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Daniel picked up the microphone and spoke into it, "Hello everyone! Welcome to the SGC! Please check all coats, jackets, bags and purses in at the 'Check-In' booth over there manned by the big, scary, black man with the gold emblem on his forehead. I'm sure all of you remember him as Teal'c.

"Today you will be seeing first hand the footage from the security cameras that have captured the journey of Samantha and Jack O'Neill. If you'll please follow me, we'll begin the tour."

The small group of five tourists got onto the elevator after Daniel, before the archeologist, turned tour guide, pressed the button for the eleventh sub-level. Once there they got off, signed in, and got onto the second elevator that would take them to their destination.

"This is the infamous briefing room where Jack and Sam first met. If you will all take a seat, we'll play the footage from that eventful encounter."

The five lucky tourists sat down around the briefing table as the movie projector kicked into life. The awestruck tourists watched spellbound as a young Captain Sam Carter walked into the briefing room and began to banter with Colonel Jack O'Neill. How young they both looked! Even in black and white it was obvious to everyone that the SGC had done a lot to prematurely age the couple.

"Any questions?" Daniel asked as the film reel ended.

A young woman raised her hand, "Hello, my name is Annie Personne and I was wonderin' if this footage was the start of the infamous bettin' pools centered around Carter and O'Neill for the past ten years?" she said in a distinctively Southern drawl.

Daniel smiled, "Yes, it is. Any more questions?"

This time a middle-aged man raised his hand, "Hi, I'm Mick Roch. What ever happened to Major Ferretti and Major Kowalski?"

Daniel tried not to smirk at the man's name, "Major Ferretti is the CO of SG-2, and Major Kowalski died a few weeks after this incident. Now, if you'll all stay seated, I'd like to show you the next film reel. This next one is just a typical briefing for SG-1, notice the subtle interaction between Sam and Jack."

After the second reel ended, Daniel raised his hand as Mike and Annie raised theirs, "I'm sorry, but there's no time for questions at the present moment, we have a strict schedule to keep. If you'll all follow me, we'll make our way to Isolation Room 3 – the infamous room where the Za'tarc testing took place…"

And thus, one room at a time, Daniel (with Hammond's permission of course) led the five tourists through the ten years of cat and mouse that Sam and Jack had played. At the end, all five of them had some idea what it must have been like for everyone around them. Those two were so meant for each other.

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