Ryou moved himself out of Bakura's grasp, the elder would immediately wake up to hold him again.

Turning around for one last time, Ryou smiled softly as he saw Bakura sleep. Those harsh eyes that always softened for him were now closed in relaxation. And his soft silvery mane lay tousled over the pillow as Bakura nuzzled it.

But what made Ryou's heart melt, was that Bakura had a small satisfied smile on his face. He was so happy that he made that smile come to his Masters face. Before his Master took him in and cared for him, his master had been sad and bitter… but now… he was so happy.

(A/N: Ryou calls Bakura his master, because of the collar. Bakura is now his official Master.)

It confused Ryou that doing the simplest things could make his Master smile. He had felt his Masters eyes on him yesterday when he played with his yarn, and when he looked at him, Bakura was smiling fondly at him. It seemed that his master had learned how to love again, as if he had lost the feeling once, and now had received it.

The simplest things, as giving his master a hug would make his day. Ryou loved it. Bakura seemed so hollow in the beginning. Just like the house. But right now everything was fine… just perfect…


With one last glance, Ryou crawled to the place he wanted to be right now…

…The basement…

With his small feet making almost nonexistent sound, the small Neko-Jinn crawled his way to the basement.

Once he was there, Ryou looked curiously into the boxes were he and Bakura took all of their Christmas stuff out yesterday. Searching into every box he and Bakura had looked in, he still hadn't found the thing he wanted to find so badly.

After looking for a while, he still had not found the thing he wanted. Ryou pouted as he laid down, sighing in defeat. He was never going to find it.

As he thought this he was still lying on the ground, looking at the dark ceiling of the basement. When he turned his head again, he suddenly saw a box that he had forgotten to look in.

With new hope, Ryou prayed softly as he opened the box to look for it. The box had lots of Christmas stuff in it, and Ryou (who was getting impatient) turned the box around and dropped all of the contents in it to the ground.

"…Oops…" Ryou said, not really caring what happened with the other stuff in the box. He searched around further in the contents and suddenly let out an excided squeal as he found it

In his hands was a small plant. A plant with small green leaves, and small red berries hanging around the leaves…


In his mind, the small Neko-Jinn was already imagining himself and Bakura. Bakura was kissing him soundly as they stood close to the warmth of the fireplace… His master holding him with all the care in the world, as the kiss they shared was wonderfully sweet… To feel his master kissing him with love…

Ryou blushed and closed his eyes in delight as the image played on in his mind. Mistletoe. Why hadn't he thought about it sooner? It was the perfect way to let his master kiss him.

He had kissed his Master on his mouth many times, feeling Bakura's soft lips against his… but his master had never kissed back. Usually it was because his Master was asleep, but sometimes it was because he pulled away too quickly. He hadn't known if his Master wanted to kiss him back… he just quickly fled…

But not this time! No. Ryou had it all figured out now. It was a rule that you had to kiss 'the someone' next to you under the Mistletoe. You where not supposed to flee, or else you broke the rules.

With the small plant in his mouth, the Half-Neko quickly crawled upstairs again, out of the basement into the living room.

He looked around the room, looking for a place where to hang the small plant on. Above the doorframe was NOT a good idea. What would happen if Bakura suddenly had visitors or other people who came by? He would have to kiss the who delivered Pizza?

The thought made Ryou both giggle and feel disgusted at the same time. The guy who always delivered them Pizza was a creepy and REALLY fat man that was beginning to get bald and almost could kill a man if one of the buttons on his jacket got loose.

Still giggling, Ryou looked around the room again. There! He would hang it above the couch next to fireplace! He and Bakura sat there most of the time, because Bakura had never bought them a heater (and it could be pretty cold at this time of the year). And why would he need one if he already had a fireplace…?

Ryou smiled happily as he got some tape, and later stood upon the couch to hang the Mistletoe to the ceiling. Once he was done, he rested on the couch tiredly.

When he rested long enough, he crawled his way back to his and Bakura's room again, and snuggled next to Bakura again. The threw the pillow that was replacing him away, and hugged his Masters chest again before falling asleep…


Bakura yawned as he woke up stretching himself slightly. When he was beginning to feel more awake, he looked at the small bundle of fluff that was also known as Ryou.

Bakura smiled as he looked at the still sleeping Ryou. The small Neko-Jinn smiled happily in his sleep as he hold on Bakura's chest.

'I wonder what he is thinking about' Bakura thought sweat dropping as Ryou was kissing his chest softly…

After a while, Bakura started shaking Ryou awake. "Ryou… Ryou… wake up my little Ryou-Kitten…"

Ryou mumbled something softly, and then started to nuzzle Bakura's neck, giving it small kisses.

Bakura sweat dropped again. "Um… Ryou…?" He started shaking Ryou a little bit harder and the small Neko-Jinn finally woke up.

"Meow…" Ryou smiled shyly as he looked into Bakura's red-violet eyes.

Bakura returned the smile. "Merry Christmas my little Ryou-Kitten" He said as he kissed the small Neko-Jinn softly on his forehead.

"Come, my little Ryou-Kitten. Let's go downstairs to eat something"


Small Time change…


It was already in the afternoon when Ryou and Bakura began to eat. When they where done with eating they decided to make some special dinner for Christmas Eve. After all… it was only Christmas once a year!

…Their only problem was that neither of them where good at cooking…

"So…" Bakura mumbled lost in thought, as they both looked into a thick cookbook. "…What does seem nice, and is not too hard to make…"

"Meow?" Ryou looked at the thick book. He had never cooked in his entire life. And with Bakura –who was currently looking nervously through the cookbook- he didn't have much hope either…

After a while they still hadn't found something, and Bakura sighed. "Well everything we saw in this piece of crap" He pointed at the cookbook. "Is either too hard for us to make, or we don't have the ingredients for it"

Sighing, Bakura grabbed the second cookbook that lay on the table and flipped through it. "Hmm… No… too hard… no… not that one… ewww… that's disgusting…"

Ryou looked in the living room. He was starting to get bored. Bakura was now looking into the fourth cookbook, and still hadn't found anything that would be nice for their Christmas dinner.

His glance suddenly shifted to the place where he had put on the Mistletoe. Immediately remembering his dream, Ryou stared dreamily at small plant that hung above the couch next to the fireplace.

"Yuck…! No where not going to eat that thing" Bakura searched further. "…Ah-ha! Perfect!" Bakura pointed happily to the book, shaking Ryou out of his reverie.

Bakura smirked triumphantly as he looked into the sixth cookbook he had grabbed. "Ryou…" He smirked with pride. "Today we will make ourselves some… Lasagne…"

Ryou quirked his head curtly. "Meow…?"

"Trust me my little Ryou-Kitten, you are going to love it" Bakura said. He smiled, closing the thick cookbook…

/Bakura, I'm going to make Lasagne. I know it's your favourite. Let's eat…!/


It didn't take them long before the got all the ingredients they needed, and as soon as they got it, they started to make the Lasagne together.

When they where making it, Bakura had put on the radio…

What's new pussycat? Woah, Woah
What's new pussycat? Woah, Woah
Pussycat, Pussycat
You're delicious
And if my wishes
Can all come true
I'll soon be kissing your sweet little pussycat lips!
Pussycat, Pussycat
I love you
Yes, I do!
You and your pussycat lips!
You and your pussycat eyes!
You and your pussycat nose!

Bakura smirked as he saw Ryou cut some vegetables. The song fitted him well. He was beginning to like Ryou more as the days past. The young Half-Neko was too cute for his own cute. Especially when he played with his oversized ball of yarn.

Meanwhile the radio played another song…

Feliz Navidad

Feliz Navidad

Feliz Navidad

Prospero año y felicidad

Feliz Navidad

Feliz Navidad

Feliz Navidad

Prospero año y felicidad

I want to wish you a merry Christmas

I want to wish you a merry Christmas

I want to wish you a merry Christmas

From the bottom of my heart

I want to wish you a merry Christmas

I want to wish you a merry Christmas

I want to wish you a merry Christmas

From the bottom of my heart

(A/N: My favourite Christmas song! And proud of it!)

Bakura smiled as he saw Ryou happily dance to the music. He walked over to the small Neko-Jinn and hugged him against his warm chest.

"Do you like this song my little Ryou-Kitten?" Bakura asked as he looked into Ryou's big green eyes. Ryou smiled as he nodded his head slowly.


With an small smile, Bakura gently kissed his forehead. "I like it too…"

/Come my little Baku! Let's dance, this is our favourite Christmas song!/


Small Time change…


Later at night, when both of them had eaten, Bakura carried Ryou up in bridal-style, and took them to sit next to the fireplace.

The Lasagne Bakura made, had tasted delicious. And now, with both a full stomach, Ryou sat in Bakura's lap, as they both stared at the fire.

"You know Ryou…" Bakura began softly as his eyes never leaved the fire. "Thank you…"

Ryou cocked his head questionably. "Meow?"

Bakura smiled sadly. "I… I just wanted to thank you Ryou… for being here with me…" He paused to think. "My other Christmases were so… empty…"

Ryou nuzzled Bakura's neck, as to comfort him. "Prrrrrrr…"

"When my parents left me here… everything was so quiet in this house…" Bakura sighed…

"…I tried to think that I could do anything for myself now… that they wouldn't watch my every move. That I could they things that I normally would be punished for…"

Bakura hugged Ryou's smaller and frailer body closer to him, petting the Half-Neko's hair.

"But in the end… I miss them…"

Ryou hugged Bakura tightly. "Meow…"

The elder of the two suddenly looked at him. "You'll stay with me, won't you my little Ryou-Kitten…?"

Ryou nodded slowly as he hugged Bakura's muscular form, tears lightly streaming down his face. The felt a great sadness towards Bakura. It was that he only now discovered how lonely his Master was…

"Thank you…" Bakura mumbled softly as he wrapped his arms around Ryou more tightly…

They stayed like that for a few minuets in a comfortable silence… staying in each others warmth as they watched the fire burn slowly…

Ryou suddenly looked up slightly, seeing the small green plant he hung there for him and Bakura… but right now… after Bakura told him about his parents…

Bakura looked up slightly to follow Ryou's gaze. Utter confusion was shown on his face as he looked at the small Mistletoe.

He looked back at Ryou again, who was blushing like mad. Ryou suddenly found his paw-like hands far more interesting to look at, than Bakura's face…

With his hands in his lap, Ryou refused to look up at his Master's face…

…Until he suddenly felt a thin finger under his chin, forcing him to look at Bakura…

Bakura smiled kindly, his normally harsh violet-red eyes softened as he looked at the small Neko-Jinn…

"M-meow… M-maste—" Ryou mumbled softly…

He was silenced when Bakura's lips moved against his own in a gentle kiss…

Ryou moaned softly as Bakura wrapped his arms around him, petting his hair softly… the young Neko-Jinn hung his arms around his Masters neck, as Bakura deepened the kiss…

The blush on Ryou's face was deep of the passion and love in just one simple kiss… His Masters lips felt so soft against his own…

They both lay on the couch now… Bakura curled his arms around Ryou… holding his arms around his most loved possession… the one he had cared for so quickly…

Ryou's eyes slowly drooped down as the warmth of Bakura's arms made him sleepy. Just like he had done two weeks earlier, Bakura wrapped the woollen sheet around them again, letting Ryou nuzzle his chest softly…

"I'll protect you my little Ryou-kitten…" Bakura mumbled as Ryou was almost falling asleep right now… "I will be your companion when you need me…"

He let his head gently fall to the pillow, nuzzling Ryou's hair and inhaling the sweet scent of the young Neko-Jinn…

Ryou had fallen asleep right now… Bakura smiled as he gave Ryou one last kiss on his lips…

"Aishiteru… My little Ryou-Kitten…"

I'll love you more than I've loved anybody else…

may you be with me…




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